New Peugeot 3008 SUV I Reveal : Now You Can Drive!

Feel the unique driving sensations on-board the new Peugeot 3008 SUV and discover its inspired exterior design and its latest ‪iCockpit‬ generation.

It will be presented at the 2016 Paris Motorshow .

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Created and produced by Cream
Directed by Deluxe
Dop : Laurent Rodriguez
Soundtrack by Ben Kaniewski

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Zamit Hamdi says:

elle est magnifique

/ trkr says:

hani türkler neredesiniz ben tekmiyim burada!

Underwoods Motor Group says:

We love this and cant wait to get one in the showroom.

EggCelent says:

La Onyx concept est plus belle que sa ;-;

firehawk333 says:

This Car looks awesome. Cant wait to see it in real 🙂

neto ks says:

Amazing! Peugeot its a new premium

Rares Malinschi says:

best concept car ever

Mancunian says:

I think i will buy this car,but my no.1 on my list is the future 508 II,so i have to wait till 2017 when will be released,because that 508 will be huge step forward for Peugeot!
So this new 3008 is my no.2 choise!

/ trkr says:

iste beklenen an geldi…

Sto79Be says:

Does anyone know where the HVAC controls are located on this car? If they’re in the touchscreen software like the 308 rather than having dedicated physical controls then it’s a dealbreaker for me even though I really like the style and other design.

Max Ternomans says:

Tient un SUV! quel originalité…

sergey nigniynovgorod says:

а это пыльный бомж ? зачем? люстра в начале -красивое решение.

mee siam says:

De_Pollution problems that I have encountered to day – timing chain, engine leak, turbo tube flare, ignition coil, pressure pump, (recall today from dealer for water pump and timing components), gear box over haul, gear sensor and lastly turbo pressure. The top 3 most expensive from my list is Gear Box, Pressure pump and turbo.

Maxi Giant says:

Peugeot improves it-self year after year, car after car, impressive !

laiacher says:

Hello 3008, bye bye Qashqai 🙂

Музыка из рекламы says:

Ben Kaniewski

goodbig day says:


Elghorda says:

elle est belle cella : )

Furkan ÇETİN says:

çok güzel olmuşda biraz pahalı olmasa

Franck Lassau says:

Superbe Peugeot !
Peugeot is Back for good !!!

Jack Londonen says:

Best looking SUV on the market!

Faruk Demirci says:

way mk

Faruk Demirci says:

koca peugeot abone sayısına bak ya.

jasio kowalski says:

Oh my God, the interior is amazing!!

mailtoo2sam says:

Proud to be part of the engineering team in making the display and the navigation system of this model!!

Bacon lettuce burger says:

Citroen is so unique.But Peugeot is so cool <3

Silver Low says:

Hello 3008, goodbye Tiguan!

Dado dira says:

PUG is back yeeeeeaaa.

Harber Sesa says:

Do you believe this will turn three years. Engine 2.0 120kw (DW 10C RHH) on mine SUV3008 died after three years and only 10 months after C service was done by Peugeot garage. Peugeot CEO Maxime Picat couldn’t care less. I paid the price and had learned “All that glitters is not gold” You may wish to think twice before you put your money for Peugeot.

#Paper L'artiste says:

Looks much better than Volkswagen Tiguan and Lada Niva !

Roberto Caetano says:

Pleeaaaaase… i never asked you anything…
Bring this to Brazil… Pleaaaaaseeeeeeee

Fahed Darwish says:

I want one.

mee siam says:

I got a Peugeot – not reliable. Load of problems.

MisterScotti says:

Superbe évolution chez Peugeot. Impatient de la voir en vrai cette nouvelle Peugeot!

Jean-Pierre Saydel says:

je la veux!!! ^^

arbi Nefzi says:

belle voiture,espérons que la mécanique et l’électronique vont avec.

Caio Caldas says:

Peugeot-Citroen cars would sell well in US ?

Jose Luis says:

com esta de lujo pero no es 4×4

Antoine Balson says:

les allemandes non plus qu’a trembler 🙂

elwhizard says:

Wow! Awesome advert

Lamar Coaston Jr says:

Yess!!!!! I’ll Take One! Thanks!

Conor Cränks says:

Wow I want one

rabid totodile says:

Better than sex. Maybe.

Morten Johansen says:

Have just bought one GT-Line!

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