S2000 Wheelie – TX2K12

I thought this car was going to flip over, good save though.

Look for more TX2K12 videos! and look for the DVD from 1320video


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AirCommando12 says:

lol, but unless there was an engine conversion, this most likely has an F20C which is a DOHC-VTEC

Adam K says:

vtec just kicked in yo

rambow70 says:

Probably ripped his sleeves off too

Monera96 says:

too bad, it has a 2jz engine in it…

Aleksander Djordjevic says:

Thats what brian said hahah 😀

phobos2k2 says:

Dear Honda fan-boys, this guy threw the Honda power-plant in the trash and replaced it with a 2jz.  Dear fan-boys of any corporation, get your head out of your ass and simply buy what works for you.  Brand loyalty is mental illness.

Jack McDonald says:

god damn, that fucker makes some torque. Those slicks hook up almost too good ey

Xeper00 says:


SpIRiTus1995 says:

What VTEC ????

MrTshoff says:

There was an engine conversion. It seriously has a supra engine.

cross4icho says:

VTEC didn’t kick in yo cause it’s a toyota 2jz engine..Sorry had to!

CaioSDMF says:

It only wheelie because it has a supra engine lol.

inTHyper says:


Facts about the Honda S2k:
1: Most HP/Liter on a STOCK engine ever since its debut.
2: Rice = Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancement. This son, isn’t “inspired”. It’s just pure race. Drag or not.
3: The Honda S2k’s engine (F20C) is the most reliable out there when looking at that performance range.
4: The S2k’s engine revs up to 9200 RPM. Can your ford beat that?
5: An S2k and a Ford will both leave a smoke trail. The Hondas because of burning rubber, the Ford because the engine is on fire.

mark says:

I don’t care what anyone says, s2000 are the gayest looking cars out there

westswagger says:


theacegamer789 says:

Fuckin hell

BlackDiamondVBA says:

*punch* ooo! / I never narked on nobody! I never narked on nobody!
*transition into the night with techno*

JP Beauchamp says:

Got Torque from hell SHIT!

Dr. MajeD ' says:


Mark Walker says:


supernesschris says:

Haha love the F&F quote but in all reality the owner probably does have 100 grand under the hood of this car, ive seen it run 8`s in the corner and that`s never cheap

Joseph Cusano says:

lol its a nissan 2jz engine, not a honda engine. good one though 😛

Austin Burton says:

Oh we for a die hard Honda guy in here

Stamos4Vx says:

i think it has a 2JZ engine

ceo says:

so its just a body of a s2k and toyota supra engine….

jon jones says:

I love hondas but its a 2JZ swap

changsifon says:

TX2K12 and their shitty suspensions 😀 Im not flaming but just watch some of their other videos

jdmriding says:

vtec kick in !!!!!!!!!


Shitty, no wheelie bar.

pakan357 says:

14.30? wtf that’s slow


1. ok correct
2.its a fucking honda so it sucks at everything
3.do i give a flving fuck are you a fucking teacher
4.FUCK off prick

rushanz n says:

2jz is one hell of a motor

That Guy :D says:

needs a wheelie bar thats all..stfu about this vtech shit was 2jz in the s2000.

break time says:

Chevy Powered Honda.

amped0613 says:

Lol at the Honda Fan boy if the f20 was so great the driver wouldn’t have swapped a 2jz in buddy and yes a died will demolish a Honda meaning a 2003-04 cobra !

8Dimension says:

i dont know but that camera shaking right at the moment when the car impacts on the gorund makes this video more dramatically and full with action! ….god insane video.

AirCommando12 says:


Sorry I had to!

Anthony Perez says:

i se 1320video lol

Mark Walker says:


Jacob Holmes says:

1. A car doesn’t define its driver
2. There is NOTHING rice about that car
3. You spelled “piece” wrong
4. Go suck a dick


its a honda s 2000 of course the driver is shitty and cant control that peice of rice-beast

Luke Erickson says:

this guy needs to get his suspension worked out BEFORE he goes back out.

bahmand says:

SWAT came into my house and disrespected my family.

Kyieon says:


Frank Thao says:

All he need need is a roll cage

RoqueM64 says:

It’s a joke, dumbass.

jaok detsuger says:

except that it’s a supra engine in it who have as much as nothing to do with VTEC..

Fernando Domingo says:

2JZ engine no shit!

cross4icho says:

0% VTEC..it’s a 2JZ toyota engine..

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