2018 Vauxhall Grandland X review – is Vauxhall’s largest SUV a hit? | What Car?

Vauxhall already offers two SUVs: the Crossland X and Mokka X. However, as its name suggests, the Grandland X is bigger, competing with the likes of the Nissan Qashqai, Peugeot 3008 and Seat Ateca. Remember to visit http://bit.ly/2CQShMJ to see how much we can save you when buying one.

Does the Grandland X have what it takes to stand out from the SUV crowd or is it likely to wind up forgotten in the corner?

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Smd Smd says:

So cheap

Muhammad Pratama says:

Who the best Opel Grandland X or Skoda Karoq ?

Billy McAuliffe says:

Imagine having to say you drive a vauxhall

laserjet2000 says:

Great review! Ah, what a dull name! Opel needs more creativity!

MelCanuck says:

Not keen on the background music…!

Ahmed Alshamsi says:

Such a relief

szolanek says:

I am not for cars, really. I accompanied my girlfriend to a regular checkup to the dealer and we had to wait half an hour. I set in all cars, they displayed. All the same, better to get out as getting in. Than I got into this one…. It feels like home. You know, it’s a kind of Feng Sui thing. It fits me and by getting old, I don’t mind that it is lazy. I always started passing with at least 20 M/h edge and takes me 2-3 seconds. Plowing the land, tractor is better.

Protagonist says:

No 4wd?? wtf is the point then.

Pedro Cas says:

That name sucks.

Natalie Walker says:


Gabriel Ueta says:

It’s always good to see a car review, but I come to see Rebbeca.

Sherwan Abdi says:

Is it electric though?

Stephen Wakeman says:

This buyout could have spruced up Vauxhall’s designs and kept the workhorse engines. Instead, it’s keeping the weakest aspect of the brand (the design) and incorporating the weakest aspect of its new parent (engine and mechanical underpinnings). What a waste.

Gultekin COSAR says:

Hello Thank You very much for this Car review video. By the way ; Did You transfer to What Car Channel from Carbuyer UK ? I wish You good luck.

Baraitaru Marius says:

I had the pleasure today to drive a 1.2 automatic.

Overall, I found it very nice to drive. The car seems very solid, silent and very spacious.
The controls are all were you would expect them to be, and the navigation is located in the upper part of the dashboard (as opposed to the Kadjar, for example, where you need to take your eyes off the road to look at the navigation).
The 1.2L petrol engine definitely does not make the Grandland a race car, but it is not that bad either, with good torque (we were 5 people in the car during the test drive, but no luggage).
You have plenty of options to choose from, some of them really cool (like the 360 camera which is better than the Nissan QQ, IMO), yet you are not forced into some options if you want just part of a package.

What I did not like was that there seemed to be a slight lag between when I floored it and when the acceleration started. Then there is also that glossy surface which you can leave a mark on really quick.

But again, overall, I liked the car very much.

Dante' D' says:

This is ridiculous did she just say 1.2 has 128 horsepower. .and the better powerful engine 1.6 with 118 horsepower..whats this all about maybe 1.6 has more torque but why not say it.

Jure Macola says:

I can already people calling it grandtard x, what a moronical anti-consumer company

Nodge X says:

Meh. And why do Vauxhall give their cars such sucky names?

Luke Mallory says:

I remember when Vauxhall had the Senator and the Carlton 3000 GSI..

Andrah Bell says:

I quite like the looks of it sadly not available in us……. think this would make a good Buick

MrPeterthepilot says:

Managed 23 secs before the sing-song voice had me running for the stop button. Let’s see if Car-wow or Car Buyer have reviewed it…

Chaka Whyte says:

All of these crossovers are the death of cars. The appeal to functionality and blandness. I watched this and I dont thibk I could tell you anything about this car that is at anytime appealing or offensive. This is the vechicular equivalent of boiled potatoes.

Enchanted Prince says:

I came here for the car, I swear.

Lily’s World says:


Machine Head says:

duplicate range rover velar.
next model disneyland x

Dominic Neave says:

It has WIFI??

Richard Melchers says:

It’s not an SUV, just an MPV with optional AWD. Terrible to see all these fake SUVs that seem to flood the market. Can’t afford a Range Rover? Accept it and don’t buy some stupid van that pretends it’s an off roader.

kernowrock555 says:

I would never drive a car called “GRANDLAND”!! what a ‘fail’ Vauxhall! naff uncool name !

TheGreatLoco says:

It will be complicated to make 5 brands offerings from the same model. It used to be Citroën was quirky and cheap, while Peugeot was traditional and better equipped. Then, there’s the DS that’s premium brand with avant garde design. I get Vauxhall and Opel have more presence in the UK and Germany respectively, but it’s hard to understand what that brands stand for.

ravs05 says:

Wouldn’t it make sense to show the cabin first before driving .. you know .. like everyone else does!!

Anthony Devono says:

Not a good review I’m afraid mediocre car as well just bland boring bit like the review itself

Arthur Robinson says:

A refreshingly honest review… thank you. So to sum up, it’s ugly, uncomfortable, noisy, has vague steering and can’t match the opposition for quality. No wonder Rebecca is yawning at 6:59!

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