Vauxhall GT Concept – the next-gen affordable sports car? | evo UNWRAPPED

The Vauxhall GT Concept could just be the future of affordable sports cars.

It might be a concept for now, but the GT is a showcase for a lot of potential tech for future production cars. Make no mistake, a lot of this could be a reality sooner than you think.

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SimplyClick! says:

chav car

Marko Bozovic says:

should be lighter and more poverfull then mazda, that is all it needs with this looks 🙂

hayabusa200mph says:

Needs to be less than 1000 kilo at least 200 BHP & 200 foot pounds of Torque LSD .
Adjustable dampers, comfort for shite UK roads and firm for enthusiastic/track driving.
A real driver’s car that also appeals to the female driver looking for something different.
Option coloured tyres all round, red, blue, grey.
Paint Option bright candy apple red, white,black bright metallic blue.
Also needs to sound good inside and out.

danturbo316 says:

It needs 6 cylinders. 1.8 liters or so. Turbo and/or Supercharged. Good for 300 lb/ft
Or lots of revs N/A.
Manual only. No more than one metric ton.
Large wheels. Strong axles.


Hydrogen fuel cell or battery electric is whats most likely….all things concidered.

Sven Peeters says:

Electric please

Joe Barbaro says:


Hauke G. says:

Adam Opel was an great German engineer back in history. If he would see what Opel / Vauxhaull is today, he would probably go crazy.

Nick Christy says:

I don’t get people not liking the 1.5l 3cyl turbo idea?

The 1.5L 3cyl turbo engine in a BMW i8 makes 230bhp / 170kw and 236lb/ft / 320Nm of torque.

If Opel/Vauxhall could make this and keep the weight to 1100kg the power to weight ratio would be around the 200bhp per ton mark.

That puts it in BMW 340i, Audi S3, Golf R Mk 7 territory – so 0-60mph or 0-100kmh in about 5 seconds.

I’d also suspect you’d get real world 40mpg+ in every day driving.

Personally if Vauxhall / Opel made this, stripped out some of the concept tech to keep weight and cost down and reliability up, and gave us a low, rwd car, that looks similar to that, can do sub 5 second sprints to 60 and keep the base price to about £25k it will sell in spades and deserves to.

Think about it – if Toyota put an engine like that in the GT86 you would have 20% more power but 50% more torque and that torque would come in 2000 rpm earlier. Sounds fun to me!

MrBucer2 says:

Great shape but 3 cylinders and no stick shift is just plain silly.

Yoo Jastle says:

Looks like the evolution of the Chrysler Crossfire…

ThePandaBeat says:

SMART took this to production ages ago and it failed…wanna success? use a proper gearbox and a normal, normally aspirated engine. Front reminds me of the Ascona… I like it.


At least five cylinders,and 250 bhp that boosts up to 310 bhp.Also 2.5 litres.

lukas says:

I think the boot should be longer (a bit like the older one) and they shouldn’t make it complicated.
manual 6 speed, rwd, front engined and as for the engine.
I doubt they will want to shoehorn a straight 6 in it … But what about a highreving V4?
If you keep the weight under 900 Kg, 200Bhp should do the job!

Tad Ficus Catus says:

1.5 litre, 3 cylinder turbo. Free revving and 200hp. Front mid mounted with rear transaxle. That would be good. Engine must sound good. Three cylinders can sound similar to straight sixes and that is a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

william birdine says:

The only thing I have to say…PLEASE dont be extremely expensive to the point where it’s pointless so I can buy it in the future. Other than that, it’s awesome!

FunkyBear says:

Like the idea, on electric could be fun maybe.


Looks stunning, personally i would like it to be a little bigger more midsize than really compact, also i would prefer the red parts to be blue, 1.5 Turbo sounds good descent performance with low running costs, but i would want a manual version.

Tiago Ruivo says:

stupid review… what’s the point?

dombower says:

Should put a ford 5L mustang engine in it

Denzil Esau says:

horrible looking design,looks like a Mazda from behind and a BMW from the front-yuck!!

AFS 07 says:

Mini AMG GT knock-off edition by Opel


Oh, and also it should run on diesel.

powersliding says:

rather shocked that there was no explanation to the center piece of the cars style on the hidden window, rubbish journalism

abbas kanchwala says:

i like it, would love it if its a electric car

Snoopmasta says:

3 Zylinder with Turbo and properly developed exhaust sounds very cool to me. If there will be a street version of this, I’d honestly consider buying one despite the fact that I’m an Audi guy. Love the shape and the idea! First time someone brings a small, light and nimble car with british GT styling. I would love it to bits!

Kerosyn says:

2.0L high-revving N/A V6 pls.

Freddie Brookes-Smith says:

With looks like that it has to be electric

X V says:

It’s the Homer! Does it have rack and peanut steering?

sugarsaint says:

i want it to run a quad supercharged flat 4

George Tinawi says:

1.8l 4cyl. turbo engine

RealAvus says:

But does GM has such platform for this car? Make a brand new small RWD chassis/platform (that not share with any current product) will definitely not CHEAP…

leinadem2 says:

how do you roll down the windows? you are going to look really stupid opening the door at the drive-thu

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