[HOONIGAN] Black Friday – Chris Forsberg Drifts Mall


Chris Forsberg takes his 1,000hp Nissan 370z Black Friday shopping early at the abandoned Hawthorne Mall in Los Angeles, California only to find Ryan Tuerck lurking in the shadows waiting for a chance to enhance Chris’ shopping experience.


Warning, this video features stunts performed by a professional driver on a course that was closed by local authorities do not attempt to recreate or reenact any of the activities performed. Please hoon responsibly


Darius Ruckers says:

they killed this man

murad baker says:

hi sub in my channel

Darius Ruckers says:

the taps are dope

Grigory Smirnov says:


Dima Berezovski says:

its so good really cant if its reall or not, like one of those shots indoor like NFS or something xD

Cazz orel says:

tokyo drift <3

Gummy Bear says:

the in car cut way to epileptic

melvin olthof says:

that looked the best fun ever

hardw0od says:

Makes me so happy I have a Z

vegetabudokai549 says:

Japanese Porsche

Black Ish says:

from the makers of Tokyo drift

Tabithia Moore says:

Tokyo Drift

Subhankar Dey says:

Smoking is cool after all…tires i meant

COCKTAIL CHANEEL entertainment says:

sub in my channel

jdm batman says:

that is lit

brandon Baker says:

one of the coolest videos I’ve seen

CrownedFilms says:

Just noticed that this is the abandoned mall Austin Augie went to bmx in one of his videos XD

lạc hậu says:

what is name car ?

stephen tapia says:

i feel like we could’ve witnessed alot more potential than what is displayed i know thier pros but seriously you had no other ideas in those creative minds i feel like a dick for saying it but i am a bit dissapointed i kinda feel like this was just an advertisement for Nissan and Hoonigan just my opinion

Sgt Sorg06 says:

No biggie TV went there and also tanner fox

Daniel says:

how long did it take to get rid off all the junkies and hobos at this abandoned mall before you made the video?

L0BES says:

Tssss that’s noth’n I could do all that in my moms old civic

Heber Sorto says:

Wasn’t this the abandoned mall you went into @lance210

Lex James says:

Where’s Mr Ken block?!

Anthonys Malawi & Marine says:

wait so they didn’t even film tokyo drift in japan?

Obaid Safwan says:


Vance Holloman says:

best video on the internet right now!!!

Hiaponan Lececian says:

Não tenho palavras para tanta abilidade

عالم السيارات says:



nice one dude

Mikey 240 says:

thats the parking lot in Tokio drift

doge says:

oh my god neons

Drift Kings says:


Syàmir says:

1:09 you know what i thinking?

Toàn Phát says:


SonicBooom96 says:

so did Tokyo drift copy them in the parking garage or did they copy FFTD? Doesn’t matter that movie was awful anyway

Mister K. says:

Are their cars built on Nismo model?

ShelbyKingNFS says:

God damn that was some tokyo drift shit

GammaThex says:

Just realized the red 370z was the one Geoff Stoneback drifted in 2016 season

Kenneth Ting says:

This video needs a eurobeat music to go with it. ‘like’ if you know why.

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