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The Peugeot 5008 is a seven-seater SUV that’s stylistically similar to Peugeot’s smaller five-seat 3008. It competes with SUVs like the Skoda Kodiaq and Land Rover Discovery Sport, as well as people-carriers such as the Citroen Grand C4 Picasso, Vauxhall Zafira Tourer and Renault Grand Scenic. The 5008 may not be quite as good as the Peugeot 3008, but it’s greatly improved over the ungainly car it replaced and definitely deserves a place on your shopping list.

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johnny wires says:

first its a a Pug and you will have to question reliability.second,wait a year and a bit and get it half price.

Abhi Lash says:

what a pathetic car with the boot configuration options. too much tiring

LazyTamago says:

James is very busy this review… Gd work!

Dave Neethling says:

*James completely out of breath* “Alright, so it’s a BIT of a faff…”
This is why I love the British =)

Danny Wilson says:

The glovebox is especially small on the version you have there because it is fitted with the fragrance defuser which is housed in it. If you don’t have that fitted, the glovebox is very deep if a little thin. Cracking review as always.

Konrad Kowalczyk says:

i-Cockpit is a bit worse than Audi’s Virtual Cockpit. And this little lever from 206 to control cruise control is a bit pathetic.

Giannis Ma says:

1:31 of course you cant fit anything in the glovebox because!!!!!! its a UK car!!!!!!!!!!!!.On EU cars the gloveboox is freed from Fuse Box!!!!!!!!!

Al White says:

peugeot it’s just shit

Daniel Rozeck says:

where is giny?

Paris Malaspinas says:

I like his reviews

Tazwar Hossain says:

This guy really needs a new job!!

Lavalambtron says:

The 3008 looks great, this one looks like its retarded cousin, the back part has been completely destroyed and destroyed the car looks.

Mahyar Farshi says:

I have this car. Its a great car. Mine is an Allure 1.6 diesel with 120 bhp and 300 Nm of torque.

Laimonas Bacevicius says:

Without panoramic roof it is spacious for had, but with it, it is as it is. Bad 🙂 So, don’t buy with panoramic roof, buy without.

Visal Son says:

Am I the only one who hates the rear bumper and tail light compared to the 3008?

alukardFE says:

No no no don’t recommend that small shitty engine

Andrew Jenkinson says:

There’s no 4wd……it’s an MPV then. lol

Bojan Dosen says:


alicia thomas says:

I am awaiting my 1.2 allure…lord I hope I have made the right choice!! The review was brilliant!!

Haiho HH says:

Great-looking car. As expected, there are many freaking anti-Peugeot trolls here in the commentary column. They love to talk shit about Peugeot although they have no idea that a French company Faurecia (a subsidiary of Peugeot) is the one who develops and makes the interiors for Benz, Audi, BMW etc. So, those excellent build quality of Benz, Audi, BMW are largely thanks to Peugeot’s expertise!

Nigel Old & Grey says:

The 3008 seems better proportioned, just doesn’t look quite as nice in xxl

Esquire Ltd says:

Daniel Day Lewis ? reviewing Puegoets ??

Arvin Peopleinlove says:

The name of the soundtrack please ? 😉

Leonard Korn says:

Great car. Roaaar!

chappy2121 says:

Jesus James got his hands on some flaps. Never thought I’d see the day haha

dupont jean says:

less good than a velar but for the price four time better

Leonard Korn says:

Most people just don’t realize that the interiors of German premium cars (Audi, BMW, Mercy etc) are made by the French company Faurecia. And Faurecia is a Peugeot’s subsidiary. Thus, those ‘refined’ German premium cars’ interiors are actually built by the French… So why so much hate towards the French in the commentary section? Can’t we just enjoy different cars without being such an annoying hater in the commentary section? I’m personally not a fan of 5008, but I can understand why many people love it and I don’t go spilling hate in the commentary section. Grow up, kids.

majke says:

so fucking ugly

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