Nissan GTR 2012 Joyride (Nissan GTR Review)

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In celebration of 300 uploaded videos and over 10 million views – I decided to feature an unusual product on Unbox Therapy, the Nissan GTR 2012 (GT-R Black Edition). The Nissan GTR is an absolute blast to drive and I can’t wait to get it out on the track where it belongs – Stay tuned!

I’d like to personally thank all the viewers for making this content possible & the tremendous support leading up to this video. I couldn’t do this without you guys – Much love.

Hope you guys enjoy the Nissan GTR video!


E I N S says:

horrible interior, ugly dashboard

Francisco says:

This is like a car unboxing

Nafis Mridha says:

damn the front of this car is such a let down

That Completely Random Guy says:

Im on my way to buying a Nissan GTR. I will buy one for $110,000 I currently have saved about $80,000.

Rouge63 Destroyer says:

he said its faster than lightning? well search on youtube Devel sixteen w/ 5000 hp it’s a beast

JTSBLAZER 95 says:

computer on wheels also i noticed that unbox therapy looks like gas kings

Ross Carlson says:

Love ya Lew but non-car guys should never review a car like the GT-R….

Andy2106 says:

That te37 though

Milan Meiland says:

Lew… is that you?

Usama Vally says:

is it his

DJ CU3 says:

is that GTR his? please respond Lew

Mohd Asyraaf Syahmi says:

the current lew had changed so much xD

Nozrul Miah says:

do more car reviews

GoKartDriver says:

You mean All wheel drive

Bhumit Malvi says:

first he unbox tech
now in this a car
what next

a helicopter????

S!X says:

5:17 “…And let’s do what anyone would do who had one of these vehicles” – Goes to mcdonalds

Dweeb says:

You don’t know how to unlock its full potential just by watching this, eww.

King Joffrey says:


JTSBLAZER 95 says:

computer on wheels also i noticed that unbox therapy looks like gas kings

Raul Badulkhan says:

It gives me butterflies !!! You are a lucky man

Kentang 911 says:

nice car nisan skyline gtr

Mr App says:

Why don’t you use your seatbelt ?

Jerome Reynolds says:

song name at the end?

TAIG says:

even though the new 2017 model is out, this is still my dream car

Inept Society says:

Nissan GTR unboxing?

Kapil Dabi says:

whose this guy

I_DA_MEX1C4N says:

His voice reminds me of Lester from GTA V.

EPMJ says:

not wearing a belt tut tut

Kehul Patni says:

watching in 2017

Jayce G says:

1000k vids later

_Narox_ F says:

Dahora hein tiu…

connor grice says:

I really hope you broke the engine in first

OMB Pies says:

for reall?? 5:23

Muhammad Jabbar says:

Damn he celebrated for 10 million views when now he’s almost to a billion views

tron11751 says:

yay a car

Enrique Regil says:

You’ve changed quite a bit my friend! Nice video although I prefer the new “unbox therapy” videos. Greetings from Mexico.

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