Car Tech – Outrageous style for new Nissan Murano
The new Nissan Murano may take its looks to the extreme, but we found it a very comfortable and accommodating driver.


Jamison Leborys says:


C3 says:

The pinch and zoom is horrifically slow. It’s like an Android phone from 2008, completely unacceptable in 2014.

may1787 says:

Hi Nissan When this Murano model(shape) will come to UK???

MrRoadRage says:

I can’t put my finger on why this guy annoys me so much.

Jimmy Jam says:

The all beige interior will look so disgusting in a few years. Black all the way.

shawn washington says:

I was super close to getting this car. Ended up with the 2015 Jeep Cherokee.

Smokey BEAR says:


Claude Pierre says:

And the 2014 award for the “not listening to its viewers that’s asking for Brian Cooley to all the car reviews goes to C-f**cking-net.

Chris Hawkins says:

Wow! Now THATS a nice looking car. Definitely gonna turn heads. And I love the unique LED accent lights on the front and rear, and the convenient around view camera system. Fantastic job Nissan!

Monkey D. Luffy says:

i’m sorry but the 9 year old lexus RX interior is terrible and looks like 80’s.  Nissans Murano looks modern and the apps feature is pretty neat because google search works while driving!!!!!  Better then the navi because it uses ur phone. haha

Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this says:

The shape of this car is trying too hard. It makes the 2016 Subaru Outback look hip and manly. Honda should have put this car under the Infiniti brand and let them fix the outer shape.

ssflipallday says:

Seems overstyled, or maybe I would just like it more if the same design concept was on a sporty sedan or coupe like the maxima or 370z

julio cardenas says:

Dats screen so slow it would serously keep me from buying this car. Want to see how its done? Look up the 2015 volvo xc90.

Alan Wong says:

Those headlights look really disgusting. Like the Qashqai better.

shawn199500 says:

What about road noise?

Princé Kwesi Rothschild says:

Lol this car has always been ugly,especially with their Murano convertible…lol Now the 2015 model just grew UGLIER with those eyebrow shaped head lights.

Stefan Schmidt says:

I’ve heard a lot of car dealers tell me that the 2015 Murano looks like Donald Duck. It doesn’t have that dominant feel that people want with an SUV crossover. The steering feels numb to the touch and the underpowered engine with the CVT makes it a detached and boring driving experience. 
The 2015 KIA Sorento and 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe are much better SUV’s which offer more attractive designs and more satisfying driving experience for the same amount of money.

katanamast279 says:

Over 40k for a Murano?
No thanks. I will happily take a Acura MDX for the same price. Bigger car, better engine, better fuel economy, etc.

Na Vi says:

This guy suck. Where’s Cooley?

YouDontWannaFightMe says:

I thought it was funny when he said the interior trim looked like it was harvested from aluminum christmas trees

Princé Kwesi Rothschild says:

Lmfao looks like a boat from the front

g1122123 says:

No cooley. No view.

WTE - YouTube says:

I read the description and it said Actor Brian Cooley.
I heard Wayne Cunningham

C3 says:

Maybe a bit overstyled but it’s not boring. When you pay this much money for a Nissan you’d want people to know it and take notice so the designers have done a good job in that respect.

MilanoFootball says:

The 2015 Murano has an outrageously ugly style with a terrible CVT transmission (yes, they may have improved it, but it doesn’t mean CVT was a good choice). The CVT still makes the 2015 Murano a boring drive with no feedback from the road whatsoever. 
There are so many other better choices out there like the 2015 Territory and 2015 Sorento.

Monkey D. Luffy says:

btw the OLD vq engine is nice because they are getting nice mileage with a IRON CLAD engine that has been proven over the last 2 decades.  It also won best engine awards for 7 years straight when it first came out.  

So old engines is a good thing when I shop for a car.  no surprises with reliability

J High says:

Boooo! We want Brian Cooley…we want Cooley…we want Cooley.

weirdshibainu says:

Cut back on the donuts and Latte’s.

Tim says:

The back end and sides aren’t so bad, but god damn that is one ugly face. 

julio cardenas says:

I give him an A+ in effort. But useless review. 1 like = 1vote to bring brian cooley back!

fantomtuba says:

Dammit, where’s Cooley?

Kh Wong says:

speechless to the rear design

Annika Baggett says:

Where is Brian Cooley?

newtumor says:

Seems like a paid presentation instead of a tech review. Def not cnet style that I’m used to!

Tom DeVito says:

It’s a damn shame the entire interior is full of plastic..

tokekkk says:

This car is basically old inside skinned with weird styling to attracts customer

MD4ProductionsMD4 says:

This car won’t appeal to anyone blessed with the gift of eyes

gilley27030 says:

I’m female; is it ok if I demand Cooley?

Garrett McCurry says:

Too bad it is all plastic..I will never own another Nissan, according to Consumer Reports they have the worst interior quality..which I AGREE!

Waranish says:


rcx8777c says:


Andres Herrera says:

Speeding through neighborhoods…nice. 

TheAdventureMazda says:

Nissan has the worst looking LED configurations. The new sentras are squared off, and then the rogue is like a stupid looking horseshoe. Now this car just looks plain bad overall. I cant believe this is the same company that makes the GTR. I guess thats where they put all the money.

candelazul says:

He tested the speed on a walkers crossway. Way to go!

Darryl Dedner says:

This thing isn’t going to age well

Christopher Maize says:

looking at this car make me wonder about people sometimes,how can u say this car is ugly?smh I guess ur always gonna have people with negative comments for no reason

incheon says:

Another CVT piece of junk.

eEvangeliste says:

we need Cooley !!!!!


One of the ugliest cars ever. Period. 

Benjamin Corcoran says:

Why is C-net doing car reviews?

This isn’t even a review — it’s a narration of the features listed in the press release.

Stupid video.

C-net, stick to laptops.

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