Final Frontier: 2WD Nissan Long Term Frontier vs ATV vs Moab Off-Road Review

( ) Final Frontier: 2WD Nissan Long Term Frontier vs ATV vs Moab Off-Road Review

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jacob lopez says:

hell ya love this stuff guys

David Stanley says:

hard packed trails np but 4×4 is needed for anything more.

guy letourneau says:

considering buying one at end of the year. especially if the replacement is going to be the navara. navara is a 3rd world pile of #@$%

Reg Sparkes says:

Two of the things that I like doing too ! Good video !

Mr. Tbag says:

once I graduate college next year the first thing I want to save up for is an older frontier/taco. one with a 5 speed manual and 4×4. love these trucks.

John G says:

Isn’t it nice to be able to reach and strap down something in the bed of your truck without having to climb into the bed with it!. You should do a comparison between loading this truck and something like that fancy new raptor. you can’t even reach a beer out of the cooler from the side of many new trucks.

Ryan Urukalo says:

Should I use 4×4 if I have it? Or should i stay in 4×2 for the fun?

Ismael Tenenbaum says:

funny way to unload an ATV…

michael carden says:

Really liking the Moab videos, you guys need to do these more often. Well as much as your guys budget will let you anyways lol.

samuelowen says:

Mr. Truck should have gave you a quick lesson on how to use ratchet straps

DieselQuads says:

My first car was a Nissan Hardbody ’92. 4 cyl, 5 speed, 2wd. It was basic, cheap, and nearly indestructible. Abused it for 10 years and it never let me down. Put decent tires on it, and it would go many places other vehicles would need 4wd. Get stuck? A buddy or two can push you out on foot or pull on the fenders. I now have a Platinum F150 and although it’s great, the simple Nissan did everything I asked of it

Metalbass1979 says:

Do you guys ever wake up angry and yelling ‘I don’t wanna go to work. I hate my job!’ while grudgingly driving in? Yeah…..I didn’t think so. 😉 Keep up the good work.

Ryan Urukalo says:

Hey TFL, I would love to see a transmission comparison between the 2002 Silverado, or even the Wrangler Rubicon you have, compared to the new raptor. Would love a 5spd vs. 10spd transmission comparison. Thank you!

HaNNibal97smiTH says:

Nissan Navara (Frontier) is the best !

Pacific Warrior says:

You guys are running out of material.

callofdutyguy9 says:

This hurts to watch because my own Frontier that I like a lot became a problem for me. First the radiator leaked coolant into the transmission fluid and destroyed the transmission, then my catalytic converters melted and now the engine blew a head gasket and probably melted a cat again. Was a fun truck to drive but now it’s just sitting on my drive way.

Steef S says:

Its a real work truck I like it

zip89105 says:

Having been stuck more times than I can remember in a 2WD vehicle I just buy 4×4’s these days.

Ian Gonzalez says:

Nissan Frontier or Toyota Tacoma (both entry levels), which one would you buy?

Mark Brand says:

if you’re on a road… you’re not off-roading….

NissanTy says:

The frontier is old as dirt but they are decent trucks for the money. My 04 is small and slow as balls but its a nice truck. The tacoma aint a bad truck but the new ones are ugly as shit! plus with the frame rust issues the taco’s have, nah I’ll take a frontier any day

jp787 says:

hey guys, when is the np300 coming to usa?

Tyler Clark says:

I’m guessing this is a 4 cal frontier? The v6 has way more than 150 hp lol

cadsux says:

May your honeymoon period with the Final Frontier last longer than most marriages. Keep on truckin’.

John Edmonds says:

This verse the 4 cylinder tacoma. Thats what i want to see.

Cody Soaulding says:

22 mpg fully loaded. I get 11 empty driving it light:(

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