SNEAK PREVIEW the NEW Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign 2019

As a celebration of 50 years GT-R production Nissan has collabt with Italdesign that also has a 50 year anniversary. In colab the both created this prototype of very rare and unique Nissan GTR named the: GT-R50 by Italdesign. The car is based on a 2018 GT-R Nismo but as some changed internals some directly from the GT-R Nismo GT3 racecar producing now: 720HP and 780Nm of torque. If Nissan gets enough interest from customers they will build a maximum of 50 units and in the build process it’s about unique and bespoke aka one-off options. Total price would be approx. $900.000 dollars. Enjoy this first prototype on the channel!
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ro branko says:

like a bit older style..2 futuristic

Martin86 Chitembo says:

The front looks like a whale’s mouth lol

TheRealThunder says:

the only problem its the desing the back its ugly

weepee zurc says:

where’s gtr..??


From the front it looks like its wearing armor

Waiez 950 says:

shitty look

george rodríguez says:

The front is annoying to look at

Aaron Thomas says:

I just creamed my pants lol WOW!

rps13sr says:

What is $900?

Rey Ortiz says:

if that was the price(900000) it would definitely not be worth it. it s not full carbon fiber, only certain section

Alvaro Vega says:

The front looks ok, I like it. It’s the back end of the car that I cannot take. It looks just horrible. I can deal with the tail lights. But that whole body eating another body is just very disturbing. It’s not even futuristic to me. I’m all for moving forward in design. But this is not the way for this beast.

AYMEN says:

I am still dreaming about the R34.

Yoshiaki Uematsu says:

I saw that in real life before. At a car show

efecan türkyılmaz says:

ıt’s amaing car woooow

I Love Prophet Muhammad says:


Negative Gains says:

looks like an uglier audi Q8, which is already plenty ugly


I wish this car beat agera rs

Gerard Arciga says:

Nice paradigm

Nietha 120296 says:

what about engine check

Humberto Serrato says:

Sadly, this GT-R Model is not my favorite. With the Price, and the design, it doesn’t interest me.
My favorite model will always be The Nissan Skyline R-34 GT-R (1999-2001)

Jorn Navarre says:

Dude, PLEASE get a gyro stabilizer, your camera work is HORRIBLE..
TIP: When the background noise is this bad it might be best to kill it and do a voice over.

freeSpirit sukartha says:

Am i the only one think the front looks like a giant catfish

Dmitriy Tsoy says:

Me personally like the design! Very unique! It must be a monster!

Bradley James says:


Silent Flick says:

Honestly im a huge r35 fan and after they got this new design its really ugly but the ideas are great

Apathetic Businesses says:

Catfish if the wheels didn’t have carbon I’d say it looks similar to the 370z wheels.

Mac 1222 says:


Sean Zhang says:

The back is ugly as Fuuuuuuuck!!!!!!! 0/10.

Armando Miranda says:

le caree e bellefe per e muche expence

claramjtm nunes de pontes says:

+gtr point zéro
on veux une vrai GTR l’intérieur ne vaut rien

Petarazhanix says:

I only wish nissan can make the R36 in the future alittle bit better.

Ryan Anhari says:

It’s is soooo ugly… why .. why.

กิตติศักดิ์ ล้านเกตุบุตร says:


Boomboom says:

If anything it’ll win the most ugliest car ever designed……

Kay Kim says:

Ugly, they finally ruined gtr forever

Matthew Sim says:

750hp for 900k wtf

Siki bezejmenný says:

NO!.. just, no.

justkiddin08 says:

I love the GTR, But not so hype on this one. But still its an interesting car. Good review.

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