Windows 10 Tech Preview on Dell Venue 8 Pro



Manabu Asano says:

Nice review.  Any plan to review the new build 9926?

Eugéne Valénari says:

what about battery life? I see it working faster even boot. What cpu in your model?

Timothy Exum says:

did 10 make install smaller? i just bought a 32gb today and fresh out box only had like 11gb to even use which sucks cause bought for mobile use of adobe cc just lightroom about killed it? any tips would be great

iwanthalo3 says:

somewhat impressive to me personally. I’ve got one of these so I find this intriguing and helpful.

The OneNote issue with the menu may have been due to putting it into ‘desktop’ mode perhaps?

When 10 is released I will most certainly be updating it to windows 10.

cyllaz says:

onde esta a charm bar ??????????????

hananiasq says:

Basically there is no Swype up/down for settings, you have to go thru a drop down menu.  So to access the settings in metro apps.  Go to the drop down menu where you found the full screen setting.  If you see the first option is something like “App Command” something like that… that pops up the metro app menu bar or settings, etc.  

Alexandre Schrammel says:

Can you show us the new build? =)

John philip says:

Did you get any laggy?
How’s the performance compare to win8.1.

Keith Wagenknight says:

Windows 10 – Dell Venue Pro 8 5000 Series (5830) 32GB
Is anyone having trouble with the lock screen where you cannot get back to it once it goes into standby or anything? As once the screen times out and turns off and goes into standby it will not make it back to the login/lock screen it just stays black (I can see it attempting to do something as the backlight comes on a bit) but I have to hard reset with the power button until it turns off then press the power again for it to turn on. Once its back on it works until it turns the screen off or you go into standby or hibernate/sleep again???? I am on with MS tech support and will give update if they fix it.

Toby Cass says:

Do I need to get the Dell drivers or is everthing working out of the box?

Shamu says:

Funny guy hahahhahh. Great vid

Shawn Keene says:

Did you use an SD card to install, or just direct update from the preview website?

KF1014 says:

When I installed win 10 my tablet keeps lagging when I scroll down , It’s a toshiba Encore Wt8 2gb of ram 32bit x64

Aaron Booth says:

Wow, for some reason Win10 runs like a dog on my Venue 8 Pro., le blog 100% Otaku ! says:

I have the same tablet and I love it 🙂 I love playing Xbox Games on it 😉

soumitri pattnaik says:

How is the battery life and speed and available RAM, compared to windows 8.1?

Dark Saiyan Knight says:

Does anybody experience random wifi disconects it then gives a red x

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