Vauxhall (Opel) Astra Hatchback 2018 in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

Vauxhall (or Opel) most recently declared that one in four Brits have owned or driven a Vauxhall Astra, so with this is mind will the new Astra live up to the self proclaimed hype? In such a competitive class can the Vauxhall Astra keep up with the likes of the ultra popular Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus? Watch our full review and find out what Mat thinks, you might be pleasantly surprised by this hatchback.

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mathew Plays clash royale says:

Opel astra and holden astra

Luap 1983 says:

Anyone who has the 1.4 turbo 150bhp
what mpg are you getting?

ploperator says:

it looks like it comes from 2005

Alexander Samuelsson says:

I don’t have a driving license, i don’t even like cars that much. I just watch all these videos because this guy is so damn funny!

Роман says:

Inside it is so much WORSE than Astra J.

Dheeradj Lachman says:

Good car

Paul Villamor says:

You’ve got to be kidding me. This is the worst car for the UK because it is too wide for the roads there. From the drivers point of view it is too difficult to see how far the sides of the car protrude out because the car is shaped rounded where the side windows don’t hang out as far as the side of the doors do giving a false impression of how much room you have to work with when driving down narrow roads

20sentryboy says:

Nice looking motor. And who really cares about a rear centre arm rest. I have never used one when it’s been there. So not really anything worth whinging about.

I Like Big Boost says:

The Shifter looks like one of an Automatic transmission

1977harpy says:

I surprised by your review, I have just driven one of these and it’s crap. Really crap, nowhere near Focus or Golf standards

Azzure K says:

Good review mate! I bought mid year 2018 release of this car recently. It’s s real beauty to drive and own – Agree and recommend buying one higher spec version than base which comes with AEB, lane assist, etc. 10/10 this car. Opel have taken things up a few notch with this! Impressed!

alecboyyes says:

Dunno what it is about Vauxhall, but I’ve never wanted to own one. Always been a Ford guy.

Sure Fords are some of the dullest cars to sit in but they’ve always been satisfying to drive, whereas Vauxhalls seem unrelentingly dull.

aka ProBruh says:

I like Mat very much, funny and clever guy, but he is a dick sometimes.

Karen Miller says:

Love the video!! Definitely a new fan… you might like one of my other favorite channels – keepit1oo

shaktar says:

It’s a vauxhall, as soon as the warranty is up it will start falling to bits.

meownmazda1 says:

Skip to 1:17 if you want to see Mat’s luscious bulge

V0RT3X Channel says:


MokiWoki 3850 says:

Opel Zafira?

Birman Hitman says:

Aliens will not be able to drive this because all their cars rely on Auto-Mind mind-based control technology which unfortunately the Astra does not yet support.

Rego Dulaz says:

Does this car have Watt’s link rear suspension or not?

Cristian Gaspar says:

Mk 5 best astra ever

2sweet2handle says:

high performance biturbo…with 160 horsepower

SuperJames 1985 says:

Calling the Astra bland and boring when you don’t even do 720p or 1080p videos in this day and age. The car is more technically advanced than your video skills 🙂 And a 7 min video is NOT in depth. Sheesh.

Husain Bhunnoo says:

looool 5:43 … and the next 7secs

Master Chef says:

such a long and ugly car

Matthew Felix says:

Actually the interior space is terrible. I was one of the three people sitting In the back seats, and it was a nightmare. We were sitting angled weirdly, cut there wasn’t nearly enough room. And it feel claustrophobic inside. Even when there’s only two people in the back.

Police Vauxhall Astra says:

I love my new model.

Andre Dumitrescu says:

Accidents are not humorous you fucking cretin

Ed McIntyre says:

This new Astra looks fantastic. Definitely going to be considering it.

Selçuk Aktaş says:

1- Opel Astra
2- Mazda 3
3- VW Golf
4-Ford focus

Alexis Mol-Hdz says:

Better than half of this compact cars in the States

majestic says:

throw out that junk and get a car

MuscledArrow 280 says:

I saw the stars. I wondered what they were for

Laila Vags says:

Shite review. “Buy the 1.4 petrol. Job done” wtf?

Jwjsudksj Idksjhdjjdj says:

So are we going right ahead and buy it or shortlist this thing?

turley463 says:

I wonder if the Astra contacts the emergency services when it bursts into flames like the rest of the Vauxhall range.

Nero blah says:

The golf has awful headroom, what are you on?

George Hawkes says:

I’m looking to buy my first car I’ve been looking at a Vauxhall Astra 2008 at a used car dealership near me for £2500, would you recommend it? Thanks

Μιχαλης Πανουτσος says:

What car is better for you? Renault megane 1.2 tce 130 ps or Vauxhall astra 1.400 150 ps. Thanks 🙂

Alex Magege2 says:


time4anewme says:

Why do they give you the most boring colour possible? This car would probably look great in solid red or black – but this metallic blue is awful

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