GM MDI Clone Scan Tool Unboxing Review and Setup ACDelco TDS Intro (Best Chinese Clone to Buy)

This video goes thru unboxing and setup of the best quality GM Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI) clone / replica example, comparison with the prior generation GM Tech2 scan tool, and how to reflash (recover) the MDI device firmware and configure the settings using the Bosch MDI Manager for Windows 7 and up, and finally an intro overview of the ACDelco TIS2Web / TDS website subscription options / features.

The GM MDI replaced the Tech2 as the J2534 dealership scan tool starting with the 2008 model year, though there was some overlap with existing models thru 2013 when the Tech2 was finally no longer supported for new vehicles. For new models introduced from 2010 and later, the MDI or MDI 2 are the only diagnostic and calibration programming tools utilized at your GM dealer.

The MDI is not compatible with the legacy DVD based TIS2000 and only works with TIS2Web online, where you can use either SPS or the Global Diagnostic System (GDS) 2 online software. You can also subscribe to the Tech2Win software at which is a Tech2 emulator for working on vehicles prior to the 2008 model year in lieu of a physical Tech2 tool.

The reviewed MDI knock-off / clone / replica tool has a S/N of 22129579 (all of them from this factory have the same serial number) and supports all Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, GMC, Hummer, Opel, Vauxhall, Isuzu, Saab, Daewoo and Holden makes and models of the applicable years. I purchased it on eBay from a USA based seller.

Here’s a search to get you started:


Adam P says:

It would be helpful if you provide a link to the MDI you bought thank you

Juan Santander says:

Hello. This device can work with suzuki late models cars???? Many thanks for the video

Tom Christensen says:

How do i get a GM account to be able to use this? I am wanting one for my gmc

John Fountaine says:

Does this unit also offer vehicle diagnostics and read codes and bi directional control on components or does it program only?

Samuel Canales says:

Where you buy it?

kevin edward says:

DrShock , great video, which online site did you purchase this mdi? thanks.

yasir hussain says:

I try to subscribe accedelco tsd but i cant creat account..why
Im from saudia
Tds page need more information
I give.but on stattas i cant finde saudia arabia .
Plz help me

daily driven H2 says:

hi thanks for the video . my vehicle its 2004 (hummer H2) and for the longest i wanted to try a tech2 clone but not sure where to order mine from . i see you have a tech2 clone if its working good i would like to know the link where you ordered from . thanks in advance .

Randy Halko says:

Hi Doc, I’ve used a lot of scanners but not a Tech2 or mdi. I have a 2014 Cruze that has bad Blind Side sensor modules. When I replace them I assume the mdi can be used to program the the car to use the New modules? Thanks, your videos are very informative.


Hello, I have a question to register in acdelcotds, I need some kind of license or I can subscribe as a moral person

1-UP says:

That is a high level, top tier diagnostic tool you have. I own a Bosch 1350 OBD2 Pro grade scan tool I know for a fact that my scan tool is no where near as powerful than yours.

Sd D says:

Can this MDI device substitute the Tech2 ?

bobl78 says:

and GM accepts you use an MDI clone ? They do not visit you one day for doing some illegal stuff ?

Tom Mc says:

Greetings! Thanks for the great videos! Just got my MDI. Seems to be identical to yours. I get 2 beeps error on boot up. Successfully updated firmware following your guide, but it still gives 2 error beeps. I cant find info on what the error code might be. Getting ready to diagnose what is probably a bad BCM on a 2016 Acadia Denali. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Larry McNeill says:

So, for myself and I bet many others, this whole MDI and Tech2 scenario is new and very confusing. What is the relationship between the tech2win software and these modules. I acquired the tech2 win from the web (not easy to find). Is it something that works with the MDI? Would you still require a subscription to do anything to your vehicle? Some clarity would be really appreciated. Currently working on a GMC Acadia 2008 and it appears to need programming to allow replacing the throttle body. My hope when I first started looking at this was to buy a device that would allow me to diagnose problems (without a subscription) and figure out a course of action. Currently looking up DTC’s gives you a range of possibilities and you have to try to decide which item to try first. Trying to eliminate guess work.

Neil Stretton says:

Can you please tell me what windows version that this MDI will work with? Thanks

Dan Bosch says:

I picked up the same unit on ebay… watched your video… hooked up the unit… On power up the unit beeped twice on the red led… is this a doa unit or can I do something to correct this. TIA

Justin Herman says:

Do you have any ideas on how to make the internal battery terminals functional again?

Radostin Todorov says:

Did you have any issues with the drivers? As soon as I connected it to the computer and drivers was installed successfully, I am still getting “X” on the manager, looks like the MDI is not recognized.
However I checked the driver installed and it is ETAS usb remote NDIS Network device. Any idea what the issue could be or if you could share your drivers? I am with windows 7. Thank you!

Radostin Todorov says:

What is the adapter that you are using, can you share the specification on it? Thanks!

pongagt says:

I have had a tech2 for a while too and i use it with tis2000 to do sps programming. Do you know if i can use this instead. I am also wondering if the hard drives available for it can do sps module programming without a subscription. The mdi would be easier to use then dragging out the tech 2 and candi device. Thanks for your excellent video. The mdi is getting so cheap that it seems like a no brainer to go to rather then the tech 2.

Joe Sorbello says:

link for were you got it

marvin sixto gomez jorquera says:

With this scanner can you regenerate DPF?

Lars X says:

Great video on this interesting device DrShock!
Two questions popping up here are about the power supply for this device and using it on my Hummer 2009 H2 and my 2013 Corvette:
Does the device come with an power adapter or is it powered by the USB connection to the laptop/PC – if it doesn’t have an power adapter – shich one is the right one for it to buy seperately?
What software do I need for diagnostics/programming of my Hummer & Corvette?

Thanks in advance!

Szymon Kowalewski says:

It is possible to add/remove module in SAAB 1998-2011 as Tech2 will do? Does it support Tis2000 or globalTis?

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