Nissan Cummins Diesel Engine Preview – 5.0 Liter V-8 Turbo-Diesel for the Next Gen. Titan Truck

The 5.0 Liter V-8 Turbo-Diesel engine will be making its way onto the next generation Nissan Titan 1500 truck. When you play in the truck segment a company better be all in. Nissan knows that as a challenger brand, the Titan needs to have a compelling reason for consumers to shop and consider this truck. So when Nissan decided to take a tried and trued Diesel engine that has been tested over millions and millions of miles and put it into the next generation Titan truck, consumers will take notice. And with this Cummins Diesel V-8 going into a 1500 truck, Nissan is giving the customer a reason to get a light duty full-sized truck that comes packing turbo-diesel power with more torque and towing capability.

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J Smith says:

Don’t put that beast of an engine into a shitty 4×4 platform. I”ll be pissed.

TRDRacing says:

@ William Stewart,

Coming from a GMC fanboy. How many recalls is GM at this year? I have owned Toyota and Nissans and all the big three. There is no comparison; both Nissan and Toyota are far superior. The next Titan will surprise you. As for reliability, do you get your facts from consumer reports? Outside of breaks and early rear end problems the Titans are bullet proof! Consumer distorts will give you a bad rap if for minor things not related to truck components

David Stanley says:

mpg up, towing up, that’s  reason enough

Mana Kai says:

What a disappointment Nissan should just stay gas and cummins “diesel” should just stick with ram

Operation: Truck-O-Saurus says:

But will I be able to get it as a Crate Motor?

Earl K. says:

I’m looking forward to more specs. and things like…transmission? I assume they went with a V8 due to space constraints as a I-6 is a little longer and that would mean a re-design of the front end, or Americans are obsessed with the V-8. 

Nathan Cassidy says:

The Titan has to be one of the ugliest trucks produced. They’re yet to have their body style changed. Who cares what’s under the hood. The truck is just plain ugly.

marygott66 says:

As far that I here this has been just a preview. I heard from a Cummins rep that it wont happen… the deal did now go through. with Nissan.

Rachel Brinkley says:

If only Cummins offered this engine as a stand alone sales. Be cool to put in an Older chevy Truck.

msbaugh440 says:

All this crap about what country is manufacturing what… As far as I’m concerned the dodge truck plant in Mexico is closer to me than most other manufacturing sites other than Toyota in San Antonio. Doesn’t make me feel bad, if our government didn’t over-regulate everything they would still be built here. The big 3 are still more American than Nissan and Toyota. It’s a global economy.. Chevron, Exxon, and Shell produce all over the word but they’re still American oil companies

Mike Goss says:

Well that’s the only reason anyone buys the junk ram is for the Cummins,ram has horrible driveline and does the Cummins no justice with the junk tranny behind it sounds like its always slipping

thomas Fabyan says:

should be in a ram before some Japanese make

Cody Miller says:

I’m really interested to see what the truck will be like in the real world. I still think that I would prefer a Ram 1500 Diesel because it will likely be more efficient than the Titan Diesel, but  I can see why the Titan would have huge appeal. The Ram 1500 seems to focus mainly on efficiency while still making respectable power. It appears that the Titan will be focusing mainly on power while still having respectable efficiency. I’d like to see GM release a 1500 diesel as well. 

varun says:

so no japanese technology in a japanese truck…

KrKrypton says:

No offense buuuut the 5.0 V8 Cummins hasn’t been out long enough to have been tested for “millions and millions of miles”. The I-6 has, but you can’t rely on another engine’s geometry to compliment a completely different one.

Pablo Chavero says:

Without the cummins I would not have a reason to like the new Nissan truck

Benjamin Borrero says:

Id rather purchase a 12 valve

archinuk417 says:

Nissan in general is leaps and bounds ahead of any of the domestic car brands. This will be a good quality “made in america” truck. 

neila486 says:

Just to set the record straight, this engine is made by Cummins, an American company with world headquarters in Columbus Indiana. They are building this engine in their historic Columbus plant-the same place Clessie Cummins started building engines. Cummins is not owned by anyone, and they certainly are not having engines made for them by other companies. Also, yes, this engine is “odd” in that it’s a Cummins V8 and not an I6, but Nissan wanted a V8. The fact that it’s a V8 compared to a straight 6 doesn’t make a lot of difference-fuel economy is still largely based on engine tuning and vehicle weight and how much it’s hauling. The biggest difference between straight and V engines is from a vibration standpoint, but one could loosely argue that due to the internal load balancing of the straight configuration, greater torque can be achieved at lower speeds-also, there is less rotational inertia due to inlines having less rotating mass (because less moving parts). V engines need more vibration damping, so usually a larger tuned absorber (harmonic balancer) is used to reduce torsional vibration along the crank.
I’d be happy to talk to anyone who has any questions.

