Opel GT X Experimental: Bold Vision of Opel’s Future

The GT X Experimental embodies Opel’s values and vision and gives a glimpse of what the future holds for Opel models. Find out more here: https://www.opel.com/concept-cars/gtx.html

we have a very clear vision of how we want to create a successful future for Opel. Focus on a strong brand identity defined by our values – German, approachable, exciting – plays an integral role in our return to sustainable success. Our Brand Concept shows how these values will come to life in our products in the future. Our engineering and design teams have put this into effect brilliantly in the Opel GT X Experimental. It gives a clear idea of how we at Opel see the mobility of the future.

Pure and bold: This is future Opel design! The GT X Experimental presents innovative technology with sophisticated simplicity. In the GT X Experimental, each usual function, each module of an automobile has been questioned with the aim of achieving purity of design by removing all unnecessary design elements. This is something the design team calls “visual detox”.

The GT X Experimental also reveals the new theme for the front and the rear fascia of future models for the first time. The “Opel Compass” organises the design elements along two strong axes that intersect the Blitz. Following the theme of the Opel Compass and in line with the approach of creating the purest possible design, Opel designers have also created a new Opel face that expresses the company’s pioneering spirit: the “Opel Vizor”.

The Opel Vizor is a full, single module that frames all of the high-tech and brand elements such as the LED Blitz emblem that shows the car’s operation state by lighting up in different colours, the LED matrix headlights, the wing-shaped daytime running lights as well as all cameras and sensors of the assistance systems and autonomous driving functions under darkly tinted Plexiglas. The elegant module boldly stretches across the front of the car right under the bonnet. The new, distinctive Opel Vizor is set to be a hallmark design element for all Opel models later in the 2020s.

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andoniscars says:

awesome concept from Opel

Nikos Patsoumas says:

i think that is really ugly and awful…outside and inside… what a shame

Gultekin COSAR says:

Hello Opel Family ; Congratulations. Well Done to your work. Beside it looks like mixture of SUV and Compact hatchback model.

darris hamroun says:

Enough with dubstep music please !! this is not the future, its over since 2005 …. Great car though , congrats !

Julien Stone says:

Opel solte mal eine neue astra gsi bauen

Максим Симонов says:

Looks like shit and track is a ripoff from mid 2000’s

Brieg says:

That Future!

mehmet kartal says:

I love Opel (Astra)

Sinan Şenkul says:

not appreciated

Djeseret says:

All the small details and the features are perfect…
Every single one of them…
Absolutely top and just as good as ever.
The front and the hood is well, the headlamps is brilliant, it works even though the nose in the middle looks a little ridiculous, Do you really want a car with a nose? I would probably hesitate to show myself with one, I’m not a clown on a circus.

The body as a whole is the problem, not the details, but the main design.

This is a very risky design… It is an extreme extreme which one simply can not love because it is so raw and brutal and it resembles a toy car from a fantasy land. Opel is usually beauties like Calibra, not ugly beasts. Here you have completely let go of the attempt to make a beautiful car – It reminds you very much about Citroen who also focus on ugly cars. This is not like anyone else but the price for this unique form is high and 50 % of all customers will choose another brand that does not look so alien.

GT Concept and CD is not the best cars Opel ever done…
By choosing these, you throw away 50 years of development and refinement… you throw away Commodore GS/E, Manta A, Calibra and the finished GT which are the most loved ones.

Personally I prefer Vectra GTS, I like character and class, not soft bread and pastries… like Citroen.
Hate round and soft cars – but that’s not important.

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