2017 Peugeot 3008 SUV 1.2 PureTech Review – Inside Lane

This is the award winning Peugeot 3008 SUV and it is a car that won our SUV of the Year and overall European Car of the Year. A range of engine is on offer but this 1.2 litre PureTech three cylinder turbo has become one of the best. Producing 129bhp and 230Nm of torque this little petrol is punchy. 55 MPG combined is claimed.

Peugeot’s iCockpit features with high quality materials for the interior and interesting design. A 12.3 inch drivers display is beautifully animated and the touchscreen infotainment system comes standard too. Boot space is 591 litres making the 2017 Peugeot 3008 practical. GT Line trim adds heated massaging seats.

The 2017 Peugeot 3008 SUV 1.2 PureTech costs from £21,995 and is on sale now.


Paul Hawkins says:

Superb car, can’t think of anything else this exciting or interesting on the market, makes the German rivals look even more bland and boring. Good job Peugeot, welcome back!

Fiesta ST Fan says:

I enjoyed that review so much I am going to subscribe – an old (65) boy racer, currently driving an ST3 – think the 3008 looks ideal for my later years and would be an ideal ‘Grandkid Transporter’. Thank you – will be pricing up the 1.2

choddo says:

Ordered one of these. Impressive piece of design. I’d take a look at the particulates number though, when talking about the eco credentials of that 1.2 direct injection engine. I went for the 1.6 petrol because of it.

Vincent C says:

More than 30 years after the 205, Peugeot decides to make again a real car …

ZedsDeadOK says:

I have a 1.2 Allure on order can’t wait to get it, I looked at the rivals but as soon as I sat in the 3008 I was sold. i’ve heard reports that PSA have taken on more staff and increased shifts to meet the demand, certainly a winner for Peugeot. BTW nice views of Poole Park.

Vanz Talisa says:

On my wish list in black.. sexy chiseled looks

Ross Donovan says:

Test drove this same spec car a few weeks ago but with the 1.6 blue 120 diesel! Superb! Unless something extraordinary comes out soon its my next car, all the others are just bland in comparison including the Ateca which apart from its handling is just utterly dull and repetitive next to this!

Look out for the vw troll ‘tresveces m’ to start trolling on this newest 3008 video with his lies, like on the others.

Robert Lloyd says:

great review of a product from a manufacturer that used to turn out such bland cars

Βασίλης Μπέσιος says:

great review, for this and for the 1.6 bluehdi..which engine should you recommend (power-wise not price or fuel efficiency)? 1.6 diesel or 1.2 petrol?? thank you

alex clough says:

Love my 1.2 GT Line! especially with the sport mode engaged

Josh Bacon says:

A front wheel drive only SUV: it’s like finding a really hot chick, except it turns out she is a lesbian.

Robin Bird says:

Great review! My mum is trying to get this car, especially for the driver massage 😀

Imsobright k says:

Does all the 1.2 model come with massage?

Tom Heard says:

Love ours

pete draper says:

Thanks for the review. I test drove an Allure 1.2 turbo auto and ordered one immediately. The interior makes all other cars look mundane. Trouble is, there is a 90 day delivery period – I’ve never had to wait that long for a new car. Love my BMW 520D but looking forward to my 3008.

Cornbread 70's says:

I wish this came to the states….nice truck….

Martyn Rosenburg says:

Mustang rear

Jamie Pickles says:

Great Video Review. I would recommend the Peugeot 3008 1.2 PureTech Engine and I think It has one the best Interiors for a SUV

watchtheskies says:

Personally I would get the 1.6 petrol auto

Afdzal Reza says:

How about the automatics for 3008?

Auto Speed Cars says:

best suv, I like it
can you sbu my channel?

Tony B says:

Had my 2ltr Bluehdi GT Line in the Lake District last weekend, was totally fun to drive on the twisty roads, superbly comfortable and carried all my walking gear (would suggest getting tbe boot tray for stuff like that).
I really do think Peugeot have out done themselves with this car :).

For those wanting to buy one, choose your engine carefully, avoid the diesels if you just do town driving or if you do short journeys, if the 1.2 doesnt suit your needs then the 1.6 petrol may be a better choice 🙂

Oliver Lasch says:

What’s the first song in the Video?

stubones says:

I sat in the one at the Westover car show at the BIC and it really was impressive. A lot of people thought so because it was very popular. I waited less time to sit in the Nissan GTR in the other hall!

Ty John says:

WTF drive on left hand side

Ethan Plays says:

Best SUV by far

john evans says:

Can’t wait I get mine in two weeks, this very model. Amazing amount of safety gear. Usual excellent succinct review.

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