Pothole Detection Tech Irons Out the Bumps for All-New Ford Focus

Potholes are giving a rough ride to drivers across Europe, but innovative technology in the all-new Ford Focus helps to reduce their impact
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interceptor1986 says:

This should have been on the latest Mondeo the technology was available in the states years ago and was fitted to the Fusion.

StuffLikeThat says:

What if both front wheels simultaneously get into a large pothole or a ditch? Will the car jump — or simply hit the bottom of the ditch with folded shock absorbers?

Srdjan Djordjevic says:

Dok ne rikne senzor…

Gvendolin AJ says:

To rupa. Ne znate vi šta su rupe! Dođite u Srbiju da testirate senzore i amortizere

Daniel LeRoux says:

Ford, please bring this Focus hatchback to the U.S. 6-speed manual

emailstomarek says:

I take it they developed the car on UK roads 😉


I love this car

Ponygt 662 says:

Ford why discriminate countries like India, why not give us a Focus?? No wonder you never get the market share and power that you are worthy of.

Alexandr Vicol says:

You should test it in Chisinau, Moldova, Albisoara street 😀

Pencil Sharp//TheOriginalMiners says:

30 seconds ago was posted and has 40k views gg

Szilveszter H. says:

This Focus completely lost its original shapes. Shame.

Jany Rivas says:

Amo Ford y mas los fiesta

Danishkhan basharat ali says:

Get this focus to India ASAP

ulas can güngörmezli says:

Ooo araç tam Türkiye yolları için tasarlandı desene,tabi ötv kdvden almaya gücümüz yeterse

RobinvdTube says:

Hope it really works!!

peter debel says:

Ford makes the best Drivers Car.

VW-Group or Opel not even close when IT comes to handling.

Thanks, FORD!

Richard Holland says:

Wasn’t this launched on the facelift Fusion in USA 2 years ago?

Jarvis Clark says:

This is for people who dont give a …. about their car anyway. ^^

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