Peugeot 208 1.2 (2016) on German Autobahn – POV Top Speed Drive

Peugeot 208 1.2 (2016, 60 kW / 82 PS / 80 bhp) driven with max speed on the German Autobahn.

Peugeot 208 1.2 (2016, 60 kW / 82 PS / 80 bhp) mit Höchstgeschwindigkeit auf der Autobahn.


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Marabouille says:

la 208 n’a rien à voir avec la 207…. je suis tellement déçu de la 208, je préfére mille fois la 207 beaucoup plus spacieuse

fostenet says:

how many liter for 100km

nino -aka says:

i own the 2008 is nice car .

Jert1000 says:

What a piece of shit… Get a 3-series 330i for 5 grand and you’ll see the difference

Mauricio Chara says:

Nice video! Perhamps this is a slow version, I liked because a have 208 too, but in an other version (1,6L 122HP + AL4 automatic gearbox). Thanks!

TetsudoMOKEI says:


tadj aso says:

1.2 Engine worst drive in Peugeot as if it shall not bear the pressure of them; the heat and pressure during the highlands

Well Done says:

1.2 hdi what do you think for long range travel it’s fine for 1.2 hdi version?

LBM Turbo says:

very uglies car

w00zi says:

So what was to top speed ? 180 km/h ?

Aminez Joy says:

french cars not really good when we see japanese and germany cars french cars always down cause if u notice that car cant keep the direction and too much sound in the motors plus Piece of exchange too high

RULEZZZ ™ says:

I drove a 208 1,3 hdi and I have to say that it’s a comfortable small car with cool suspension

Brian Gianinetti says:

dejalo que corte

Mauricio V. says:

I prefer the new nissan micra.

Mihai Diaconu says:

Vedea-te-as intr-un Peugeot nou!

dufonrafal says:

That’s a short gear ratio, it’s rare on modern car!

Асен Петров says:

climatic is on

Karl Marx says:

Is this the standard steering wheel on the puretech active model?


hattet ihr nicht mal mehr abos ?????????

Hardware Benchmarks says:

Definitely with this engine, it’s mostly intended for the city. For this kind of driving conditions, the 1.6 BlueHDi is more adequate.

B. V. says:

I just got my driving license several of days ago and I am very interested in buying this car. Should I?

Tamás Szomori says:

1.2 PureTech Turbo 110HP Top Speed Drive?

Hunt8849 says:

This is the one without turbo right?

khalil 5967 says:

سبحان الله و لا قوة الا باله الرحمان الرحيم

Vadim s says:

Lovely engine sound!
Almost same to 6 cylinder

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