Nissan Leaf Connect, EVA and 2018 Nissan Leaf Connect Preview

Vlog 83 – I have a detailed look at the current Nissan Leaf Connect app an iOS alternative in EVA and the all new 2018 Nissan Leaf Connect app.


finn elvers says:

Excellent very informative

Electric Dan says:

Thanks for the information, is it possible to change the temperature of the climate control in the car with the app, to suit the weather outside?

Fancy a Bev Mate? says:

watching in between gaming session on my pc and mug of the hot C in hand 🙂 perfect afternoon gaming and youtube 🙂

Keith Watts says:

Recently the myChevy app cloud based software for the Chevy Volt caused a txt message storm where everyone got txt messages every 7 minutes saying “charging complete.”. 🙂 Once I accidentally set off the car alarm while showing the car to a friend and they called my home phone every 30 minutes for 24 hours reminding me car alarm was going (which it wasn’t). The myChevy app is also slow to communicate with the car and sometimes unreliable.

Chris Barrow says:

New App is available now

Keith Watts says:

Cool presentation with app running side by side with you talking while sitting on the couch.

mediaofline says:

The new app is released in Sweden (Apple/Android)

Jason Davis says:

Hi notice you’ve got a new Eco mug, can I ask what make it is and is it any good ie does it drink well from?

Craig Syme says:

I work in software development. Coping with load is difficult to plan for using a traditional software development model. This is where you host the backend of an app in your own datacenter. Nissan should look at Amazon’s AWS platform for newer versions because it can scale on demand. When its cold, more people will all try to start the heat in the car early in the morning. It’s also really cheap when compared with data centre hosting fees.

Gilles Pelletier says:

In North America the nissan app is slightly different. The car locater was implemented in the app since at least 2016. Also pourcentage is showed instead of numbers of bar.

Rahan Ali says:

Mine hasn’t worked for over 3 weeks and Nissan customer service was useless.

Byron Harris says:

Thanks for the video comments. I live in Washington state, U.S. and my Nissan EV Connect app recently updated all by itself. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the old app, it seemed old and slow to respond. It also went through periods to where it wouldn’t function at all. The new app doesn’t look as old, but there are some flaws that make it worse in my opinion. It often times won’t respond to touch, making me either shut down the app, or my iPhone and restart it, or have to hit the requested button several times to have a feature open. To set a time to preheat your car, you need to separate menu to set it. Once set, there is no verification to show you what time you set it. Sometimes I might accidentally hit PM instead of AM and would like to see the verification. The new app does allow you to change the default widget buttons, but even then they don’t respond well to the touch. Another bad design issue is the update arrow. The old app gave you the option to update the car’s current status. I can’t see where you can do that in the new app. You need to open the app, then hit the circular refresh arrow. It’s very thin and smaller than before, and causes you to sometimes hit the menu tab (if your fingers are slightly larger than average). It would have been nice to have the option to update, because I most likely would have kept the old app.

pol1250 says:

I think the Leaf manager app is much better…

Arnis Tarassu says:

All I want is not an app. I want a widget on my home screen. One for start preheat, one for start charging. With ONE feature – if function did not activate within a minute, it should beep me a warning.

Driving on the Isle of Wight says:

Pretty interesting and informative – I didn’t realise that the app was such an issue. I hope they can improve the speed at busy times by the time I get one. I am still in two minds whether to go for the 2018 or hold out for the 60kw 2019 model (Y) However videos like yours are a mine of helpful tips – keep them coming – much appreciated 🙂

Timothy Carr says:

I’m pretty sure I’ve got car finder on my UK LEAF app

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