Vauxhall Astra H reset and reprogram engine ECU

In this video I will take you through the process of reset, (also known as Tech2 reset), and reprogramming of the engine ECU on a Vauxhall Astra H 2004.
You can follow the second part of this steps, if for example, you are replacing the engine ECU with a second hand one, or even with a new ECU, although in this last case you might need to program the calibration software.
Hope you enjoy the video.


James Barratt says:

Ok so Sussex the water bubbling issue, being the seals inside the coolant pressure cap. Simple fix = new cap. Ok but I have a new problem. P0480-01 fan control circuit 1 high voltage. I checked the pin 85 from relay going back to ECU and it has 4volts when key switched to second position, but only 0.20 volts when key off. Why does it have 4volts at all. If pin 86 has battery voltage, surely 4volts and 12volts is the problem of high voltage in fan control circuit. Can you explain the 4 volts?

Med téchnicien says:

know how security code astra G using OPCOM device and reset ECU which security code

Divine says:

Its 2004 Opel zafira a with 2.2 engine

Irshad Jamaldeen says:

hi, thanks for your video which is very useful. i got a vauxhall astra 1.8 automatic which is throwing the EML light on the dash for “Camshaft position sensor signal not found”. However, we had changed all the intake and the outtake camshaft positioning sensors. all the wiring connection to the ECU are ok. Now the last guess is the ECU. Is it the same procedure for the automatic car just to change the engine ECU

Kamal Adeleke says:

hi thanks for this video

auto uk says:

hi mate opcom work on corsa 1.3 cdti to ecu reprogram?

Jin Liang says:

hey any video that tell u how to change full bean light bulb ? please

zimu s says:

hi there,

i have a problem with my astra h showing immobiliser code, changed the fuel pump as was leaking do you thing if reset the ecu will fix the problem? thanks

James Barratt says:

How do I go about updating the ECU’s software?

Tommaso Bocci says:

Hi! Do you think that this will work on a Z14XEP Astra H?

mesha ba zor says:

I need your help pls


hello mate, can a new key transponder be programmed with op-com? it just the key the transponder, no locking remote.

paul shaw says:

AA Patrol found the following fault code/s:System : Engine control – 52Y / Diesel CR/EDC Multi 6JOU2107 – Communication with Body Control Module. Error Message : No communication.U2108 – Communication with ABS or ABS/TCS control unit. Error Message : No communication.P0110 – IAT sensor. Error Message : Signal too large.P0650 – CAN communication with steering column unit. Error Message : No communication.P0335 – Crankshaft position sensor. Error Message : Outside specified range.P0645 – Triggering of refrigerant compressor. Error Message : Voltage too low.P0380 – Glow duration control. Error Message : open circuit.P060B – Control unit. Error Message : Replace control unit.battery boosted and charged. Battery reset and ECU reset done. Checked fuses. Starter motor ok. Requires further investigation

vauxhall corsa cdti 1.3 2007

my auto electrician Cleared all fault codes!,checked battery ,tested glow plugs,checked fuses and relays checked starter motor,turns over but doesn’t start any ideas

Beno Jaro says:

no works on astra 1,7 cdti 74 kw

Brian says:

Thanks for this informative video. For the second hand ECU that is used on the Astra H, was this reset while on the donor car? If so, this would be difficult to do for most ECUs that are found on cars in wrecking yards.

Colin Nicholls says:

Hi,I have a Vauxhall Combo van with a similar ECU problem.I have purchased a second-hand ECU unit which plugs in OK.Can you provide details of the computer software/system that you are using to reset the Combo engine.Many thanks for your help….Col

Ian Kelly says:

Hi, I looking for some information i have a 05 zafira b 1.6 z16 xep my ecu is gone its full of Corrosion and 9 pins broke off and stayed in the wiring loom. can i buy just the ecm and code it to my car or do i need to buy the ecu kit , ecm key transponder clocks and underhood control unit etc? this brings me to another question the car pass code is that just my one or will i need the code from the person im buying the second hand ecu off. i have a brainbee diagnostic and i never coded an ecu before

Callum Medland says:

Hi, my astra has been a dream car up until a little while ago when after around 1/2 of the fuel was left, my fuel gauge would randomly drop to 0, and be very unreliable. Any ideas ? It’s perfect when I just fill up fully.

Andrei Helgiu says:

u r programing the CIM, not the ECU; the ECU means Engine Cotrol Unit, which controls the engine not the imobiliser. reprograming an EngineControlUnit takes several minutes, not seconds…but i see that u have found lots of amators to trick on…

Divine says:

Hi friend, could this software retrieve the security code?

асен петров says:

Hi, will have to change my ECU because it overheats. The car is 2002 astra g with Z18xe. I have second hand ECU wich has been reset. I just want to know whether i have understood the procedure right.
1. I need to reset my genuine ECU before i uninstall it.
2. I install the second hand ECU and program it.
3. I clear the fault codes and then it should be done.
what happens if the second hand ECU cant be programmed? Will I be able to install back my old ECU and will the car start ? Thanks a lot.

Temur Hussain says:

hi im having one problem while im trying to Replace Injector on my corsa D im getting ERROR Failed to write to EEPROM .
any idea why ??

Terry Broadbent says:

Where can I get a version of TEC2 Thank you

Lerosh s says:

hi,,if i have a problem with doors on the mariva 2005 model locking without key ,,as you try to enter the car it half locks ,,then when trying to open again fully locks the car,,,do you know if this is a broken cable problem ,,or as i think a mechanicle handle /lock problem ,,,rgds

Rodrigo Tiago says:

tudo bem.
em primeiro obrigado por perderes tempo a fazer o video. 🙂

Estou com problemas de trepidação no Opel Astra H 1.3cdti. Em alguns casos ficou “minimamente” resolvido com rreprogramação dos injetores.
Acha que fazendo reset à ECU posso eliminar o problema?


