Nissan sings with debut of ‘Canto’ at 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Not only did Nissan debut a new concept vehicle at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show – it also surprised the crowd with the introduction of “Canto,” the future sound of Nissan’s electrified vehicles.

“Canto” is derived from Latin for “I sing.” The sound varies in tone and pitch depending on whether the vehicle is accelerating, decelerating or backing up. The sound is activated at speeds of up to 20 to 30 kph, depending on marketplace requirements.

Nissan created “Canto” with the goal of developing an alert sound as the priority. However, it is also designed to enrich the aural environment of the typical city street with a distinct Nissan flair. The level of the sound will be clearly audible, without being overly disturbing to pedestrians, residents and passengers.

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Joel Montenegro says:

IMx concept?

Christoph Mann says:

Cmon, this is everything they got, just a measly pitchslide? They could do so many interesting things, polyphony, rotating bass timbre etc.

xIVIx says:

no GTR or Z :'(

Edit : I saw the GTR but I need the Z 🙂

Carl Muller says:

I am not a Nissan fan but I like this car.

Alexander Yushchenko says:

this is so fukin stupid

Carol Sperling says:

They should license the rights to make it sound like a Harley. That would get people’s attention.

sephiroth x says:

Sounds awesome!!

Mike Anna Griffin says:

That will not do. Back to the drawing board Nissan.

Zacharied1 says:

noise pollution and absolutely useless. One of the main advanteges of electric cars is the silence and they add that horrible noise. It’s nonsense. It would be better to educate people to walk conciously in the city and respect the signals.

HowdyIzzy says:


mtuydfthzdrgW says:

they could’ve made it sound like a gtr

Chad T says:

So it’s THX certified?

asifiwould2 says:

I for one welcome our new tron lightcars.

Brian Wilshire says:

Didn’t the appalling 1965 “liver-scoop” Holden teach us not to make cars which would disembowel pedestrians in the event of a collision?

Eagle Eye 77 says:

Can’t O


Khalid GBH says:

#Nissan design is worst nowdays till Carlos has gone
Nissan designer should knock out

Emixam! Osu! says:

Actually one of the goal of an electric car is to be “quiet”, and why are you caring of the guy who are crossing the road ? There will still be a lots of accident because around 1 person on 3 isn’t checking if the road is ok . It’s THEIR problem, and the good thing with this problem is that they will learn of their mistakes. (fck my english)

Kristian Entertainment says:

When a car sings ‘The Trashmen – Surfin Bird’ I’m definitely buying that!

Aegis Kay says:

Nissan: So we hear you like Tron…

Eagle Eye 77 says:

Nissan, walk over to the Mazda booth and observe lust worthy design. Do you honestly want to build crap like this?

The IDX was the last good design concept you produced. Go get whoever was involved with that design back and fire whoever is coming up with this poop.

TheBlandTrucker says:

It’s a alright car, just don’t make it self driving. I rather drive then just be a rider.

supergregg says:

Sound like shit. There is no need for the pitch change as it has no practical function.

Douglas Ross says:

This is noise pollution and a waste of battery power.

Alexander Ustimenko says:

Wtf? I’m a little bit tired of combustion engines constant noise. And now we will have same noice again? What a shit… May be produce noice by good old horn when it’s actually needed?

Hal 9000 says:


Silent Bob says:

Please no.

Zed Man says:

Tired of the beautiful growl of a V6? Try this rubbish instead. And as was said earlier – where the hell is the new Z? Let’s have a PROPER car.

W33DNES says:

Trop bien dans le futur on téléchargera un bruit de voiture que l’on veut et on le mettra sur notre voiture :’)

Riccardo Busi says:


/ * says:

Eyy the Pokemon ‘Kanto’ region

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