Washing a car can be a chore – and a costly one at that. In response, Nissan has begun tests on innovative paint technology that repels mud, rain and everyday dirt, meaning drivers may never have to clean their car again.


MOIZEL Corp. says:

what this song?

beatbasher says:

No more writing “I wish my wife was this dirty” on cars any more then

aboodankaboot says:

Awaiting comments from car wash business owners 😀

DoubleMagnet says:

what about Snow?

高藤一護 says:


TheHeartBurns says:

I wish my teeth were like that

Wolf Justice says:

Estão no caminho certo!!!

Red Bra says:


Xeno Jupiter says:

This technology already existed. Yes it is really fantastic it can repels water, dirt and even oil too but it is hard to maintenance it cannot re-wax or polish like a normal coat. When it get scratch by little stone it cannot wipe off the scratch by using compound or polish, need bring back the shop to re-applying the coating again. This product not so good for road, except the road did not have single stone.

Chris Nelson says:

Now if they could just invent nanotechnology that would morph the car into that stunner from the Fiat commercial,i’d be breaking out my credit card this second! (talking about the model,not the car)

TheJ666C says:

hi want it

Jake Colbert says:

did they spray it with NeverWet?  That’s what I use on my boots, does the exact same thing.

ngs5150 says:

Well there went my car washing job;(..

A Gh says:

المشكلة اذا أحد سوى حادث بجهة من السيارة ورشها

Ana Stojanović says:

Nice. I’d definitely buy that spray.

MathIsFun says:

They just thought of this now? This kind of thing could have been accomplished over a decade ago. 

kyle and khloe says:

I run a self car wash station in town and I found this video is fucking offensive!. bitch!

Rizo אֲבִישָׁלוֹם Catarata says:

headlights are still soiled. crash and it will be useless.

Jexhi100 says:

these coatings have been around a long time. racing drivers use it on their visors and windscreens, Ive’ got some for my windows at home -i  only have to clean them twice a year and re-apply the coating , KleenEezi sell it about £7 a bottle

Sriram Sri says:

Its nano coating paint

MicroApple says:

So, I can expect to add another $3000 on the price for this when I can get a quart of rain-x for $50? 

UncleSiam says:

I want it for my Nissan Leaf now. I wonder if it helps gas mileage, or battery range. They are coating some planes with these now. They need to also incorporate it onto all other parts, wheels, glass, trim in order to make it a no wash car.

Jackie Heath says:

It just has hydrophobic properties.

ahmed elhady says:

that`s nano technology love it. 3>

dewie says:

So basically they took the microfiber concept and made it a paint?
Not very innovative 

MSdoSER says:

Есть маленькая заковыка, а именно в том, что белый цвет автомобиля для рекламы был выбран не просто так. Причина до банальности проста: раствор, который добавляют в краску (или сразу наносят) и потом “защищает” от грязи, имеет белый цвет (цвет разбавленного водой молока), как следствие, при использовании этого раствора с другими цветами будет давать эффект “разводов” и будет портить эстетичность. Пока не изобрели безцветный аналог данного состава, он так и будет полезен владельцам “белых лошадок”.

Eric Lopez says:

I wonder if this is dust-free too? This way I don’t have to use my California Duster lol

reejay ordoña says:

it’s just the paintjob!

HemiGod says:

pretty much wax on steroids

laserdaveargon says:

They sure have a grandiose sense of themselves! The way they are parading this implies that they are responsible for this “innovation”, when the only innovation was the very *idea* of spraying this Rust-Oleum product on their car.

Worse, is their exaggerated and misleading label that they’ve adopted, (the world’s first self-cleaning car),  that implies that the car possesses a technology that will -actively- remove dirt from itself after it becomes soiled. A more truthful and accurate, although less sensational, label would be “a dirt resistant car” or “a dirt repelling car” since it -passively- inhibits dirt from adhering to itself from the beginning.

In this article, (wired(dot)co(dot)uk/news/archive/2014-04/29/self-cleaning-car), the company rightfully credits Rust-Oleum for the material. One point I found within the article that left me shaking my head was the fact that they will make the coating available as an option rather than being standard equipment. Are they doing that to give consumers the choice, or is it to hail the idea as so incredibly innovative and desireable that it’s available only as an option due to its exaggerated price? 

Matt Loftus says:

Well it looks like they finally smarten up and got this technology. .which is less than 2 years old….now just spray on all cars and under carriages for winter states

Sandman1832 says:

How to stick it to the man or women 101

Jayr JuNioR says:

Nano Tecnologia…

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