Car Tech – 2013 Nissan Rogue SV
The Rogue is simple and cheerful – just bring a magnifying glass for the nav system..


Mike says:

Yea I have a 2010 Ford Focus, 2010 Ford Escape, 2007 Jeep Wrangler, and a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Im a Jeep and Ford kind of person!

fractal_force says:

Rogue rides nice

nealrutgerskid says:

This is one ugly suv

76132texas says:

I traded my 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport for 2013 Rouge and have buyer’s regret. The Rogue is faster and quieter than the Mistsu, but the Outlander Sport was more fun to drive, had better ergonomics, and was much easier to see out of. It just felt more put together and better constructed than the Rogue. If Mitsu would put a stronger engine in the Sport, I would gladly get another one. Until then, I will wait 3 years for the Rogue.s’ deprecation to even-out and trade it for a CX-5 or Rav4.

Tim Joseph says:

I hope this will be the last year of this current generation Nissan Rogue, since the 2014 Nissan Rogue is due for a redesign. The 2014 Rogue should have the same 2.5 Liter I-4 and CVT from the 2013 Nissan Altima, improving fuel economy and performance.

contractki11er says:


Jarrett Hill says:

Oh noooooooo Nissan can have this one back

iadmirethehumble says:

lol fail

Jared Bash says:

I have the 2013 AWD Rogue. I personally like it. I live in ND so that gives you an idea of what I drive it through. I did take this thing out into a snow packed field a few weeks ago (about 8-10in of snow) to do a photo shoot and had no problems with it. I like how it handles, the back has decent room and it gets decent gas mileage. 20/25 for the way I drive and I like to punch it and skid around on ice with her. lol For me the power is good and it is VERY quiet even at 80mph. Mechanical wise I took the advise of my 2 cousins who work on cars about Nissan. They like Nissan bc it is a durable vehicle and when one comes in its only for regular vehicle maintenance. I like the features mine has I think I have SL…. one step down from the top of the line. For me its a perfect fit and my sales rep Jake @ gateway Nissan did an out standing job of selling it to me. Never pushy just answered my questions and let me make the choice. I am very happy with it!!! (owned it 4 month and put on 3000 miles in both warm weather (70-80F) and cold weather (-30+F))

MichaelD8393 says:

0:43 to 0:45 cracks me up every time.

Farren Villa says:

the car is a Renault koleos in a Nissan badge

JediFarce says:

You’ve got to be joking, those guys are idiots on that show.

Sontito7 says:

jajaajajaa! what is that!!?? ooh Its a navegation system!!

Ben Hynes says:

It’s true! Why do people vote down the truth?

Trey Mac says:

@96Mikebt ford is ok, we’ve had the last 4 generations of suburbans, Chevys are the shittiest quality on the road today

Kris23k says:

When will you do a video of the Nissan Altima 2013?

morpheusmann says:

I like the Rouge for my lil female cuz!

Zachary Ong says:

The non-US X-Trail is better.

Eternity says:

English Alphabet

corvetkidable says:

Man this car improved so much for the 2014 model year.

Christopher Mercer says:

Nissan makes good cars. My brother drives a 2010 Nissan Altima. Rides smooth and quiet. Go Nissan!!

zenith251 says:

Did anyone notice he used the word “Grok?”

Josh Sainz says:

What’s the song in the background playing?

kishan harripersad says:


GigEmAgs2013 says:

Not in the United States. The CVT is the only available transmission available.

camshaft53149 says:

Honestly I’ve had one of these for a rental for a week and it was awful. The cvt was terrible, it road like crap and had almost no power. I couldn’t believe this car sells so well. Needless to say I was happy to pick up my Fusion later that week from the dealer, they installed the wrong tires.. -.-

iadmirethehumble says:

Lol, I guess beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder ha,ha. But this is the best each one of these company’s has to offer for the average Joe.

YevKeepSmiling says:

$27,000.000? Now that’s one hell of a precise purchase price!

Da_NKP says:

the one with the leaky dash and passenger side to be sure!!! How’s that ’01 now? 😀

851995STARGATE says:

Its because the only thing I’m interested in is cars

chris thoms says:

cnet should review bouts.

iadmirethehumble says:

Said the person that drives a Pontiac Aztek.

gilley27030 says:

Is it weird that I find myself attracted to this guy?

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