Jim Cash. says:

WHATS THE   MPG…………..does anyone know or rumor ?

Bill Malec says:

So it gets the poor mileage of a larger diesel and can’t pull as much. Uh…. OK.

Sergey Khochay says:

I have a question for Nissan rep I see the fine move to a diesel engine – my question is, what transmission you are planing to use with this engine? When engine this size was installed on Fords , Chevy , GMC  – they had to go to Allison (tank) transmission to support the load. What  is your plan? I just do not see that Nissan’s transmission can handle this RED monster.

christopher guanche says:

Sorry American trucks are better. Plus the Nissan Titans are ugly trucks and they suck. That Cummins engine should be put in a Ford or maybe even a Toyota Tundra.

Kevin Burkett says:

What a bunch of whiney-ass pessimists!  “How dare Nissan use a Cummins diesel”.  Really?  American makes are CHUMPS that have no decision making balls to use this engine.

Jason Carpp says:

I hope that Nissan offers it to the American public. Whether it sells good remains to be seen. Diesel may not be for everyone, but I believe that people will buy whatever they need or what they want for whatever they use that truck for. If I were in the market for a light truck, and needed a diesel, no question, I’d buy this. A 5.0 litre turbodiesel engine would make an awesome addition to the Nissan light duty truck line-up. 🙂

GTOAviator says:

Is this the same 5.0 Cummins that’s going into the Tundra?

morin409 says:

Why Nissan?

Don Fragale says:

Truth is this is NOT a 1500 Series Truck at that point! Nissan went too far (Thank God someone did) and put the HAMMER DOWN! SMAAAACK! The HEAVIEST duty 3/4 and FULL ton trucks don’t get passed 430 ft lbs in gas configurations… this is at 550 ft lbs! Although Ford has there 800 ft lbs Gorilla Turbo Diesel and others too. BUT in a 1/2 ton config… NO ONE HAS THIS MUCH GRUNT! This is SERIOUS Muscle. 10 years ago the heaviest duty trucks and even commercial trucks did not come close to the output of this engine’s twist… We are getting into a power wars again like the 60’s and (Early)70’s muscle cars for truck engine outputs. Toyota is putting this same exact engine in it’s Tundra next year, so… What will the Big 3 do to call out this Titan and Tundra??? Let’s wait and see!!!

thomasmovesinc says:

Heavy ass motor in a 1/2ton ?

niclna says:

is cummins now owned by a chinese company???

opjoipopikopp[pl[p[ says:

They need to put a Nissan turbo Diesel engine in the Titan, not Cummins…

zero emissions says:

That is a lot of weight to still be a light duty Nissan truck , and by by saving money driving this street cruiser in town gas prices have dropped but diesel where I live is still 3.49 a gallon , where gas is $2.80 a gallon
They should go v6 turbo cummins diesels
drops the weight and boost power
But in the long run nissan should be making electric trucks like the 100% Nissan leaf , not v8 hogs

sploofmonkey says:

The irony is, a cummins in a Nissan, and Nissan will only put it in a 1/2 ton and V8 to boot.   I thought Dodge HD was Cummins territory.  We also know Dodge HD cummins is straight 6.   Do you sense some collusion between Dodge, Nissan, and Cummins?

Nathan Gray says:

Guys! They just tested the new titan and it pulled a little over 5 tons comfortably!!!

william davidson says:

Too bad Americans think they need a V8 to have any power.  Notice Dodge says “Cummins 24 valve turbo diesel” not “I-6 diesel”.  GM should have used an Isuzu 6 cyl in their pick-ups rather than developing the Duramax V8 and  Nissan has some real good I-6 engines for their UD trucks but I guess we americans are hung up on having to have a V8. I’ve owned both v8 and I-6 diesels and all of the 6s were far better engines.

justin burgess says:

I wish dodge offered this in there 1500’s, the Eco diesel seems like a joke when you look at the numbers, unless the only thing your concerned about is fuel economy. Trucks should have balls IMO, I think the Toyota trucks are getting Cummins engines too

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