MartyPantz ‫ says:

Imagine this in schools, student not paying attention? Slouching? CLAP! Instant shock.

daniel nolte says:

Can’t just have manners and put your chair back?

Jason Ho says:

A round of applause for the guy to pioneer chair surfing into a meeting.

The Family Network says:

That’s some industrial strength lazy right there.

Karibik Urlaub says:

Und was soll an diesem Quatsch nun toll sein?

Heinz Rühmann says:

what is this song called? who is the artist?

Adventures With Red Guy says:

I can’t wait to ride this on the freeway!

Mr Jammers says:

One step closer to the chair from Wall-e 😀

Omar Gaouar says:

always men increasingly attended and soon unable to make an addition or to locate on a map

Arthur vlogs says:

qui est la graçe au Show Jaune

Isaiah Gray says:

How difficult is it to push a fucking chair in?

redfox gowen says:


Gary Hsieh says:

I would like to know the name of this song ! Does anyone have an idea what its called ?

Mourmour Man says:

kids in Africa could’ve eat that

Tony Girling says:

Just been to the comedy store, London, where these have recently been installed. Hilarious!!!

Nina Simone says:

I disagree with everyone in the comments section. This is brilliant. If Humanity can, humanity should. It’s not as if these chairs double as nuclear warheads…..right? Wait, do they?

Anilcore Core says:


SpaceGladiator says:

Chair race just reached a whole new level ..

Michelle Wanha says:

It’s a luxury – but it does seem neat

Le Studio De YuuDan says:

Mon Prof:ranger vos chaises
Moi:ok !
*tape dans mes mains*
voila !

Antonio Scotti says:

it’s nissan, so you probably get a “service light” after sitting on it once or twice 😀

Kazuma Takeuchi says:

What is the title of this song?

魚くん俺達チャンネル says:

Takai ka na kono isu

Castletorch Incorporated says:

I’d love to see what happens if I add an fifteenth chair around a table which only seats fourteen, and clap.

CookieeMonstarr666 says:

C# virtual reality?

Otter says:

how do you charge them?

Chintana Pimsen says:


Emilio Gutiérrez Rodríguez says:

What’s the song of this commercial?

Lachlan Nguyen says:

Nissan. Inspiring laziness

下谷焦 says:

my fart may kill all office workers.

Dwayne Hawkins says:

Just what we needed to save the arctic

Victoria Attis says:

I can see this being a thing in schools.

x Misalinae says:

qui est la grace au rire jaune

NorwindIgor says:

Lmao people calling japanese people who made this lazy. I mean, they made it for themselves (in the first place), and they are one of the most hard-working nations in the world.

Dirk W Wiersma says:

goede investering of nice to have?

Sasha says:

А если кто то пернит случайно?

Bjørn-Petter Tøsse says:

This is a terrible idea. Imagine the scenario when good presentations are ended.

Danilo Metzger says:

shut up and take my money!!! I NEED some chairs!!!

3E WINNING 3E says:

Todos le aplauden al jefe, se estrellan contra la mesa.

BobBX542 says:

This is fucking ridiculous. How lazy are people that this is a thing?? This is how we will end up as the fat people in the floating chairs in Wall-E. Seriously, I hope this is just a promotional thing for the cars…which I also think is stupid. People should know how to park their own damn cars. Once you make everything idiot proof, you create a world of idiots.

MrInteractome says:

This explains a lot. When other companies were designing better cars, they were perfecting the self parking chair.

toreibjo says:

Yeah that’ll save the world..

oldwisetale says:

What is this music?
Any help?

KostasMol says:

OK Nissan, now fix all your stupid cvt transmissions that take a crap @ 60k miles.

CookieeMonstarr666 says:

instead of clapping which might causing issue why not use voice command like we did with Siri and Cortana without any respond except the chair move?

le dieu du gmod says:

metter un j’aime tous qui sont la grâce a le show Jaune

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