Nissan GT-R 2018 in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

In 2016 the Nissan GT-R was given a major facelift since it was originally launched nine years ago in 2007. The idea was to make the GT-R easier to live with for everyday use, whilst not compromising on the sporty nature of this coupe. Nissan hoped this would allow the GT-R to compete against rivals such as the Jaguar F-Type Coupe, Mercedes AMG GT and Porsche 911 Turbo S in both design quality and, performance. So is the Nissan GT-R worth the high running costs? Have Nissan hit a home run with the GT-R, or is the interior still cheap to touch? Find out al my thoughts on the Nissan GT-R in this review.

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dhanesh ramdial says:

I love your videos ,great energy .

Chris topher says:

Hi Mat have you any reviews on the toyota gt86 auto 2012 onwards please

John Blond says:

3.0 secs on a wet surface wow.

Paweł Kryszak says:

what camera you use for recording this video ?

tolga1cool says:

Today I got the chance to ride one. And hold f*** is it good fun. Since you mentioned a Carrera 4 as well, I rode one of those recently as well. I have to say as a driver’s car I prefer the GT-R

Echo says:

Ive already saved 110k dollars . This is my dream car. I work so hard this past two years !! One day i will own it and put my name in silver chrome on the dashboard !!

Average Bro says:

wtf 3 seconds in wet!? that means in dry contidions it would need only 2.8 sec probably. wow

xetexuk12 says:

should be retitled ‘An idiot’s guide to the GT-R.

PussMag says:

glad it’s started and still Nissan brand, it could well be an Infiniti but it never was. means price is still cheap and affordable. well not for everyone.

Justin Chan says:

6:58 you sound like you are talking about GTI.

Michael Wallace says:

Put the transmission in Race mode, and the hesitation goes away. At lease did on my 2014 Black Edition. I should have never sold that car… 🙁

mike soler says:

It’s still a Nissan which I wouldn’t want to pay £80k for, poor interior and exterior – it just goes fast.

Kiel Mendoza says:

like a food 0st

Mrbigolnuts says:

I’ll alway admire this car, the car that broke J.Clarkson’s neck and eats Porsches for breakfast.

Paul Bennett says:


Jasim Hussain says:

Is that him drifting?

Saima Jafar says:

Matt is trying hard to understand physics, he don’t even know what’s Higgs boson

mena seven says:

The Nissan GTR is a beautiful and powerful everyday sports car.

Sarthak Mohanty says:

7:38 he hit his head while coming out lol

fiiy fleezy says:

the interior looks not like a supercar and the back pessenger seat 1:50 i think that no function at all….

H4R1S Akhtar says:

3 seconds in the wet?

Dr Simon Fox says:

800 bhp no problem with it.Convert it straight away.

Sarada Uchiha says:

This car vs m5

Mr. Inzeo says:

Better than the NSX?

Jamie Reid says:


“This latest GT-i”

What? Lol

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