Nissan Concept 2020 Gran Turismo – First look IRL – Exclusive NISMO.TV Preview

Unveiling and profile of Nissan Concept 2020 – Vision granturismo.

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gtahazard says:

Wats the song called

Howeyberks Gaming says:

looks like something Nissan would make :-/

Gabriel Alvarez says:

It looks awesome!!

Bryan Lopes says:

Thought the taillights looked weird, but then I realized its function for aero; interesting design there. 

Miroslaw Stypual says:

Designers, well done!

The Surinamese Gamer says:


Khalid GBH says:

awesome design….

digi051669 says:

WOW – Can’t wait for the R36.

Jayson619 says:

Three words to EA….DREAM FUCKING ON!!!!!!!

SirusOmally says:

it’s so beautiful

Angel Davila says:

is this a new nissan GTR???

Mark Gil Seminiano says:

Im inlove

peabody2470 says:

I like the orchestral music background.  What is it and who performed it?  or was this piece licensed only to Nissan NISMO, only? 

Mark Gil Seminiano says:

Im inlove

Anis DALI says:

nissan is the best <3

ACchannel says:

Despite the fact that I absolutely love the current GTR, I would never buy this one.

priv1leged says:

glad its only a concept, cuz its ugly

Daniel K says:

WOW, Just WOW!

illusions says:

im going to strive for that car when im older

2Radium226 says:

I hope it’s electric. If it’s not then I woulden’t buy it in 2020. Electric for the win!

kenanlambo says:

Looks production ready to me. Where can I order it?!

Joshyouah20 says:

Nope, not a fan. I can see this being a polarizing design.

Mike Bye says:

These GranTurismo concepts are about the only time you see proper concept cars now. The concept cars the motor industry usually produce now are more like pre-production cars than concept cars.

EvendimataE says:

that is the supercar…..unlike the current gtr that they call supercar but only looks like a customized altima

xempt. one says:

Doesn’t even look like a Nissan, and thats a problem. Designers are straying too far away from simplistic designs. The tail lights and rims are awesome though.

driverfilms says:

I’ll have one in black please

Tsubokura Atsushi says:


sky says:

Nissan does not disappoint.

ISSA OOF says:

Paul Walker would be proud. Amazing Nissan just amazing!

Adrian M says:

not bad, but i don’t like the rear end

Hocine Denzel says:

Nissan I am faithful

HydroBandit says:

I like the aerodynamic design I hope they use this car in the next Batman movie

Joseph TymonMcNutt says:

It looks good sitting there but want about on the track doing some laps. 

branded says:

Love it very muscular.

vzda123 says:

That rear end tho…. I like it.

Paul adam says:

that thing better come with a v12 twin turbo under that Big Ass Hood

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