Review: 2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO

I review the epic 2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO with it’s 600 hp twin-turbo V6! Huge thanks to Nissan for providing me with this car to review! What do you think of the GT-R NISMO?
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Just2Bros says:

The GTR is a amazing car sure.. but for the price tag I’d rather go for a different sports car.

Gioko Pat says:

Well, I am here just to watch you love these cars.

Scorpion MKX says:

GTR 2017 nismo my fav car track

D C says:

170k? Rather go for the 2018 Audi R8

Stephen McAllister says:

8:04 his balls just got sucked into his stomach

jj gg says:

I thought I saw you pass me the other day.

Dean Pinnington says:

Want one. Ever since one tried to ruff me up in my jaguar XKR!

RedBeard R says:

This car is not worth 180 000 over 200 000 after taxes lol gtr’s are my favorite veichles but I would never in a million years buy it from a dealership… the technology in the car is worth maybe 100 000 the extra 80 000 if for the name and I would rather get 80 000 in customization considering the base model is no different other than the skirt… my 2017 maxima has nicer shit in it lol not to mention the trany isn’t was it used to be, the delay is ridiculous, and all Nissan touch screens and connectability is fucking trash, it’s a shame they are destroying their once prestige image.

Sizwe Ndlanzi says:

Why am I laughing so hard!!!! #8:06

Stan Ollie says:

Ok ok, with Matt’s response laughing like a girl….
I’m convinced!!! Lol.

Chaz Miles says:

Forget all the – he gave the GTR I still love the GT-R in the GTR is still my dream car all hands down

Quan Tran says:

Interior look cheap as fk lol

Dying Ember says:

Auto transmission maaaaan that’s a waste of money

Noah M says:

Is it just me or does this guy sound like hes having an orgasm. (Sorry can’t spell)

Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

Zed (Police Academy) is it you?

Jeje_Sp3c says:

exterior sound ? your speak so much…..

Jackson Mulinge says:

GTR in another legal booom


This bloke has no idea.

หัว โปก says:

โอ้ว…พระจ้าว คุณแทบไม่หายใจเลย

Sly Carl says:

At this day the nissan interior look primitive compared to its counterparts

Elvis Putnoee says:

One thing i noticed once you are in it and let it loose.. You completely and utterly forget the interior what ah yes plastic here and there who cares pedal to the metal and the thrill it gives damn…

tot tota says:

Long story short, everything’s the same. Couple more horses, white and red.

Times Publishing says:

great review style… felt that g-force when ya got into it.. lol… may have to sell my Z Nismo…!

Teep Custer says:

A felicidade desse cara dentro de um GTR.

flaming Hellhound says:

Nissan Skyline GTR it’s always been my dream car

uthaya kumar says:

Semma car

LeifErik says:

Shot up in Welches, Oregon lol. Up Lolo Pass, nice

Silhouette VI Da Duke of Decadence says:

song is called fadent by night

m f says:

very annoying man

Spencer Berke Marketing says:

Hey you look like subaruwrxfan

あかし says:

2017 base model goes for 110k and then this goes for 170k….

Cispy says:

the type of reviews you need before you buy this type of car for daily life xD

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