Car Tech – 2013 Nissan Juke NISMO
What do you get when you merge a compact SUV with the sport-tuned side of Nissan? You get the 2013 Nissan Juke Nismo, a quick little go-getter with sporty styling.


madmics32 says:

its really not that bad of a review jesus christ can cooley have a vacation

Michael Simonelli says:

where the fuck is cooley

smokey584 says:

Don’t know what the guy is talking about Bluetooth, you can listen your music through it, but you have to operate it from the phone it works just like if you plug your phone with jack and run Aux mode 🙂

Jayy A says:

The front looks crappy

dt0818 says:

Why don’t more cars have D-Mode? Its the only interesting thing on this Juke…

gil zur says:

Looks like bulldog on drugs

LuBano says:

ahh someone not named cooley doing reviews, now watch these “car fans” whine until he comes back. all those dislikes lead to believe most of the people who watch these videos are teenagers. they tend to be very impulsive lol

tjsulz says:

This is the cheap, dumbed down version of Cooley! It’s like I can imagine Cooley speaking, and then I get smacked in the face by this guy… Get — Him — Outta Here!

ravenskyhalo says:

No Cooley, screw you cnet. Not giving you any ad revenue…

Chi Huynh says:

will not buy it because it does not have bluetooth audio 

Athan Wilson says:

This car has 218 horses.

MegaBugs123 says:

like for cooley

Michael De Santa says:

9 more horses than the standard Juke? Well call off the prepaid whores, this is awesome!!

Winston X says:

Why is this damn guy still doing cooleys job??? Get him outta car tech reviews he sucks….”if you get yhe awd and cvt take 2 off”… what 2 off city or 2 off hwy?, or is 1 off each?… or wait is it 2 off city and none off hwy??………god this guy is horrible

Snack830 says:

liked the video, seems like a lot of people are suffering cooley withdraw

Jacob Lee says:

I want Cooley

superbjai76 says:

btw….nothings wrong with this dude

Lindsay Dunia says:

UGH, No Cooley, no watching!

Justin Ly says:

It’s not that we don’t like him. We just like Cooley exponentially more. Like a lot.

lufhkg says:

where is cooley

Marvin Petros says:

looks kike a hippo to me

quasi says:


ihaveastupidnickx3 says:

They should let Cooley do all of the reviews

bangoblast says:

at least give him a different script, so he doesn’t talk or try to be cooley

Frost Bite says:

Why the bad reviews? Oh Cooley isn’t here.

Zain Hassan says:

Where is Cooley

Nissan717 says:

Why does it have to be so ugly!? 🙁

emdec55 says:

I think the people here maybe dying.

ChrisMB GL says:


Bannanabeast13 says:

I like it, but it needs at least 50 more hp

Milton Gonzalez says:

Who the hell is this grease ball where is cooley?

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