2016 Buick Cascada TURBO Convertible TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

MotoMan heads to Key West, Florida to drive the first Buick convertible in 25 years, the 2016 Buick Cascada. In this TECH REVIEW, he points out its Opel heritage and details some of the 600 changes between the Buick Cascada and the Opel Cascada as well as some of the bits pioneered by Adam Opel AG in Russelsheim, Germany . . .

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Brembo Z says:

wonder why they waited 3 years to bring it over?

Sevenfeet0 says:

Many of this car’s direct competitors are dead. They include the Chrysler Sebring, Volvo C70 and Toyota Camry Solara. That’s one of the reasons why I think Buick saw an opening for this vehicle.

Probably the most obvious choices for a competitor are the VW Eos and the Audi A3 Cabriolet. The VW is a hardtop convertible and comes in cheaper at $32K. The Audi starts at $36K

Csab says:

I miss the old outfit!!

Brian Clark says:

This isn’t for me. I suspect many warm vacation destinations will see this vehicle in their rental car fleets.

Connor Olivardia says:

It competes with the Audi A3 cabriolet pretty directly lol. Both FWD, but Stylish, both german, Both kinda sporty but not really lol, and obviously the price. The Eos isn’t still around, but if it were, then that would be a more appropriate comparison.

Zero Cool says:

Where are the assholes saying it’s a Vauxhall or a Holden?

MTG 102 says:

I’m from America and Arizona in particular (west coast) and what about the new fait spider

Caleb Ring says:

I think the Hyundai Veloster turbo. But because Buick is upmarket they can charge 10k more. Both seem some what comparable just the Veloster not being a convertible.

IceDree says:

They ARE the wheels from the 2016 Cadillac ELR! Gosh darn it GM…

I saw the Opel Cascada a few days ago… it’s a decent car, but Silver is not the color for it.
I suppose it’s a good thing they modified a few things in its journey to become a Buick … instead of you know … old fashioned badge engineering.

I’m thinking Mustang V6 convertible, MINI Cooper cabrio, A3 convertible & VW Eos (if VAG didn’t kill it already) for competition to the Cascada… basically this is what qualifies as a “Secretary Car” in California (no offense to secretaries in Cali, but that’s the stereotype)

Man, United really missed up! Did you get your bags while you were in Florida? Or they sent it to Cali for you?

Slickpete83 says:

u lost me at 3900 lbs for a small car like that , crap !!!! talk about cost cutting !!! they should have used lighter metals , should weigh around 3000lbs

Curtis Reid says:

Nothing really special to look at. GM you been there done that. From the side profile it looks like a Pontiac G6. You see the results, Pontiac is dead. Don’t kill BUICK! Trash is car and bring back a redesign rear wheel drive twin turbo 3.6 Buick GNX.

Terri Bel Bliss says:

What Buick needs is a new Riviera.

zacatetas says:

for that money ……get an STI

Arda Gumusalan says:

competes with vw eos.

PS: living in Virginia.

Woody says:

Opel died when they sold out to shitty GM

Howard Salsitz, J.D. says:

MM So sorry United “confiscated” your luggage. As for the Buick, it appears to be a very nice looking car, albeit, not one for me.

I’m curious about the windscreen between the passengers, front and rear. I understand the purpose but is (the larger one) intended to be used while carting around rear seat passengers?

As for the beach you’re on, it looks so beautiful and clean, it could be a movie set. What a great spot.

I hope you enjoyed driving in the keys as I’ve always wanted to do that. My late parents lived in Pembroke Pines. I always wanted to take a day or two off to do that but never did. Since they’re both gone, I haven’t been back (five years since Mom passed).

Christopher O'Grady says:

MotoMan himself is great, as always, but the videography in all of these videos is always bloody awful. Bad grading, no punch, awkward cuts, uninteresting angles, not enough b roll, terrible audio capture, awful video stabilisation when moving around. It would look better if I filed this on my phone.

