Nissan Insider LEAF Walkaround

The Nissan Insider highlights some of the Nissan Leaf’s unique features that come with being an 100% electric, no-gas car, as well as things like roominess, storage and high-tech conveniences that you’ll appreciate in your everyday life.


Christopher Mercer says:

Imagine an Electric Car that doesn’t require a Toxic Battery. Everything is Manual running on a Hand Lever Magnetic Generator to get the car going. Pure Clean Vehicle.

Sadekul Alam says:
taztaz79 says:

CD:s? That is so year 2000.. No one uses CD:s anymore? 🙂

Alwey Wong says:

A friend of mine has owned a Leaf for three years and swears by it. Electric cars will improve in time. If they don’t improve they’ll die on the vine. Tennessee is the number one producer of automobiles in this country. My old high school teacher gave a short lecture on how it was impossible for Tennessee to produce automobiles. My mother while living in Colorado as a young girl rode in an electric car.

automotomagazine says:

Bonjour à tous
Confort, tenue de route, la Nissan Leaf est une vraie voiture avec laquelle on peut partir loin.
A condition de prévoir beaucoup de temps pour recharger… (French)
Bonne route

ted lee says:


computation of the ECM (or drawn from a preprogrammed database), but by varying the torque, speed, & direction of each wheel, zero turns radius can be applied anywhere along the length of the car.

mrdojob says:

@branninsmiph the catch is the battery bank has a live expectancy of only 5 to 7 years but costs about £7000 to replace and wiki said the batteries actually costs $18000 to make. The car also costs twice as much, has 1/5 the range of a petrol car, long charge time (if you don’t want to fuck up your $18000 battery in 3 years) and the car is double the costs of a petrol. Not to mention it is worthless in 5 years cos of 25% a year devalue costs and the repears (new battery bank) will total your car

Theodore Russell says:

I would one a leaf but I love in Vermont and it’s cold in winter.

Jason Bradley says:

After federal and state tax credits, my LEAF cost about $14,000 brand new. My range is reduced by about 15-20% in the winter months. I love this car!

ColdSheep says:

nope, I’m not getting into an X is better than Y argument, I learned my lesson with the Genesis vs. SNES days.

blenheimears says:

I like the design of the CD player where the screen folds back. The cassette player in the 2001 BMW 740il did the same thing (the CD player in the 740 was a 6-disc changer in the trunk). Can the Leaf’s CD player play MP3 files burned to a data CD or only normal audio CDs?

Artemis Fowl says:

i want one

Mary McDevitt says:

Where are the Nissan DC quick charging stations?

CO2Junkie says:

@catastrophis – Electricity is much cheaper than gasoline per mile driven. I saw a comparison recently that said electricity per mile is about 5 to 6 times less than gasoline per mile. Search around on the internet & you will see what I mean.

Badfokai671 says:

this is not NISSAN LEAF….its NISSAN FROG

jim james says:

@UweFromLowerSaxony “For an engineer this is obviously.” ??? Come on if you can’t even use the word obvious correctly you are obviously no engineer. Do you actually believe that I think Nissan would let you in on their design plans, oh great engineer, you are mistaken

wow85 says:

@josemariasellanes Some people are old fashioned & not computer savy so a cd is the best for them.

mrdojob says:

@branninsmiph lol yeah my laptop is about 3.5 years old now but the battery lasts about 25 mins now because I been constantly keeping it on charge and fucked it up XD. Been looking for a new battery online lol XD

jim james says:

GM invents something and as soon as they hear about it the Japanese come out with a cheap rip off. Typical.

mrdojob says:

@branninsmiph lol yeah green supporters are all up for electric cars saying they are always cheaper when thats usually the opposite of the case XD. The new fast charging fad that I predict most electric cars will have soon also quickly causes terrible damage to the eye wateringly expensive batteries too XD.

All electric cars are terrible at the moment and will remain worthless for a while to come unless they make batteries faster to charge, store more power and a fraction of the price.

Dee Jay says:

it would of sucks if u live in a bigger city and use more than 100 miles a day…

blenheimears says:

@mrdojob The limitation of the battery charging speed has to do more with the power available than the battery’s ability to accept a charge. If you have 480 volt 3-phase (many commercial electrical installations do) you can charge to 80% in 30 minutes. Fast charging can damage batteries that are not designed for it, but the batteries in the Leaf are designed for fast-charging. As electric cars become more popular, 3-phase power will become available in homes.

Alex Grachek says:

100% electric
100% Torque
Regeneration brakes
Environmentally friendly
Money saver

I’m totally getting one of these

razamataz1234 says:

Every thing being said on the emissions in the manufacuring of these vehicles or the charging is a little ludicrous . Trying to move in the right direction for the safety of this planet should be our only concern. My biggest and more immediate concern is the giant furnace beneath our feet , what happens when all fuel sources are used up . Its proven our core is already shrinking , will shure get cold at night when this becomes one big rock .


@TwistedSpeech There is a speedometer, its just a lcd screen. Im 100% sure they wouldn’t sell a car without one.

Iknowmycars says:


David Erwin says:

Thanks for this informative video. I feel a lot better about ordering my Leaf. Wish the sales person at the dealership had been as helpful.

Everbs says:

40,000 dollars is pocket change! *types while crying


Cant wait to get my hands on this spaceship – I mean car.

Chris Quintana says:

@branninsmiph like 30,000 to 35,000

TheFinal88 says:

It’s got a gigantic glovebox!!


The only thing I’m worried bout if your electric battery breaks down how much will it cost to repair or replace and while it’s charging in your house electrical outlet will it make your house bill go higher

ALTN8NRG says:

I’ve noticed that you get more mileage by charging the Leaf with a 240 volt charger vs. the trickle charger that is supplied with the car. 240 volts goes the distance. The trickle charger will charge to “full” but ends up having less of a charge than the 240 volt.

marshgre says:


Ouch! That doesn’t sound good. Got any pictures of how the car looks after the install? Does it creak or rattle more now?

Jose Luis Quirós says:

Great car!

Brandon Smith says:

@mrdojob well then, haha. I guess its pretty much not worth it to get, unless you have a crap ton of money to blow. lol. thank you by the way.

nissanv8FTW says:

the motortrend (? or car and driver?) where they put r-compound tires on this and got 0.97g skidpad was awesome.

UweFromLowerSaxony says:


This is not a rip off, so please be fair…

The technical concepts are different .
For an engineer this is obviously .

TheKnightsShield says:

That was a very good video, informative and not preachy by comparing it to other vehicles. Nice car as well.

Daniel Robinson says:

3:29 I can’t get enough of that start up sound, I love this car

Sadekul Alam says:
Kaelin Lockett says:

I k

tanrat7 says:

so if it needs to be plugged in every day then you cant go on a long trip with it.

Arthreas says:

@PhantomGiz Needs the key in range. And even if someone stole it it can remotely shut down and/or tracked.

Theodore Russell says:

What about cold weather,and dose the cold heart the battery? And if it dose how can you drive in winter?

Brandon Smith says:

@mrdojob yeah i never thought of how batteries arent the most reliable thing. Cause you know, cell phone batteries always tend to go bad, only holding a few hours of charge after a while.

MultiDigitalDude says:


Kavin Jasthi says:


Adrian nickname says:

Very American film

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