2019 Citroën Berlingo vs 2019 Opel Combo

Citroen Berlingo 2019
Active Safety Brake: an emergency brake system that reduces the risk of collision from ahead via a sound and visual alert and braking automatically in the place of the driver if this last fails to react in a timely manner. The multi-purpose camera at the top of the windscreen detects obstacles, for example a vehicle moving in the same direction or at a standstill. When travelling at speeds between 5 km/h and 85 km/h, the system automatically works on the brakes when a risk of collision with another moving vehicle is detected. The vehicle’s speed must not exceed 80km/h when a vehicle at a standstill is detected and must not exceed 60 km/h when the obstacle detected is a pedestrian.
Reversing camera with Top Rear Vision: a system displaying the immediate environment of the vehicle using a 180° panoramic camera. It is supplemented by a park assist system, which provides drives with a visual and sound alert to avoid obstacles in the close vicinity of the vehicle. The screen splits into two, with on the left a view of the immediate environment of the vehicle, and on the right a view of the top of the vehicle. Different views of the vehicle’s environment can be displayed on the driver’s request: a standard view, a 180° view and a zoom view (this last is automatically displayed when the car nears an obstacle).
New Citroën Berlingo also sees the introduction of an 8-speed EAT8 automatic gearbox (depending on the version) that enhances driving pleasure for all distances.

Opel Combo Life 2019
Friendly ultra-modern technologies and assistance systems
The new Opel Combo Life significantly increases the number of high-tech safety and comfort features, raising the bar in its segment significantly. Opel recognised the wish of its customers to make high-tech solutions accessible to families and have fitted it with a vast array of technologies that are useful in everyday driving.

These innovative, high-tech, safety-relevant solutions include:
The Head up display reduces the danger of distractions and projects the most important driving data into the driver’s direct line of sight, reducing the necessity for the driver to take his eyes of the road.
Forward collision alert with pedestrian detection and Automatic Emergency Braking helps avoid accidents. The system not only issues an alarm and a visual warning but also brakes independently if the distance to a vehicle moving ahead decreases rapidly and the driver does not react.
The Opel Eye front camera known from Opel bestsellers such as the Astra, Corsa and Mokka X. It processes diverse data thus forming the basis for the driver assistance systems such as Speed Sign Recognition and Lane Keep Assist.
Automatic Cruise Control adapting the speed to the vehicle ahead if required.
Intelligent Speed Adaptation informing the driver when a new speed limit is detected by the Speed Sign Recognition. If the cruise control or the speed limiter is activated, a pop up message in the cluster will ask the driver if he or she wants to adjust the set the speed.
Driver Drowsiness Alert evaluates the fatigue level through the drive style and suggests that the driver has a well-deserved break at the next service station.
Parking manoeuvres are made safer and easier by:
Flank Guard – new to the Opel portfolio of parking/manoeuvring assistance systems. It supports the driver while turning at low speeds, warning him or her when there is a risk that a flank of the car will collide into an obstacle (pillars, barriers, wall or other vehicles). Flank Guard consists of twelve sensors around the car. They analyse the surrounding area and warn the driver via the infotainment screen if a potential collision is detected. The visual warning comes together with an audible one.
The Panoramic Rear View Camera, increases the angle of sight at the back of the car to 180 degrees so that the driver can see other road users approaching from either side when reversing.
Advanced Park Assist facilitates parking even further. It recognises suitable parking slots and parks the vehicle automatically. It can also exit the parking slot automatically. In both cases, the driver only needs to operate the pedals and shift gears.
Adventurous families who like venturing off the beaten track will not have to worry about surface conditions thanks to a clever solution:


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Clorex Bleach says:

Citroen looks a lot more expensive!

Imad Extrême says:

Le kangoo

Der Opelaner says:

Opel Combo of course…!

Torsten 26 says:

Der Belingo sieht wesentlich besser und wertiger aus .Der Opel mal wieder so was von langweilig…..

Weimar Rueda says:

Hace 80 años, el Blitz (relámpago) de Opel (que a su vez, era de GM) , ayudaba a consolidar el dominio alemán sobre suelo francés transportando soldados e impedimenta. Ahora los americanos se han ido de Opel y es Francia (PSA) quien manda en Eisenach y Mainz…. es el mismo coche pero con calandra diferente…

Hatun Karaçam says:

Citroen berlingo of corse

Daniel Bulgaria says:

Berlingo of course….

Yanis GAMING!!!! says:

Citroën Berlingo is the best !

Daniel Aranibar says:

Hola aguante el Spin

Portfolio's Passionate says:

Both of them are great, but I really prefer this new Citroen Berlingo !!! Really !!!

camp0017 says:

Shitty music + no speech = hand down

M O says:

Opel berlingo combo, neu model

Peter Chau says:

Stupid music

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