Diego Montoya says:

At approximately the 2:40 mark you discuss the over boost function of the engine and then reference the Porsche as the only other car in recent memory with that ability. In a little further back than recent memory (2015), Volvo was still manufacturing the T6 in its R-design models and I was led to believe that this produced the claimed 325hp and 354 lbs./ft. of torque only in the overboost for about 10 seconds at a time. This was a result not of a bigger turbo, but of an $1800 chip, which was programmed for the overboost. Do you remember the V60 R-Design? Unfortunately, the 6 cylinder Volvo is fading into the sunset…

M3RRIH3W13 says:

Looks like a Volkswagen Eos +7K. This is a ladies convertible; I’m not meaning to be politically incorrect, but it’s not a “car guys” convertible. Most women aren’t concerned with 0-60 times or turbos with an overboost function; yet, some are, and to those awesome women, I apologize. That being said, I think the top competitor is the Volkswagen Beetle and the Mazda Miata. The Mustang convertible is 10K cheaper! The Cascada is an attractive car with middling tech and engineering, but not a value leader. I, too, have a soft soft for Buicks because my first car was a 69 Buick Skylark, hardtop convertible, with a short block 350. I loved that car. And, I like the Buick ethos of almost a Cadillac. They are making nice cars at a good price point. I think that this time, there are going to be a lot of them left on the lot. The new Beetle and Miata are spectacular cars that are full of fun and tech.

Vanneker says:

this car competes with VW Eos. it’s about same price and even same shape. I’m from FL, see those all the time here.

Jeff K says:

heavy, not much power, and torsion bar rear suspension. hmmm

Jesper Hald says:

Here in Europe, I would say that the nearest competitors would be the A3 Cabriolet and, in a way, also the Beetle Cabriolet!
Actually I haven’t seen a Cascada for a long time, but the A3 and the Beetle cabrios is seen now and then!
Now, Denmark isn’t cabrio-country, så there’s far between those kind of vehicles, but I actually see more 911 Cabrios than Cascadas!

headcas620 says:

So it’s a shitty car wrapped in fancy sheet metal. Got it.

Bailey Smith says:

Like you said, this competes with the A3 and 2 series convertibles, however I think a more apt comparison would be the last generation 200/Sebring convertible. This isn’t really meant to be a sports sedan without a roof, it’s really more of a cruiser. For the sake of this car, I hope it’s better than the old 200.

Christopher Leamons says:

Look at Buick going straight for VW’s cajones!

Itheman123456789 says:

WOW just terrible…. Here I thought GM said old GM was long gone and that new GM was an entirely different brand; at least that’s what they themselves said in defending themselves during the GM ignition crisis. Clearly this cheap ugly crap here is typical old GM at its finest.

Antimation Studios says:

I live in Australia (Where it is about to be sold as a Holden) and I think it competes with the Mini cooper convertable, similar price, size ect.

Scott Tebebi says:



This car is little bit of a flop in Europe..

Quang Lam says:

This thing competes with the VW EOS.

Ramón Rivera says:

Hmmm competes with the Golf Cabrio, trying to eventually go against the Audi A3 or A4 convertibles – Chile

Jeff Jones says:

VW Eos might be its closest competitor here in the states. But this Buick looks a lot more masculine!

Pete Jr says:

Ja, all the Opel Insignia based cars are too heavy, and thus underpowered, unless…. Equipped with the turbo V6! Unfortunately GM has chosen not to bring that engine option to the US. Of course this makes very little sense for an American luxury car brand (to push the little 4 banger in a heavy medium size car)!

Christopher O'Grady says:

A Vauxhall Astra convertible. I can’t stand GM, this is so fucking cheeky!

فتح الله دهقان says:

عالی است ماشین ها

weirdshibainu says:

The perfect car for Michael Scott from “The Office”.

MisterGnasty says:

37k who would buy this over the vastly superior cars out there?

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