GM Tech 2 Clone vs Authentic

Showing how to tell the difference between clone and authentic tech 2 and their Candi module.


Ghetto Wagon says:

Does The clone tech 2 has OBD1 connectors too?

Raveonmusic says:

If the two work the same, where can I get a good clone?

Dave Dave says:

Vetronix is the parent company bought out by Bosch. HP and IBM made the processors for the original tech 2’s that were made by Vetronix before Bosch bought them.

Prince Iced says:

Where did you buy the cline from and how much did you pay

Alyson Griffin says:

Comparing oranges to apples. These are two different units. One is Verotech and other is Hewlett Packard!

Phillip Reed says:

do you still have to pay GM for the car update info ?? if so how much and can you with a clone ?

James Barratt says:

What a shit situation. Not knowing if you have a clone or not. I thought bosch were a trusted company only justvread they bought Vetronix and then made shit units. Anyway that is to be confirmed so dont take my word for that. I read it on an ebay message about buying tech 2’s

Gregg Clark says:

I own a repair facility and own multiple OE scan tools. Since the MDI is used on all the later vehicles I decided to buy the knock off unit. It is a piece of crap.

david rostami says:

So the colon dies everything like original?

Miguel Chicas says:

I search the original and only can find clone

Ronald Martin says:

Blow your nose before the next video.

Brandon Greer says:

I picked up an over seas one for less than $300 shipped. Delivered in 4 days from China. Comes with everything except the case. TIS2000 software, Candi module, adapters, power supply, etc. 32MB GM English ver 33.xx

Edwardecko says:

So apparently I purchase a clone now the company tells me if I updated it’s just going going to shut down, and not work is this true? or can i just purchase a 32g card that’s already updated and use it in the tech2 could that still work could you help me out please.

Nano M says:

Interesting you said the clone does everything the original does, and guessing with a hacked TIS2000 should allow most diagnosis and repair of modules and programming parameters,


YAY I have a clone

Todd Gookins says:

Have had the China MDI didn’t have any problems. except don’t use wifi

Konstantin Sheyn says:

So, nobody sees he is comparing 2 absolutely different units? One is HP, another one Vetronix.


What’s funny is that GM uses the Same Company as the clone company. They just put different labels on them and up the price. GM does not make the tools, they outsource to have them made. The difference between Tylenol and Walgreen’s brand. Save your money and shop around!

Robert Wartanian says:

Nice Video,

did you also tested am GM MDI Tech3.


Nano M says:

I read a big “hoorah” about a guy in the USA jailed for selling Tech II clones, But hang on, What about SAAB owners who literally do not have the funds to spend £4000+ on a genuine TECH II plus £1500 PA for licensing & updates, And thats if your even lucky enough to find them for sale! Even though SAAB were GM/Vauxhall based, GM/Vauxhall never had the Franchise dealership (UK) and their TECH II does NOT support SAAB, meaning all SAAB owners trying to use GM for reprogramming with Tech II will be turned away, So what choice do SAAB owners have but to try a Chinese Clone, I agree its very hit & miss, Alot of the clones have issues communicating with SAABs TRIONIC 7 protocol, I live in South Hampshire, There is NO ONE withing 100mile++++ radius capable of supplying a “genuine” Tech II service, I have a SAAB sitting outside for over 3 months not ever going to go anywhere (Injector pump fault/replaced) because nobody can add/marry the new pump to the car! Its enough to say “Do not buy a SAAB EVER” if you want to be safe, buy a VOLVO, ps- I have OPCOM but dont yet know if it will carry out the required task, When SAAB went down the pan, They should of released a Trionic comm system for public use, It shows what they really thought of their customers!!!!

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