Peugeot 2008 SUV 2017 review | Mat Watson Reviews

Mat gets behind the wheel of the Peugeot 2008 to give you his verdict.

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Vesterk says:

Certainly thinking about getting the 2008 for my next car.

Ja sam says:

4.000 revolutions per second? That’s like 240.000 RPM! Cool!

Adam le mec says:

the best car Peugeot made these last years is the 208 , it’s good for tuning and pumping , if you are a good mechanic you can turn the 208 into a piece of art

Issa Lahlou says:

would love to see a renault capture review, just for comparison !!

Conor Cränks says:

Really like the car, if my 308 is anything to go by superb quality and good to drive, also in the top 10 most reliable cars!!
Practice review!

derbigpr500 says:

Peugeot really has a talent for making cars ugly when they redesign them. It’s just pointless addition of elements that don’t need to be there and chances of things that don’t need to be changed. They even managed to make the 508 ugly after the redesign, which was once a very pretty car.

Stephan Dolby says:

Is Mat happier with Peugeot now that he’s no longer with CarBuyer, or is the new 2008 better? 😉

XR V says:

1:19 The camera man lol

Frank D. says:

Can you imagine operating the Track-Control-knob with a normal handbrake-lever over it? Peugeot had a thought about ist. You find it weird, i like it.

Ian Whitfield says:

mat this or Kia sportage?

K Sadek says:

Are you planning on reviewing the 308?

Vytautas Gečas says:

4000 revs a second. Came on, Mat. Some Beaujolais is still left in your blood? 🙂

nihal dhillon says:

Anyone else here from the Christmas video?

brown bobby says:

This car looks very……….unreliable

Uga ! says:

Review Renault Captur 2017 please

Luiz Henrique says:

Really terrible review. Just ridiculous.

Fat Fat says:

I almost passed this review thinking it’s 2008 model SUV, I was looking for the 2017 model, then I realized I was also looking for Peugeot 2008 but 2017 model and this was it.

Jon Londrezos says:

4000 revolutions per second?????? lol don’t think so

Golo1949 says:

I’ve just subscribed because I love your reviews Mat, you should be on Top Gear!

danny love says:

great video thanks

Lenskha says:

i love your test ! you are so much dynamic and charismatic, contrary to the most part of french reviewers x)

Matthew Mcleod says:

hello, could anyone let me know what shade of white is the brightest white? thanks

Sadžid Smajkić says:

God, that steering wheel looks awkward.

freddie reynolds says:

Mat – I have always appreciated your reviews from your previous life and good to see the CarWow library increasing. Great work! Just ordered my second 2008 – going from 115hp Feline diesel to a 130hp GT petrol as tested. Got a great deal and my annual mileage has dropped significantly hence switch to petrol! Hope the torque curve of the petrol is fairly flat  but you seemed to have a bit of fun driving with this engine. Cornering etc – cars with grip control come with all year mud and snow tyres so sports car road holding cannot be expected. Car choice is irrational but the car suits my needs –  5 doors, reasonable capacity for the tip, good looks in the right colour and low running costs. The handbrake is fine but agree with you about glove box however it looks as if the door bins are better than the original. You didn’t mention the pathetic reversing light – most versions come with rear sensors but I hope the camera (not mentioned in  your review) helps! Keep up the good work

Ishak Aman says:

Bought it 8 months ago and loved it. Despite some wind noises. Overall this car is just awesome.

misterOsc says:

1:19 the guy holding the umbrella deserves a pay rise

Josh Bacon says:

How come Peugeot don’t move the fuse box to the other side for right hand drive cars?

Cesar Chavez says:

Hi , loves your reviews. Can you help me please ? .. just choose one: Peugeot 2008 1.2 EAT6 or Vitara petrol 1.6 A/T , 100% city and highway just arround the city., never off road, never to travel far away. thaaaankss.

Environmental Health Hazard says:

This guy is the worst reviewer ever.

Slater nater says:

Honda jazz and hrv please

Firemarioflower says:


Barebare kun says:

Review some old cars!Carwow retro!

Papo Cabeça Carro Vlog says:

There is no point in having an arm rest in a MT car

Antonio Silva says:

And the shit with the 3008 just keeps on growing …ANOTHER PROOF OF VERY BAD BUILD QUALITY OF THE NEW 3008 !

oriain81 says:

I took one for a test drive today. it’s nicer than a 308 but it’s just OK drive wise. Not having a central armrest is unacceptable when I also lean on it over long distances.(it’s the simple things).

AKdsad100 says:

We got the 2017 1.6hdi 120 CV Allure and the car has been absolutely brilliant so far…

Abi Nubli says:

Never ever buy french cars. They’re so strangely designed and has high depreciation rate. In my country at least.

Benjamin Lau says:

4:30 Your “Je suis désolé” is almost perfect! 😉 “Almost”, because it sounded like “Je suis dèsolè” with the “é” being too low-pitched.

The MineCartKid With Transformers says:

I have the same car and the same trim level and it’s amazing. The only thing I would complain is that there isn’t a chassis mount point under the car for a bike rack but it didn’t matter for me

Geoffrey Jackson says:

Typical of this man’s “reviews”. Deeuuuuhhhhh…..

Paul Tudor says:

This is an absolutely fantastic car. Not sure I agree with the appraisal of the handbrake, it looks awesome and is actually a very clever design.

Dan Cooper says:

I don’t get the plastic interior thing, rented a polo on holiday , very thin plastics and drab interior. plus the fiesta is very plastic, think in its class this is the best interior

Tommy says:

so ugly

UlissesMendes1 says:

WOW, the TOP version has 130 HP? In Brazil the TOP version has 179HP with THP technology. Really big difference, and its not even considered gtline version.

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