Vauxhall Astra 2016 | Unbelievable Tech

Checking out the 2016 Vauxhall Astra & It’s incredible technology.

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Niall Wood says:

is it petrol/ diesel or hybrid/electric?

Mateusz Noga says:

It kind of bothers me how he pulled the handle really hard and slammed that boot lid, like it’s all brand new :/

Emil Ahl says:

I got a Astra a few months ago and I am still finding new things I didn’t know
Like today I found out the automatic windows don’t close if someone has like a hand in the way.. fantastically safe car

bass.sound.gamingxp says:

what is the song called at 0:21

Chris Millar says:

i have a swift sport from 2008 and it has the same keyless entry. so it isnt anything really new, but still quite a nice feature.
Also has the keyless start but instead of a button theres a sleeve around the igintion that you just turn

Dylan Laws says:

I’m pretty sure the is the highest trim, which will cost you a lot more…What Opel has done with this car is amazing, I am getting one (low trim)…fuck CVT’s 😉

usafu1 says:

please don’t do anymore car tech flow vids. you are completely rubish. try driving other cars apart from your rubish mini. all the tech in the astra is so last year.

Gamergett says:

it is a cool car but volvos are much better

LDV-Washwood Heath Convoy-Maxus says:

and fit.

youforrealdude says:

3:10 “we can skip tracks, we can browse music, this is insane” — really? omg such technology you can choose the song you want to play

Jeremy Semanhyia says:

Background music please?

ku zi says:

Dude, never make a video of car review again please it doesnt suit u and you can tell everything you said you had it prepared,

Lucian Farwell says:

you’ve driven a m3

Dex Won says:

Is this car better than Mazda 3 hatchback ?

TheIJedi says:

I wish Astras were still imported to the US I miss my Astra!!!!!!

Mochachino says:

Still a Vauxhall though lol

Ryan Jennings says:

£219 a month for 36 months – not bad at all. I could do that. Maybe when I start, and then finish, my driving lessons I might buy this car.

Faz says:

music at 0:22

Daniel says:

alex what are u saying that this is the fastest car you’ve driven. don’t forget the bmw m3 you drove in an old video

UAV Photography says:

Does the design version have nav?

craig pruden says:

You was only down the street from you when u did this. I’m Guted to know that now :(. It would of been awesome to of meet you

Armin Steinke says:

Your Enthusiasms reviewing this Astra is epic. Sadly for Opel/Vauxhall , most Kids of your Generation have no Interest in Cars anymore.

bigend07 says:

This is ridiculous. Why on earth would you want all this crap in a car, my old 1990 astra gte was way better than this thing..

Waffle Kid says:

Alex to be honest you are literally the best youtuber on youtube, you inspire me everyday. And i love the car too!

springaid1 says:

are you old enough to drive lol

Nick Hickson says:

He doesn’t say that this model is probably top of the range and is the only one that give retractable door mirrors – insane! I’d be interested in this car’s Tech Line version but one cannot specify that most useful of features i.e. retractable door mirrors. INSANE!

EmenKay says:


Khadija mohamoud says:

I can only dream of a car like this :'(

alex black says:

Spunky reviewer!

jango1968 says:

have they fixed the head gasket ?

Salindra Irugalbandara says:

This guy is batter than Chris Evans.. Form Top Gear..

cundallthepieman says:

i wonder how many times you will use the word insane if you drive an S class? some of this tech is more than 5 years old :/

Matrix5600 says:

Alex, you don’t know anything about Cars.

Danijel Ivezič says:

This Asta DON’T have HUD for current speed like you said, but only for emergency stop (ACC).

Binkie Plays says:

get one!

Lloydie's Amble says:

Felt a lot more like an advert than a review. Even talking about keyless entry like it’s an amazing new feature – come on, that’s been available on Fiestas (the class below this car) for three or more years now.

The Vaping Gamer! says:

What about the engine ??

Steve R says:

Insane technology? Where have you been hiding for the last 4 years? lol.

Harry Wynn says:

its vauxhall tho isnt it….

Klyrics says:

Haha this just my opinion but this technology has been ovet 5 years in Mercedes and Volvo and others and about the quality of this car is not even near on Volvo or Mercedes. But it’s cool that cheapers cards have this kind of technology!

Inspector says:

Astra’s are the best cars to drive I’ve never a car which is so nice as an Astra Mercedes is crap car compared to this lol

ConorEarl Vlogs says:

BMW 7-series… nuff said

Ruben Kraaijvanger says:

Highest volume of car?! Your dad had an m3 and a porsch!

Warren Blanch says:

Would you like someone to drive the car for you too lol

Jesus love you says:

the old Shape astra looks better

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