2017 Peugeot 208 Pure Tech 1.2 Turbo Full In Depth Review

So i got my hands on the Peugeot 208 again as it now sports the new 1.2 Turbo Pure Tech engine.

+ All in all an absolutely beautiful car that gives a great drive
– The aircond fan needs to shut the f up as it’s too noisy from outside the car (at least it’s not so audible from inside the car)

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Zean Jeff says:

Hi bobby! What u think about VW Vento 1.2 TSI ?

Eric Tee says:

great review bobby (as usual)! I’m curious about it’s resale value or 2nd hand value for this car. is it good or not so? cause I used to own a Peugeot 3008 (great car) buy when I sell it off, the value is really low after 5 years.

yeewensmc says:

Bobby can you test drive our local small hatch Proton iriz?

effax says:

hi bobby, can do a review of facelifted 2017 honda city. alot of buyer said the reverse camera has low resolution. would be interesting to compare it with pre-facelift. thanks!

Boon Heng Ong says:

How about testing out the not-so-new Renault Captur which shares the same engine? My brother drives the 1.5dci diesel one in Singapore and it’s really not bad at all especially​ with the outstanding fuel economy.

Also, can you talk a bit more about the engine/transmission performance and about fuel economy. For the average guy, fuel consumption is a very important thing at least for me

Andrew K, Northern Ireland says:

Brilliant review Bobby. A very tempting car indeed. You speak such sense when comparing cars.

xiper86 says:

Hi Bobby, how is the handling of this car? Compared say like VW Polo and the Mazda 2. Secondly this is a 3 potter engine and does it really show the down side of the 3 potter characteristic?

Chong Kwan Ooi says:

Hi Bobby, Cool website. Pictures are extremely clear. Great job. Thanks.

Sean Loh says:

How’s the reliability of the car in humid south east Asia countries like Malaysia?

Gn Ratyas says:

Bobby, just wondering what’s your opinion on Peugeot Rcz? Kinda want one since the price is super attractive

Lohitt Pic Reviews says:

Bobby, can you please review the Mazda 2

de ng says:

Hei bobby, u’re a pervert >< nice review btw

Nicholas Wong says:

Bro how many speed is the transmission? is it still a 4 speeder?

MIc Mic says:

Naughty fingers hahaha

Wesley Cheng says:

can u do more peugeot vids! even older models like the RCZ because i want your opinion on it =D thanksss

weiyoong1994 says:

Hi bobby. Love all your honest review about cars. Is It possible for you to review the mitsubishi lancer gte as i believe it is a very good car?The prob is finding a review car AT mitsubishi outlets.

Muhammad Othman says:

Hi, do we need to pay a fee to test drive this car or cars in malaysia in general. Sorry to ask as I’m not from here. Thank you .

Petrol Head says:

Bobby, you seem to have a satin chrome fetish. Haha…

Henry says:

You are right Bobby..Peugeot has quiet down.. It now scary to buy this car thinking about the RV later on.. but car looks bleedy good

yeoh weibin says:

Hey bobby, please do a mazda 2 review (:

Dominic Lansing says:

Hi Bobby, great review wow! I’m so tempted right now hehe. Anyway, can you give a review on Proton Iriz as well? I’m looking for the best and most affordable good handling car in Malaysia. if there is such a thing la

Jordan PiliBala says:

and yes is time for PEUGEOT 2008 PURE TECH review, looking forward of your video, thankyou!!!

CWSern says:

hey bobby, what’s the rpm when the car is cruising at 110km/h???

Fungus Foong says:

Love your reviews man. Detailed and comprehensive ! Keep it up.

Iqbal Hakim says:

Mr bobby,pls review the 2008 Peugeot.

uclaser says:

Bobby, nice review! Please review the BMW M140i if you can!!

de ng says:

Btw how’s the acceleration? didn’t seem to cover that in this review compared to other reviews . u know lar some of us sometimes just wanna speed and kiasu to go home faster even if its just a matter of few mins ><

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