Opel LED light matrix technology introduced


nomainreason says:

I hope everyone buys this technology.. I hate being blinded by cars at night.. It will be costly to replace all those bulbs…

TheKenjoje says:

nothing new except it is led

piratapan says:

Wow, really cool!


LED headlight will light much larger & further area than HID, and no need installing ballast,longer life span & save much energy, highly recommended. JDM ASTAR currently promote CREE headlight on Ebay with 20% OFF, best value, we believe you will love them.

Damian Sielanka says:

Polaryzacyjne były by prostsze, tańsze i skuteczniejsze.

li yang says:

So, if you have a upcoming car, which does not turn headlight on, you can not see him at all. because you turn part of head beam off, which is facing to him~Am I right?This is extremly dangerous

jarek7211 says:

Wymiana żarówki led w ASO 5000zł 😉

DaNihsel says:

now i know what to put on my car rather than crap regular lights.

Salzahrany says:


edyj71 says:


MrScukonax says:

Не для России фары, встречного ксенонщика даже не слепануть, ни о пидорах в форме не предупредишь, если и захочешь.

Winfy Hsiung says:

the king of LED downlights in CHINA.
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Arno Vinghen says:

I’d imagine they will be optional on the Insignia facelift

Edward Ryu says:

it seems actually similar with BMW lighting tech.

mquiroz90 says:

@jonamy92 Wats that mean

giewu says:

name of the track in the background?

karladelponte says:

Nice, hope it won’t be expensive to implement or change.

XmojotronX says:

now thats adaptive

Anders Erlandsson says:

this is something i would had expected from Volvo, not Opel. But very cool..

kraezy gees says:

disco light

gnijs444 says:

Pff..who want to pay for that….seriously, has anyone been waiting for this ?

Khaled Ahmad says:

What about Crowded highways at night 😀 …

The Light System will be Confused ^ ^

xREVENTONx says:

Cool shit

urbex2007 says:

That would be good, I recently bought an Opel and it has BiXenon HID with AFL. The light pattern changes in bad weather and different speeds and is 35w in town and 85w on a motorway. After using 55watt bulbs for years it made them look like candles. I can’t see why HID isn’t fitted to every car for safety reasons. These LEDs look amazing and not available yet. Opels LED rear lights are not that good. The LED idea is pinched from AUDI by the way, they have had this for years! Naughty OPEL.

WTFGUY956 says:


Nar0da says:

Теперь если перегорит “лампочка” считай встрял на бабки. Это не то что раньше сам вынул, сам вставил, да и лампочка копеечная

Arnold says:


irixsyncd says:

Wir Lieben Autos! 🙂

Mohamed Khairy says:

wow really this is opel

Aleks1983 says:


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