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Vauxhall Grandland X review:
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Based on the same underpinnings as the Peugeot 3008, the Vauxhall Grandland X wades in to the already very crowded family SUV class. Does it do enough to tempt buyers away from cars like the Nissan Qashqai, SEAT Ateca, Skoda Karoq and Hyundai Tucson?

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Jeff Spencer says:

2 month old Grandland x , engine management light on . Cat warm up code . 1 .6 Diesel . Crap Good job it is only while mine gets repaired.

Adi Ibukic says:

Boring interior, just like VW cars!

Christopher Lawrenceyasir says:

How much for used 2014/5 Vauxhall 255752666446

Andrew W says:

You forgot to mention that PSA didnt buy Onstar so all vauxhalls fitted with this feature will lose them in 2020 so you end up with an onstar and sos button which does nothing.

nisde22 says:

I would say that the Tucson is the best value amongst mid sized SUV’s, but the Mazda is the best to drive.

Richard Tuson says:

It looks as good as the other crossovers in my opinion.

My Astra has 1.4T no way is 1.2 enough for such a big car.

They see raving about the 3008 since when have Peugeot suddenly become reliable or great cars. It actually worries me this shares same platform.

Josh Kroenke says:

Old Fashioned? Very unintelligent comment…
She’s the one who is old! And her fashion sense isn’t any better either!

Stmu31 says:

Very negative

Martin Roberts says:

She’s absolutely right with her description of the run-of-the-mill knobs and controls … even the name of the car “Grandland,” when you glance quickly could just as easily read ” Granddad” ! Whoops – Big Mistake !!!

a smell of petroleum pervades throughout says:

what a totally pointless car

Live-Torsion-Paradox says:

”Generic” – spot on and also seems a little half hearted. Buy a Skoda. Looks as good as a Peugeot (and arguably won’t date as quickly) but is more reliable and has a better-sorted (i.e. doesn’t crash or slow down after a few months use) infotainment system. Then there’s the Mazda range that just outshines them all…

Thomas S bulivan says:

Onstar will be taken out in 2020 for good

Chris Bradley says:

Grandland? ……. GRANDLAND????? They actually paid people to come up with this moniker? I can do that. Gizzajob.

Misa Protic says:

If it had a VW badge this would be the “carbuyers favourite”. The peugeot is a bloated and overhyped car, like why does it have a small flat bottom steering wheel when it has very low horspower and is jacked up. The peugeots interior is the fake carbon fibre vinyl of car interior. And the reason why im watching this video is because carwow doesent have one.

g00dfeeling says:

Looks nice in this color

Korah says:

You bored me to death…. zzZZzz

dusttkicka says:

To negative on the review. It’s not that bad

Mark Morgan Clelland says:

OnStar in Europe for Vauxhall and Opel cars is ending in 2021 and won’t be available in new vehicles from 2019

mr sociable says:

Nah, Suzuki Grand Vitara. The definition of a cross over as it should be – unibody mounted onto a frame for rigidity, low range box for controlled off-road work and drives as lovely as a comfortable saloon. Throw in Suzuki’s build quality and for £3500 you got yourself the full package. Not an out and out mudpluger with crap on road manners, but not a jumped up hatchback you see struggling in 1cm of snow. I’m just one of the few clever enough to know. Cheers and this cars another poopy stink with good mpg and space for ya shopping fatty

Terribly Dead says:

My papas getting this delivered on the 31 January he’s getting the phone part in it

David Hurt says:

You cant be serious about cars and promote a french car. They’re all terrible!! everything breaks on them so its pointless getting one. Id have a Vauxhall any day over say a Peugeot or Renault.

Tudor Voicu says:

New Antara

VolvoXC90TV says:

Can see the french have taken over lol. They never move the fuse box when they change the car to RHD. That’s why the glovebox is so small… This wouldn’t have happened under GM 🙁

Stig qwe says:

It seemed to me she made her mind up before she even saw the car, never mind drove it.
I for one like the styling and find the interior well layer out.

essam shokry says:

attractive car , attractive ginny


Stop please stop quoting manufacture boot space figures, you go try putting a 200lt water tank in this 514 liter boot it will not fit , so please take a TAPE MEASURE and give Measurements , width narrow between wheel arches plus the widest part , distant from back of rear seats to tailgate etc height to parcel shelf and to roof .

Blake Swan says:

SUVs are always bland and boring. No exception here. Meh

FirstSleeper says:

The same car with retained and honest design is average, but the wannabe futuristic went wrong one is a favorite. What a complicated world Im living in.

martin me says:

the 1.2 turbo engines are crap and very poor fuel economy.

Sarper Eroğlu says:

Just an Astra on stilts

Ian Chamberlain says:

I don’t think the gorgeous Ginny likes the Grandland too much! I’ve ordered one as it was all I want in a car when I test drove one. I’ve ordered the Elite Nav 1.2 auto. I want a car to be easy to drive, comfy, quite and well equipped which I found the Grandland to be. I only plan to keep it for about 2 years as I’m not convinced the little engine will last as long as my present car with 115,000 miles on it. I enjoy Ginnys reporting style so always enjoy her YouTube vids, keep up the good work girl!!

LeYoTheMan69 says:

Says the car design is old fashioned. How ancient is your outfit style then?

René Sieders says:

lol bad review. old fashion lol

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