New Vauxhall Astra Tech Line review and road test

The Vauxhall Astra is widely renowned as one of the top dogs in the hatchback segment, as it sits alongside legendary competition like the Ford Focus.

But as with most manufacturers, Vauxhall has introduced a slightly more lavish version of its classic Astra hatch by introducing the Tech Line trim.

This trim level adds more of a business flare to the Astra and yet retains its practical credentials. To get a proper feel for what the Tech Line model is all about, we took it for a quick spin on the road…


Rich Wood says:

I had a small drive in one of these so not enough time to test the economics or anything like that but I was really underwhelmed with the interior.

Car Keys UK says:

The cluster of buttons is definitely a love/hate thing. Thanks for the comment!

Car Keys UK says:

The best way to look into this may be the cars handbook – or look on the Vauxhall site?

Nathan Unwin says:

could you give me some help, my dad just bought a vauxhall astra diesel, and we have no idea how his trip computer works, we’re trying to find out how many mpg he is getting, but it’s not working, it’s only showing how many miles he has done, any chance of you doing a video to show us how to work the computer? thanks

Car Keys UK says:

Sounds good, let us know how you get on with it after you get it 🙂

Car Keys UK says:

Yeh it is the same with its Astra GTC sibling. Vauxhall just think’s that more is better. It’s a shame the dashboard isn’t presented a little better.

SnazzyCH1 says:

Isn’t having a button that you can see and press in a split second quicker/safer than having to scroll through page after page of options to find the function you want to turn on/off?!?!

Car Keys UK says:

Tell that to Mr Meadowcroft here 😀

Urduwan says:

Is this a good car to run as a Taxi? I plan to apply for my private hire license in few months, I’m looking for a reasonably good car to mostly drive in a town. 

Tek Gabber says:

You can never have too many buttons! :]

Car Keys UK says:

That has been the general response to the Tech Line unfortunately, like we said ‘too many buttons’

Car Keys UK says:

Yes I suppose, but I think some people would rather take aesthetics over convenience nowadays.

janrdoh says:

I rather like the buttons which feel nice to the touch and also give my passenger an element of control while I’m driving.You know how women can be :).
Besides from the drivers side you have all the functionality you need on the steering wheel controls.
I think aesthetically it looks better than an expanse of empty plastic space too.

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