Car Tech – 2014 Nissan Rogue SL AWD
Polished up, smoothed over and more sophisticated sums up Nissan’s new Rogue SL AWD. Brian Cooley drives it and checks the tech.


George Geo says:

Cooley sure does love him some HD Radio.. lol

Tech Nick says:

Don’t you mean X-Trail?

Haza Dilley says:

A 2.5l engine is in no way small. That engine is really quite big!

David C Schlesinger says:

Interesting that a compact crossover has third-row seats. I think Nissan is the first to offer that, and the fuel economy does not sacrifice. What’s weird, though, is Nissan’s midsize Murano is not available with third-row seats, even the redesigned 2015 model.

nfusco618 says:

LOL…I literally laughed out loud when you said lawnmowers have variable valve timing now. This is why I watch!

Derek Ash says:

How long do we have to wait for CNET to pull their heads outta their asses and give this guy his own channel!
I’m tired of sifting through the rest of the garbage to find his reviews.

T H-L says:

This car is the X-Trail in Europe and comes standard with 7 seats.

Brandon c says:

My mom has this car. It takes a lot of gas from Dublin to WanarRobins overall good car

Ike Phipps says:

What does the reviewer drive as his personal car

Jason Johnston says:

Hi, what’s up? That’s The Way. detect strange !!

Ethan Stone says:

Heya, I’m Proud Of You! babies shocking What’s happening.. !

Vulgora says:

subarus are probably a better choice

Andrew Stump says:

I love your reviews Brian, but I’m going to be honest… I’m not sure I understand your obsession with HD radio. I don’t know anyone who uses HD radio. Sirius / XM sure, but not HD. The people I know are about as likely to use HD radio as they are to pop in a CD or a Cassette. But mostly, everyone just plugs in their smart phone or streams music via bluetooth.

James A says:

0:40 is a Nissan Pathfinder..

Mati12ful says:

Too bad this car dosnt have sport mode option on a shifter i mean + -……

Ng Chee Seng says:

Started the video, heard Cooley, downloaded 720p.

DR Kirby says:

After experiencing a Nissan Rogue CVT failure in the previous model I would not recommend the new car at all as it has the same flawed drive train. Mine failed shortly after the warranty expired and Nissan did nothing. Perfect and coincidental timing. Steer clear of Nissan and CVTs.

Chenny Andy says:

Lol at 7:39 it says lo$Srl (loser).

Hawaiian Man says:

0:40 actually a picture of a Nissan Pathfinder

Matt T says:

The Cooley in the car at 5:55 is probably saying “F*** this tepid s*** I’d rather be in a Lambo.”

EraserTraceur says:

Cooley and marijuana are a fantastic combination

Sriracha Bottle says:

I could have went to mcdonalds while he was on the voice part

Tom DeVito says:

I love the new rouge Nissan really cleaned it up well. The only thing that puzzles my mind is how in the living hell are you gonna make this a 3 row cross over? That just makes me laugh

Aditya Patel says:

So this car is “alright, not bad”

Sebastian Rosenberg says:

The hell, this SUV’s 200lb lighter than my G37.

David says:

Nissan, get rid of those hideous taillights!

water123m says:

What does the AWD lock do? (4:46)

Einar Þór Ívarsson says:

Is this car based on the European Nissan Qashqai???

Alvin Choy says:

the wheels on the north american version sucks. the x trail has better wheels

Pain Junky says:

Well, here in México that’s the X-Trail, so ¿What’s gonna be the rogue here?

WE TC9710 says:

I like that car a lot.

PussMag says:

sweet Nissan Escape, at least from the rear

DammitWrongName says:

More Nissan reviews please! 🙂 they’re really great cars

Zayan Mohamed Salil says:

Nissan and Infiniti have a tie up

Alvaro Santillan says:

Mini pathfinder

Scott Campbell says:

thanks cooley

Julio César says:

Es horrible.

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