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Peugeot has given its 208 supermini a facelift for 2015, with some new exterior tweaks, trim line-up additions and engine options.

The highlights of the new 208 are its sporty GT Line trim, which add cool red highlights to the interior and exterior as well as sports seats, and its new three-cylinder 1.2-litre turbo petrol.

This new turbo gives the 208 added clout against the likes of the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa, which both offer impressive three-cylinder units.

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toypaj says:

Really good review, cheers, am looking at a 208 Allure tomorrow

TOFUパンPLAY says:

Was waiting for this review! Sweet!

Club 1 Fan says:

Good review for a young guy. Well done.

Dan Cooper says:

how come the 208 no longer gets climate control in Allure trim

TheMosef123 says:

please clean the camera! other than that great review!

Liam Horobin says:

love the bar at the top

Simon George says:

Stop comparing everything to the Fiesta. Reviewers on car websites and Youtube are always biased towards the Ford offering, and constantly give out negative comments about every other make. If Ferrari made a small hatchback, they would still say its not as good to drive as a Fiesta. Whats with the obsession? I have driven, and owned nearly 30 cars in 30 years, including two fiestas, on a 99 year plate and 2005 plate. Both were great cars in their day, and better in many ways to the current Fiesta, but im deeply suspicious of the way that the Fiesta is made out to be better than every other small hatch, which is total rubbish. I find it insulting to other manufacturers with the negative comments. If the other brands were so bad, do you really think people would buy them?

Stephan Dolby says:

The 208 may “only” have a 285 litre boot, but it does carry a full-sized spare tyre.

Juraj Kamber Grahovac says:

Outdated cruise control? Look at all Audi’s models,they have the similar design….

Dan Cooper says:

for a hatchback this car isn’t cramped in the back at all, believe me, stupid car review

Carrinthe says:

I bought a 208 in 2012 and still love it. Great comfort, very luxurious inside for a supermini and good looks. The 1.2Thp was not available at the time and although the 1.2Vti is good enough I would now go for the 1.2Thp for that little oomph especially in the lower revs.

Ray Hunt says:

Great review,this is the 208 I am thinking of getting or a Mazda2 sport-nav
which one would you buy?

David Tosh says:

I would to see Peugeot 208 in the United States again coming soon, and like to see someone win this car on the TPiR in the near future.

James Roberts says:

Nice review, good looking little car, Peugeot returning to form lately.

Chantelle Louise says:

Mine too

Maidi. vMaidi says:

tooooop 208 gt

ferry cornu says:

i have buy this 208 GT-line (Belgium) . to deliver in April … can’t wait ! i have 110hp , 1.2L Pure Tech Turbo

Catalin Lita says:

Nice place where you filmed this review.Where is this?!?!

life on the road says:

anyone want to buy mine lol there shit :/ roll on my next car volvo v40

anthony hodgson says:

wish I had waited for the turbo charged engine. the 1.2 82horsepower is sluggish

Graham Reid says:

it’s a great looker, nice to see they have made the climate separate, seemed a bit of a faff going through the touchscreen to turn up the heating, glovebox is shocking and that cruise control is from the 206cc lol.

Shanjan Usman says:

GT is quite good

boy Racer says:

m driving 1.2. thats company car engine and gearbox are rubbish i like my 2001 ford fiesta more even without abs hahah. bcz that was smooth and solid in driving this isn’t

Albert Dreinstein says:

My next car 🙂

TL CB says:

Random question but where is the cd player?

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