Homer Valencia says:

Hello Friend forgiveness for my English, I have an OPEL astra H 1.6 twing sport year 2005, the engine module ecm lost two outputs of voltage 5 (one of the throttle body or throttle body and the other of the accelerator pedal) and changed The ECM module (used) and the problem remains the same, the 12V power supplies are correct and negative is also correct, I do not think I had so bad luck that the second ECU also had the same problem. Thank you for your help.

mesha ba zor says:

Hi I have a Opel Astra h but when I reset the ECU as video it’s not possible and the 1614 does not go I do several time

Alex Popa says:

how can i find out my security code?

Rob Stevens says:

Thank you for the video, very informative. Subscribed 🙂

Olivia Dove says:

my fuel gauge is faulty

Andrew Wright says:

Can this software programme a replacement CIM unit? I have steering control and horn failure (common Astra H problem). Cheers

Tiberiu Traian says:


I have a problem with my Opel Insignia 2.0 CDTI 160cp 2009

I have the message service theft deterrent system! This happened when i have put my key inside the contact , i turned on and i was waiting for all the light’s to go off, but till then , the case of the key separated from the blade and fell in my hand. the small pin that is holding the blade felt. in the that moment the car start to show me the message from above!

Please help me by just telling me if i need to make another key or just go to Opel service Dealer and make the ECU erase with my CAR PASS?
The key is fine, nothing happened. I just put another pin in order to keep the blade inside and is ok.

Best regards,

mesha ba zor says:

The original ECU for the car is stolen and the used ECU is not possible to reset

Tahidul Alam says:

What software are you using???

Irshad Jamaldeen says:

hi i have a vauxhall astra 1.8 (z18xer) and it is throwing the EML light for “P0365 – Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit No Signal”. i have changed the camshaft sensor, crank sensor and finally ECU but no luck. as soon as you delete the code it comes back after starting the engine back. your help is much appreciated please

sandy anderson says:

thanks for info with opcom, we have a corsa d model that has faulty SDM (airbag) module can we take a 2nd hand one of a scrap car and program it using opcom to our car or does it have to be blank/reconditioned cheers sandy

Kamal Adeleke says:

pls I want to ask a question what is course the sperner light if it’s not off

Ufuk Yılmaz says:

videodaki kullandığınız program nedir acaba ?

henio008 says:

what happens if you take relays out of BCM in corsa 2005 sxi but not the main ECU, does that messes everything up even if the battery’s out? Done that with my corsa and it wont start, drains all the power from the battery too… help?

hipolitos says:

Hi, I have Astra H 2007 1.4 XEP. The ECU is damaged and non-repairable and it is out of car, has not been reset. I am thinking of buying a second hand one (reset one). I am going to buy a replacement security card for reprogramming. Do I need anything else to be replaced so everything will work or just the ECU?

Brian says:

Hi Imsvvavr, if you replace the Key Reader (immobiliser ECU) from a donor Astra, do you need the security code for the Key Reader for it to work on your Astra?

Ken Rolfe says:

Great video Imsvvayr, what programme/software are you using?

robert retter says:

good video ,where is the immobiliser located , in the ignition housing or in the interior fuse box ?

James Barratt says:

Hi I have an astra h z18xer that the fans dont turn on when it gets hot, but will turn on from my Autel scan tool. So prooving there is no fault between ECU and the fan. Now I’m led to believe by this process of elimination that ECU is bad. Tested and changed for new the rad, water pump, senor in rad and engine temp. Error code says unusually high reading from engine temp sensor. Yep that might be the damn overheating? Stupid ECU. So if you know that then turn the damn fans on. Anyway what do you think? Does it sound like the ECU is at fault? If so is reset just a simple process and it will start again afterwards?

Tony4840 says:

The used ECU i purchased is not reset ready to program, is there a way to reset without security code from doner vehicle? I have the security code from my car with faulty ECU and wondering if there is a way to clone my ECU to the used ECU that has not been reset. Thank you!

Jozi Creations says:

Hi, great video. I have the same car, opel astra 2005, 1.6litre. I have a problem, the car shows the immobiliser light but its not flashing. The car cranks but does not start. When the mechanic pours a little petrol in the carb/carburator the car starts for a few seconds. So we have noticed that while its cranking the fuel injectora are not opening and also the pump does not push the fuel, the petrol pump works when the electrical guy runs a straight cable to the battery. Could the immobiliser be the main culprit? Desperately waiting for your response.

When I connect the car to a computer it gives the below codes…..

Diagnostic Result
P0201 Cylinder 1 Injector Malfunction Present
P0202 Cylinder 2 Injector Malfunction Present
P0203 Cylinder 3 Injector Malfunction Present
P0204 Cylinder 4 Injector Malfunction Present
P0230 1.Fuel Pump Primary Circuit High
2.Fuel Pump Primary Circuit Low Present
Port Deactivation Solenoid Valve Circuit High/Open/Low
Voltage Or Port Deactivation Solenoid Valve Actuation Error
at Low Temperature
P1116 Coolant Thermostat Valve Circuit High/Low Voltage (Engine
Cooling) Presen

Roman Krok says:

hi doing programing engine starting pedal is not responding
lit car spaner.can you help me please

Divine says:

I have just replaced the ecu with a used one, but cannot find the pin code for the immobilizer. I have professional tool that can write the pin code but none to retrieve it.

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