2017 Peugeot 3008 – why it’s our Technology Award winner | What Car?

We named the Peugeot 300 as the winner of our Technology Award at the 2017 What Car? Car of the Year Awards. In this video, we explain why.

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Irishgamer01 says:

so what car love sponsored videos
How much did they pay to win

Dr. W says:

Very well! Get my GT next week! Agree with your nomination for the 3008!

chakor viper says:

SUV without 4WD…..

Ron Van De Vorst says:

Just ordered it in gt-line with pack premium and focal audio. great car.

Nigel Old & Grey says:

a Peugeot I actually want, whatever next !

Ross Donovan says:

Not surprised by the waiting list as Peugeot cant keep up with demand with this stunning car. they’ve had well over 60000 orders for it in Europe upto January. 70% more than they anticipated, so they’ve pushed back sales launch of 5008 by months to concentrate on production of 3008.

Finta Finta says:

In Croatia ,i am going to buy 3008 Allure trimm.But ,it doesn t include ,SatNav(extra 800 Euro,electric boot + sensor isn t included either,so + 800 euros more,full led lights + 2 000 euro more above Allure trimm level.
So,i like the car (i am buying it),but it is not the same mdoel for that money all over the EU,so it can t winn easily bcs of the double standards for different market.
Once more,i really love it 😀 But Peugeot,and local dealers are not fair generally..

Conor Cränks says:

Nice car. Have a 308. May upgrade to the 3008

chocoluver18 says:

ihave 3008 yr 2011 i love my peugeot
this new model sooo fantastic

Deputy DD says:

Will not be updated by Peugeot! I bought my 108 2 years ago because it linked to my phone. In 2 years they have not updated the phone list so new phones no longer work with it (I have contacted them and all they send me is the list of approved phones that are 2+ years old) Thanks Peugeot – I bought a feature that no longer works.

ChelseaFCMario says:

If only they had a 150bhp model!

celt67 says:

Guy with the beard looks like he lives in a fucking skip.

Fontie says:

Never In a million years did I ever think I would buy a Peugeot yet after seeing it in the flesh last week I was signing on the dotted line for a GT-Line petrol automatic in Red, added options push start and electric tail gate, park assist and roof bars. I kind of wish i’d added the adaptive cruise control, I don’t do that many motorway miles so left it off. Dealer said delivery in March I’m in the UK. Sad to say I’m quite excited at getting it. hate having to wait.

Namn L says:

why so ugly?

Christopher Nicol says:

Agree totally with Fontie. A Peugeot this handsome and sophisticated! Who would have thought it. Just hope there is not a reliability catch. Speaking from harsh experience with Citroens, French cars have sturdy engines but not so hot electronics.

debbah says:

where is that cute woman 🙁

Im here because im bored says:

I have serious doubts about that 1.2ltr engine. If anyone is used to anything even remotely fast that engine just isnt gonna impress.

riadhdec dec says:

sponsored video … you can’t compare that to a BMW or a Mercedes

don21 says:

But its French. It will break. Lots of times and cost you lots of money to fix. Bout time car reviewers started being honest about the crap reliability of this French junk.

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