New 2019 Peugeot 208 – meet the French brand’s Ford Fiesta rival

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Peugeot 208 full review:

This is the all-new, second-generation Peugeot 208, and this humble supermini is arguably the most important new model in Peugeot’s 123-year history in the auto industry.

Small cars have always held huge presence within Peugeot’s line-up but the new 208 arrives with more weight on its shoulders than most. That’s because when the new model goes on sale this summer it’ll be the first ever car wearing the Peugeot lion to be offered with a fully-electric powertrain.

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Tim Blundell says:

It’s like the 205, the current 208 and the 508 had a ménage-a-trois..

Dan Cooper says:

Hopefully they get the clutch and gearbox right this time

toyotaprius79 says:

Hon the French!

Mike N says:

What is up with the wheel gap? looks like its still on shipping blocks…

Cor Kleijn says:

Very nice, those wheelarches make the weels look very tiny…

teinspringz says:

Shithot design, I throw my dirty jocks at it!


Wanted a 308 gti. Heard about the new generation having 300hp designed exactly like the 308 hybrid r but less power. I wanted that instead, but I’ve now realise that it’s using electric that needs a point to charge it.
I would of bought it if it was one of those self charging ones.
But I’ll just wait for it to arrive drop the current models price down and buy a regular gti.
I must say the new gems are far superior tho. Excellent.

Michael says:

C’est manufique

Gvozdenko Gvozdenko says:

A1 looks like a stripped polo compared to this. Brilliant.

400 Vis says:

Matching trousers

saun Lloyd says:

Will the GTI version be a 3dr? Or will it go down the same route as the new polo.

Grant Barclay says:

Mm nice c what the Gti looks like?

Nick Fox says:

Stunning super mini, looks great in the yellow. Interior looks fantastic.

Daz Sid says:

Nice car

Matty says:

Wow looks awesome

iam3mondoot says:

The yellow made me feel sick . I love the colour of the car though.

Alberto molón says:

Ooohhh… Audi a 1!!!…..???

Dado D.R. says:

Pug is back baby.

mr2gti says:

0:52 “Can you see what this car resembles?” – A Bee? Certainly NOT a 205 GTi – you pellet!

The Rusted Pixel says:

Why are French cars so embarrassingly ugly looking?! It looks like one of the naff Power Ranger mechs. It’s just awful inside and out. “The VW Polo and Ford Fiesta should be ashamed of their interiors”. Really? Really! Did you just say that. Some like simplicity and a clean look. This is just a wavy, convoluted, over designed mess. Give me clean, simple and professional any day over this kids toy car.

Maroc Info says:

amazing car like old generation, peugeot came back

lopez ben says:

A magnificent video Then you buy the car and the heating ducts do not work, the same happens to the start-stop, the noises are innumerable and the defects countless. Peuge-NOT.

william smith says:

I just got the current gti of the 208 and it’s brilliant so the new one is going to even better. Unbelievable how peugeot has come on since the days of old.

JDM Guy says:

Front end design has a strong resemblance to Mazda2

The fiesta Guy says:

It looks fantastic, but it’s still a Peugeot

hollysaga says:

Rival? More like killer

Graceymay74 says:

Love the way they’ve styled this car. best Peugeot in years.

Mihail Dimitrov says:

That thing is so stylish and technological that it’s only competitor should be the MINI Cooper.

stickers30 says:

He mentions the iconic 205. I think it looks more like the 306 side on. I still like it though…

KCG - Kodie Collings Gaming says:

I want this car

Caner Erten says:

Full black rims, full black glass and also with sport spoiler.. this car would be dope. Just imagine..

Simon Davies says:

Im cofused as to why its not a 209?

MrVoayer says:

Dynamic body lines but gimmicky steering wheel !

AlfaRomeoFan says:

It resembles the 306 at the rear more than it does the 205


That is cute and sexy lil bro of 508

Niandra says:

Genuinely one of the best looking cars for years, at any price. Not liking the wheel arches though, Bodycoloured would be fine, or the whole car in black.

snx70 says:

Wow… I love the new design!

Lee Davies says:

hope they have sorted the touch screen out mine has gone black

Graceymay74 says:

They should make a hot hybrid. 10-15Kwh battery 1.1L turbo petrol with 45Kw 140Nm elec unit. 400Mile range and insanely quick 🙂

joe fattal says:


Esteban Posada Duque says:

…… bla bla …bla …bla …no more than another B SEGMENT VEHICLE ……cut off the nonsense ….


rest in peace fiesta, polo, a1… hahahahaha

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