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In the small family hatchback class, no longer is the Vauxhall Astra an also-ran. It’s one of the finest cars you can buy and the Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer estate builds on that excellence with extra boot space that places it right with the best in class. It’s also loaded with tech, including a clever OnStar concierge service, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

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모터피디 MotorPD says:

Wow interior space is huge. Thank you for the review.

Davide Baldanti says:

I generally like the new vauxhall family feeling though I have to say that the metal trim at the end of the car is one of the worst styling choises ever seen

Alec YANG says:

well done James!

MS says:

Doesnt the new styling back (see 3rd windows) leave a significant blind spot?

David Thompson says:

sat nav must work as James got his waitrose nibbles game on propper.

João Pedro pda says:

Here in Brazil we don’t have stations anymore. We have only the VW Golf Variant to be honest.

We also don’t have Vauxhall here, only Chevrolet. But Chevrolet will never bring Cruze SW to our tropical lanes.

You’re lucky.

roblex63 says:

With all the cross-over type cars on the market now , isn’t the estate car a bit of a dinosaur ?… and why Waitrose ? should have asked for directions to Burger king….

Andy j Dale says:

Question how much does it cost to ask for info from the car ?


can you reivei the vauxhall insignia 2017

Jaydon Brown says:

its just an holden

DPS says:

My grandparents just bought one. But we live in Norway so it is an Opel Astra.

Miki Mecov says:

This is the great design,modern and stylish,great job from Opel stylish HQ

Mr J says:

nice motor, much more appealing than Ford’s granny cars.

This will no doubt be an armed forces tax free favourite. Well done Vauxhall, real cars for real car fans.

D C says:

half price in 12 months and after having a cdti insignia contast trips back to the hopeless dealers to resolve a never ending stream of problems, no thanks!

Ben Adamson says:

I keep considering others for my next car, but I always come back to the new Astra. It really does seem to have everything you could want in a car. It’s nicely designed on the outside, it has one of the best-looking interiors in any segment at any price, and being able to have a 150PS 1.4 turbo petrol with a 6-speed auto is just the perfect combination for me. Still a couple of years finance left on my current car (Clio GT Line), but Vauxhall – you’ve got a customer in waiting here!

Pienimusta says:

Lol that call thing..nice if you have phone from 2003.

reginald burks says:

on star been out in the States fr over 10 years

Tyler Allen says:

GM includes OnStar in almost every model here in the US for what seems to be a decade. Are they just now rolling it out overseas?

petrol head 99 says:


Mohammed Rehman says:

James Batchelor, I know you have read many negative comments. Take it from me you do what a review is supposed to do. You talk about the key good and bad aspects of a car by clearly pointing it out too. Keep it up!

Stoik Gramadanski says:

Nice socks… !

Dan O says:

Moved on after seeing pink trousers!

James Chastney says:

The problem is it’s a Vauxhall – my new car is Vauxhall Astra – not really a good ring to it is now? That onstar thing would have been good about 6 years ago but now…. Car with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto please….

Jordan says:

rear end of this car is hideous. That metal on the side of the rear pillar and the rear styling is dire. Looks like a dated hearse.

time4anewme says:

I hate the chrome styling. Vauxhall have taken this from the Adam and it looks shit. People are right . . makes this thing look like a hearse!

Madalin Pana says:

That call center sistem was originally from BMW

Andrej Krušič says:

Middle console is not in the middle. It really bothers me

Muizz Nadeem says:

Are they sponsored by car companies?

Michael & Friends says:

So guys I was wondering.Vauxhall. Astra. Estate. Sports?Don’t be flogging me this like its something good. Listing alloy wheels as a good point when every car you see these day has bling bling spoilers and alloys from the factory. No  no astra estate no. if there was a meteor headed for earth . and it hit the earth, and all that was left after that was me and rocks and shit and I found one of these. Id still walk. but anyway im digressing ~CHAINEY FORPRESIDENT @$$$$$$$$$$$$fuck the police im gender fluid and I know my rights

Nick Wills says:

have you lost an inch (in height) Batch?

Firemarioflower says:

Still not as good as a VW Golf

Benjamin Brady says:

They haven’t heard of onstar that is bad

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