New Peugeot 508 – stylish family saloon arrives to rival Audi A4 and Vauxhall Insignia

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Peugeot 508 review:
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The all-new Peugeot 508 is exactly that: all new. It shares so little with its predecessor, in fact, that it’s difficult to fathom why the firm kept its name. From the styling to the interior, right through to the way it drives, this latest 508 is better in every way…

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rock42010 says:

But its a Peugeot

Mohammed Taouss says:

I like how he says “Pergeot”

CoLoNeLC4 says:

Reading all the ignorants commenting French cars are better than German cars, and thinking they’re experts, this world is really going in the wrong direction. As for this review, please don’t buy what this clown says, I’ve just drove a new Peugeot as replacement during the maintenance of my Audi A4…sweet Jesus I’m happy I had it just for 48 hours, that was a painful experience.

Lash195 says:

Peugeot have designed a saloon classier than the Audi A4/5 & BMW 3/4 series. Bravo…

Fandango Lolo says:

It is the Insignia, all said.

HyperbirdF6 says:

This is actually really nice. And Damm that interior

Jamie P says:


MrMadness says:

looks amazing!

stephen10 says:

put a piano mode on the piano key to play music in the traffic jam

Andrei Petre says:

The fact that every reviewer compares the 508 to BMW, Audi or Mercedes really means that it’s better than his true competitors: Insignia, Mondeo, Passat and Talisman.

Rick Maverick says:

Peugeot – one clever outfit – has concocted a plan which will keep resale value high and lease prices moderate.

t s says:

Its a bit BMW toward the rear.

HchQue says:

I think it looks pretty hideous inside and out

Quazi83 says:

Peugeot are on fire!!

Haiman's TV says:

Brief yet informative. Brilliant!

Green Lightning says:

Just another piece of crap from Pugh.

Dennis Catrini says:

Peugeot owns Vauxhall. Why would they compete?

Oscar Lee says:

Fidgety ride… Argh, not again.

QQuaeE says:

it targets the Arteon maybe ?

Alfs Awful says:

How on earth can you put an Audi and Vauxhall in the same category?

Green Lightning says:

Just another piece of crap from Pugh.

Kris k says:

I don’t want to be rude but why you sound like you have something inside your mouth. Your French Arabic accent is wired.

Nabeel Siddiqui says:

i found this car about 2 months back and absolutely loved it… the only thing i fear is that they might overprice it to something similar as A4 or 3 series.. a mistake that VW as already done with arteon… most ppl will not buy a VW or Peugeot, if they can buy an Audi or BMW… if this car is priced in the same range as 2018 508, then i am surely buying it…

Blake Swan says:

FWD is not luxury. Just Get a Mazda 6 if you want fwd.

zionsimas says:


Mrinal Choudhury says:

This looks great

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