Nissan GT-R R35 vs Lamborghini Gallardo Nera vs Audi RS6

Nissan GT-R (R35) Mk.3 Gosha Turbo Tech Zeus (1600 HP), Gosha P.
Audi RS6 (C6) Sportmile Stage 2 (780 HP), Anatoly N.
Lamborghini Gallardo Nera Exelixis / GTR RT / ZOD / SPP / GTT / Altechno / Syvecs (2000 HP), Leonid V.

Результаты Unlim 500+ Беларусь ’14 (Results of the race):

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Still I miss races like “Alpha 12+ vs Goliath”

canyoncarbon says:

Anyone know the soundtrack? Shazam couldn’t find shit…

mizmera says:

This must suck really bad. I would kick my own ass if I had a car with 400hp more, and it weighs 400kg’s less, and it is a good brand name, and I paid a bucket load for my car more than the other guys car, and I spent a lot of money on upgrading the shit out of it… And I get raped like this.
First thing in my head would be… I am selling this shit. 😛 (Not that lambo is shit. I love it…) but still.

Сухроб Турдиев says:

Ну какого черта сраная выскочка ГТР выигрывает у ламбо. Который раз наблюдаю как  ламбо не так тюнингуют или что водила такой слабый. Могут похвастаться всего лишь кол-вом лошадей и ВСЁ!!!  Не умеете всего этого делать то нафига подрывать авторитет Ламбо и лезть в драгтаймс? почему в зарубежье ламбо рвет к чертям ГТР. а тут толбко и вижу опущенную ламбу с днищем водилой. Почему сток Хуррикан с 610 HP выигрывает ГТР Р-35 800 НР , а тут с тюнингом прое*вает а? это уже достало… ненавижу ГТР (Имхо)  ))))

tenteimuitosnomes says:

bring huracan 2000hp cause old gallardo was gone

EMrah ÇUkur says:

arabayı alınca ortalıyakarım

Top3 Rankings says:

lol Gt-r beats the shit out of them

Johnathan Commodore says:

What can I say?GTR POWER hater sheep, the GTR burns.

brza zmija says:

Can somebody tell me name of the song? 🙂

Lost Traction says:

Dirty GT-R 🙂

василий алибабаевич says:

ниссан это вещь !!!++++++++ ему

erictuerca77 says:

Nissan GTR, uno de los mejores autos del mundo, un sueño esa naveeee

Robert Westwood says:

What’s the song? It’s great!

ULOOKN says:

1600 GTR should be a 9 second car not a 11.

محب المطيريLoving Noah says:

Nissan have very good driver ヅ I like it..

shady yankee says:

I call it “lambo killer”

Bojidar Martinov says:

I see so much 2000 hp Lambo but they always lose against even 1000 hp GTR.


asforemita says:

The Japanese mutherfuckers made a perfect 4WD sistem on the GTR, the start of this cars is amazing and incredible.

The unic car I have ever seen to beat up GTR in a drag race (original parts and about the same power)  was an porshe 911 turbo.

Helmut says:

Wtf was wrong with the Lambo?

Илья Тугин says:

что за музыка играет в начале???
what for music plays at the beginning?

oleskoollover says:

@ DragtimesInfo  – Intro Song, Wwwwhhhhoooooo is it by?

25pagani says:

Hummm i heard that this lambo has set a world record before and now i see it loosing ? Theres something wrong : Lambo was not tuned properly or broken, or maybe lambo’s driver.

Sean L says:

2000 horses??? and it didn’t even win??? jeez

ChicagoTuner says:

funny to see all you fan boys, I love the GTR it wins because of its AWD system…2000 its abviously too much power for the lambo…but lets see a long run? anything after the quarter mile the lambo wins no dount…GTR king of the 1/4 that’s it

Abdellah Abdellah says:

monster car gt-r

EMrah ÇUkur says:

vaycanına gtr çok güzel bugatiyi geçti

World 2018 says:


Jendos18 says:

Анлим стал вообще ни о чем(

EuroSpeed says:

Too much wheel spin, I’m sure the lambo is faster

varot luther says:

+DragtimesInfo. Name song..?? Pliss

TehNaxHax says:

Song name?

Farifire says:

These GTRzillas are beasts!!

Alex Al says:

Нах эти тёлки , Nissan я на тебя дрочу))))) ахахахаха

EuropeansCars says:

Well did not see this

Никита Чесноков says:

Ламба дно

Mak!zZz says:

+Boba Motoring  can u please show this bitches how to ride without launch control on 1/4 mile please 😀 

Berca Vlad says:

MT on Lambo vs auto and LC in GTR, we couldn’t see other result!

Destroyed !. says:

what music playing?

Aboagye Wiafe says:

i love this nissan gtr

enemay says:

POWER TO WEIGHT VS POWER TO WEIGHT RATIO. GTR ALWAYS WINS. LAMBOS EVEN WITH THEIR V10’s and V12’s cant match the engineering of the Datsun.

giantmidget08 says:

287km speed for the Lambo?  It’s broken or not tuned properly.  With 2000hp it should run 330km+ easily.  Also, it looks like the Lambo has a manual trans which is much more difficult to drive.  The GTR is just, floor the throttle and shift with one finger.  Too easy.

Bram Velthuis says:

a prius would beat the shit out of these cars

Сухроб Турдиев says:

вечно у них ламбо и бмв M5 недоделанная, которые проигрывают ГТР и ауди соответственно

Алексей Сибриков says:

Трек в начале????????!!!!!!!!!!!! Track intro!!!!!!!! please…………

Kami Jaja says:

ебать что за долбаёбы

EMrah ÇUkur says:

modofiyeli gtr yakıyor  alacağım onu yakacamortalı

DxCBuG says:

The Gallardo looks just amazing… i am so sad it wasnt able to kill the also faboulous GTR with 400 BHP more ! 😀

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