2019 Peugeot 508 review – better than a Skoda Superb? | What Car?

Does a radical new look inside and out make the Peugeot 508 a more appealing executive car? There’s plenty of tough competition, but watch our review to find out just how it compares to its rivals

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Didier Lemoine says:

SW is coming !

True Normality says:

A Peugeot uncomfortable? Said no one ever until now.

Pershoo says:

Nothing can beat the Superb!

Leo Nidas says:

french car? no, thank you.

DurianObried says:

Compare a fastback berline with a traditional berline is just… WTF !

g00dfeeling says:

Great car, booooring review.

FrightfulAccountant says:

In a car likje this I would really want a smooth 6 speed manual, it realy is the deal breaker on this car. I think style and size puts this car rather against a Honda Civic then a Ford Mondeo. And if you want pure driving fun, I think the Honda Civic will give you more.
n the other hand, if the laternatives realy are the Skoda Octavia and the Ford Mondeo, this wins hands down.

Icansee u says:

Horrible color, metallic silver is the way to go.

Aaron Mullane thepetrolhead94 says:

Nobody wants a petrol saloon in this class

Wayne Bong says:

No doubt an impressive car overall.
But the look from the side and especially rear really reminds me of Audi A7 so much

Mark Rocque says:

Good review, thanks very much.

Skøut says:

OMG, I can’t believe you moan about the visibility over the steering wheel. You were sopose to keep it as low as possible. That was the intention, for crying out loud!

Ewen Bruce says:

Ponderous review. Disappointing car too.

Ibby25 says:

Nice review, this guy is eloquent and to the point, and not bad to look at either. :p

Clement Eygun says:

worst review ever…..never trust a British guy to review a French car in a fair way !! this is the only bad review I have seen about this car and I have watched dozen of them from at least 5 different countries ! this car has been praised for its amazing sporty ride, its built quality, its engines and its gearbox (considered one of the best in the market)

DigitalDrifter says:

@1:54 Please leave the statistics on screen for longer so we don’t keep having to pause the video to read them.

zd trn says:

Not a car deisigned to challenge the average Mazda’s Skoda’s, is designed to challenge Audi’s and BMW’s of the same fastback class

James Dickenson says:

Every review gives conflicting information. The answer? Go drive one and make your own unbiased opinion.

Dilafrose Bashir says:

The design may look okay at the moment, but I have a pretty confident feeling that it will become lacklustre very soon

Lash195 says:

This car has me more excited than the new 3 series. Job well done Peugeot. This is the way you stoke some interest in the medium sized saloon market

biryanikebab says:

Does this reviewer not have anything good to say? Paid by germans hmmm.?!

Planet Auto says:

An amazing machine, looks the part and tech loaded too.

transporter06csf says:

What a boring, biased, useless review that is ….
I’d have loved to re-watch that nonsense with another badge (one that pays you good) on the car 😉

Akhyar Rayhka says:

best car Peugeot made in a decade in my opinion

Werner Danler says:

What you did not say was how noisy the diesel is on the road and how fast it will go. I loved my 1983 505 and had it for 11 years. The longest I owned any car. But it was noisy and at 80 miles an hour it was all out!

Keith Isaacs says:

Basically what he’s trying to say the car’s rubbish what’s the point in having a car if it’s not comfortable unless you just like looking at it on the drive it cant match the Skodas for design space and comfort you could always get a picture of the Peugeot.

Jamie Pickles says:

If I was a company car driver then I would choose the Class Leading BMW 5 Series

Christopher Richards says:

I have not ever driven one Before

Blake Swan says:

Looks but no substance. FWD does not compete with the Germans

The Zanzibarbarian says:

The 508’s a really good looking car, both inside and out. But I just wish they could put in some decent engines with the kind performance to match it’s looks and by those of BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz. :-(..

Jason Jackson says:

Nice review. Its good having a camera car showing how the Peugeot 508 hands the road. The exterior of the car looks half decent but from the front there was a square panel which look like it had a different shade of red, whether it was made from a different material or different primer paint or something totally different like the way the sun light was hitting that panel. I know from my past experience when I had a Poopot “Peugeot” 508 SW Hybrid4 RXH, the car had a weird why of riding the road as specially humps and bumps on the road, At times the electrics can start playing up as specially coming up with a fault on the E brake.

pipsicle says:

I cannot believe they are still making brand new cars with steering wheels that block the dials. You should not have to have the steering wheel scraping your legs just to see the speedometer. Ditch this ridiculous design Peugeot!

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