GT Sport: Work in Progress Tech & Performance Preview PS4

When it comes to technology & hardware pushing teams Polyphony Digital are among the best in the business and when it comes to racing titles then they have arguably the GOAT in that regard with its long running Playstation champion Gran Turismo.

Checking out the latest WIP build from E3 we take a deep look into the game visuals, physics and performance to see if the long wait has delivered the goods?

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1 Voodoo Gaming says:

Doesn’t look anything special, maybe if it had been released within the first year of PS4 it could of been something special; now it just looks like another run of the mill racer. If Assetto Corsa gets a good console port it’ll leave GT for dust.

Racer Roy says:

Very professional, loads of information.
Good video!

James Busato says:

Hey NX gamer, having worked with the CAD files from manufactures, these models are beyond what we even use. Sure we have more mechanical detail, but lack the material and displacement maps seen in these models. To be fair, in the industry we work with solid modeling programs like unigraphics and catia, where as GT is polygon based surface models.

Nineteen1900Hundred says:

You should work for Digital Foundry. Or they should work for YOU!

sirdan fortesque says:

if they release it on 30 fps lock i wont buy it

VirtuaMe says:

Fantastic video

Filipe A says:

all the racing games enthusiast couldnt care less about replays….. we just want good gameplay….. nobody will spend more than 5 min watching replays…… give us full bass v8s and gt will be p1 again.

Hash Hood says:

Nice video… Polyphony Digital has a different method producing sounds on some cars. It was evident on Gt6. They have some sort of technology that produces car sounds on the fly on software without even using samples at all (Which is why that Red Bull Junior race car sounded soo good). Its been around for a long time now and Gtplanet forums have discussing how revolutionary it could be if perfected. I still think it wont make it Gt sport though. Hope it makes it to GT7.

Isaiah Leal says:

better include the AE86

Krafty02 says:


Pierre Fouquet says:

No… No motion blur. Or at least have the option to turn it off.

Thrishter says:

none of these games ever put enough focus on audio. like the wankel engine in Forza 4…

Kr0n81 says:

I miss burnout

adam konstantinou says:

At 6:20 the car steps onto dirt/gravel on the right side at 190km/h and just casually turns like there was no grip lost and back onto racing again. With throttle pressed at 80%. If they are serious about this and they want to attract serious people (which I m guessing they don’t want by what we ve seen so far) they really really REALLY have to revisit the kind of physics they are using for this game.

G man Smiley says:

this geels like gt3 which had only 130 cars

Mystninja says:

stuff looks just work on the gumpy ai.

michel emery says:

dommage, malheureusement,  the sond still pooooooorrrr  sund,  son  mauvais, comme  une note de clavier,  like a piano casio  note.  🙁    this game could be the best of all if they understand that the son change something big in the plaisir  of game playing.  i cry, 2016 and still the f … same 🙁

Daniel Hampson says:

I just hope it plays well on the pad… GT5 was good for pad users, GT6 wasn’t…

mr t says:

Hahahaha o my fuzzy head its got less cars no day & night cycle no weather effects no crash damage & last but not least crap audio, i rest my case ! and plz before anyone calls me a fanboy your correct iv had my ps4 since day one i love it, but its sad to see the gt series go back instead of forward. Now i look forward to all the feedback fire away. PEACE

Rippenharra says:

Forza has it beat.

guily6669 says:

Im sure this will sadly be BUY DLC, buy DLC… with such little cars on launch…

Matt Beers says:

will they have open wheel cars?

Andrew Bidwell says:


Broken Heart says:

60 fps on racing car it’s pointless
We need cinematic graphics , sound , tires etc this is just horrible not worth


Awesome can’t wait 3 more months

Mike Philbin says:

Amazing, thanks.

Saad Najaf says:

vs Forza 6?

Krafty02 says:

Why didnit take so long and I hope we get more cars

Mike Blue says:

Nothing but only a race car game where is Le Mans where is rally car where is La sierra ?

Sammy Dendoncker says:

hope they make the audio part better its for me 90% of the whole experience


Dear oh dear OP why dont you get a fucking life? You talk so much bollocks and anal garbage, you are fucking destroying gaming! Its a fucking videogame you complete and utter wanker! No one cares about you sprouting your religiously crap fucking spec techs on here. You sound fucking gay, you sprout fucking garbage that video gamers dont care about and you must be one of the loneliest cunts alive. I bet your wife divorced you after 30 minutes when she realised you tried to talk about her pube specifications, while fucking her. FUCK OFF AND DIE

Elranoaz says:

Some said have weather some said not i’m so confused , because i’m like driving when raining soo much on endurance race my Citroen with little front glass can barely see the line make it game really more intense in GT5 .

Rick Rude says:

The sound, the sound, the sound…I can’t play this until they fix the sound

paquitodelasvegas says:

Todos los coches culean sin haber girado lo suficiente para que culeen así. Se nota mucho sobretodo en el circuito urbano que entran en la curva sin la inercia necesaria para culear así. Espero que lo mejoren porque a veces da la sensacion de que los coches flotan en las curvas.

DIE NWO says:

Thanks for the update.

Won’t be buying this unless it has a GT4 level career mode. due to online gaming -career mode has SERIOUSLY been neglected. this needs to change as not every fan of GT wants to play online.

Austin Damon says:

i wish they would just let gran turismo on xbox

nrXic says:

I’m hoping the PS4K will allow for dynamic time of day and weather at 1080p 60fps.

The previous GT games have had tearing issues and framerate issues, I don’t see those being fixed any time soon. It seems to happen due to geometry, so I figure the PS4K could address it easily.

markothevrba says:

As is tradition, sound aspect of the game sucks.

Whatever, I’m used to it by now. GET HYPE!

Jason King says:

I’ve got no gripes with how this game looks, I’d much prefer a constant 60fps and improved sounds over anything else these days. Oh, and a bonnet cam would be nice at long last.

AlteredStates says:

Do you know if performance customization is included in this game?

herminio perez says:

this game will sell like HOTCAKES just like gt6 did or better.

rikaro1986 says:

I think they lowered to fps to 30 for a more cinematic look. They’ve been doing that for quite a while. I do see how that can benefit in gfx as well though

Geek Robot says:

graphics are dissapointing….look at the ground at 5:01…..project cars beats it by far…..

Hispanic_Bunta86 says:

Is this game more about the actual sport of racing instead of being like gt6 with regular street cars and racecars…because gt sport looks like it is going to be more about like pro race cars.

Pierre Fouquet says:

When has GT ever had good audio? But, as long as this isn’t as crappy as GT5 or 6 with in physics I’m happy.

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