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Vauxhall Crossland X review:
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The Vauxhall Crossland X sits below the Mokka X in Vauxhall’s SUV range, offering an alternative to other small SUV crossovers like the Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008 – a car to which the Crossland X is mechanically related. Vauxhall’s entry into this class is a comfortable and spacious vehicle with a pleasant sense of airiness and an ergonomically sound interior, but it’s by no means exciting to drive.

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Prince Tandukar says:

Please make a video on Skoda Rapid.

Jonne says:

Absolute shite

Graham Clark says:

Carbuyer please take away the high frequency hiss on the mic, really annoys my ears, especially on the S’s or ssssssss as you have it

Pedro Cas says:

Really, James? Really? The Renault Captur does look more like an MPV than this Opel/Vauxhall. A little biased aren’t you?

Paul Tenorio says:

Really missing Ginny, so please carbuyer replace this dude.

Reko Sri says:

dAMN… Those Lockheeds are beautiful…

D1 says:

Where did they get that gear lever. From the 1980’s? 🙂

stephen10 says:

i was surprised by the choice of Carlos Tavares to buy Opel. It’s still a mystery to know what he wants to do with this brand. Somoene knows ?

volwars says:

Anyone knows where it was filmed? Cotswold airport?

Ruairi Mccarthy says:


kansalta says:

Was this shot on old Top Gear track? Put additional light in the boot can’t see anything now.

Άγγελος Μιχαηλίδης says:

Carbuyer! You forgot to make a review on the Renault Wind!

Rikki Neale says:

do a mokka x review

James Batchelor says:

This guy has a good name.

Mr. Pavlov says:

How can it be called an SUV when 1. It isn’t sporty and doesn’t have 4WD….like WTF ?!!!

Sakk 1 says:

Rather catch the bus than drive a Vauxhall garbage

Finn MacG says:

Audi carbuyer suitcase

Nathaniel Gwee says:

scrap dc10s in the background

Dan Pandrea says:

Color grading is not your friend. Stop messing with the highlights and the shadow. Nevertheless: good review.

Ruben FZ says:

Miss Ginny!

The galactic Gamer says:

why do you always wear the same clothes?

Tiago Farias says:

Actually we first saw that interior in the Adam

sean miranda says:

Great review!!! Goodjob carbuyer

scottishfanta says:

An armrest makes you feel like you’re in a Range rover?

Anthony Devono says:

Good review not sure about the car will stick with my Tivoli for now!

Eamonn McDermott says:

What makes that suitcase a “carbuyer” suitcase? I’m just baffled!

Komor Uddin says:

The amount of views (or rather the lack of it) tells you all you need to know about this car…

Dan McCarthy says:

An “MPV with raised ride height” is an apt way to describe any ‘SUV’ that doesn’t offer AWD as an option.

Derek Moore says:

excellent review Mr. Bachelor

Julie De Vos says:

invisible link financial preference evolution exploration.

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