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Peugeot 208 hatchback 2014 review:
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Small Peugeots have always been a hit with UK buyers – the 205, 206 and 207 sold in their hundreds of thousands. Now the Peugeot 208 is here and it’s meant to rival the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo with a new blend of style and quality. While it certainly looks the part inside and it, with a much higher quality cabin, it just doesn’t drive as well as its rivals, mainly because underneath that pretty body is an updated platform from the old 207. That said, you can choose from a wide range of new engines including some frugal diesels and a pair of three-cylinder petrols. In addition, the vast majority of models come with lots of equipment as standard.

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prisonervi says:

Having just had a test drive, I have to say what a super car this is! I disagree with the reviewers opinion of the car! The dash makes perfect sense. You can easily get a comfy driving position and see the instruments clearly over the steering wheel!! Small steering wheel? Feels great and the car handles well-test driven in 60-70 mph gales on open roads, all times completely stable!!! And the 1 litre engine is smooth, quiet and remarkably willing, with little road noise inside. The seats are comfortable and very supportive-great if you have back problems! And don’t forget the safety features-driver/passenger air bags, curtain air bags and EBD. Combine that with good looks and such a clean “green” car, so cheap to run and the 208 is an excellent choice for someone wanting style and economy in an affordable value for money package. Mine is 3 years old with 13000 miles-and absolutely immaculate. You can never please some people I know!! But speaking for myself, it’s without doubt the best car I’ve ever driven!

Hennie2101 says:

I’ve got a 208 1.0vti access. I think its fantastic for a city car. I can’t find any problem with the steering and dash config as its designed as an overhead dash not your typical through the steering wheel. its like some old fashioned car designs.Its very unique and gives a one of a kind feel. The 3 dr model is also a very sexy car.

rtownz251251 says:

There’s a couple of things that annoy me about this car. A. The rear windows are operated manually. B. The buttons aren’t illuminated. I was driving a night yesterday and my windows got fogged up and then I couldn’t find the blower button for the windscreeen which when I found it was noisy as hell. Also bootspace is rather small. This in my opinion isn’t acceptable on a €20.000 2014 car. But heck that’s just my opinion.

Rob Broadbent says:

I think leg room is quite good but it’s only what you get on most super minis but shoulder is really good for a super mini

AutoWorldTube says:

Good Car …We got it as a Taxi in Morocco

Starfish Life says:

Peugeot is rubbish

Zachi Yenon Yosef says:

Wow its a Pegeout..
After 20 years of my dad owning French cars I can advise you if you want to buy one
-Dont BUY them !!!

viC Bangamwabo says:

hahahahaha nice one

Eric George says:

I had the utter misfortune of travelling down from my place of work in Middlesbrough to Leeds in one of these things yesterday and it was HORRID. Very uncomfy seats, dreadful ride, nasty cheap interior, heavy clutch, completely unresponsive gutless diesel engine and to sum up, if I ever had one of these as a hire car again, I would rather walk.

Nazaleon says:

how much this one ?

Nicole Rowan says:

That French impression seriously made this the best car video I have ever seen (and i have been watching many, many lately). Great review by the way. Thanks.

Chris Sebastian says:

i love this car

Ivan Makejevs says:

OMG this car got lots of space. It’s super quiet I sometimes wonder if the car is ON. If you want to get this car go to south London Morden look for Pete he’ll sort you out.

Night Operations says:

Definitely an improvement on the horrible 207, shame about no CD player, the format is not dead…

Rob Broadbent says:

The small glove box doesn’t bother me stop me sticking junk in it

Tommy Gunn says:

You want to drive it for a year and then review it. How long did you have it for? a day, a week? The suspension is to hard, you will feel all the bumps, the media centre will go crazy in the winter because of the cold temperature, it takes 5 minutes for the Bluetooth system to connect to my phone and when it connects the dim witted selection button is so slow at changing a track, it’s skipped 2 or 3. When you use hands free, if your contacts are on the sim card it won’t read them, it only reads your contacts on the phone memory. But it is cheap to run, it costs about £450 a year (2016) in petrol. £20 tax a year. If it weren’t for the hard ride and the media centre e.i. hands free and Bluetooth I would be really happy but it’s just the little things that annoy me about this car.

President Santana says:

This Peugeot is much better than fucking ford fiesta. I dont understand the obsession of this youtube channel with ford fiestas…

dinorail123 says:

Why do you pronounce it ‘pur-joe’? Is it just the accent?

Chris Bingham says:

I love my Peugeot 208. Got the style one which has reverse sensors and a glass roof.

When is car buyer going to review the 2015 facelift model?

samiro top says:


siamak g says:

peugeot 206 was a revelotion but 208 is trash

Elite Ninja says:

peugeot, citroen, renault they’re all sh*t

Robert Bidochon says:

SEX on 4 wheels! <3

Deez Nuts says:

I’ve always hated Peugeots, they’ve just seemed flimsy and you always see them broken down on the motorway, but i recently got given this as a courtesy car and ive since become a fan, i got the 1.6 diesel it’s as smooth as silk and it pulls like you wouldn’t believe, managed to give a BMW 520d a run for its money off the lights

ANas Hid says:

did anyone tried it with the AC on? is it dead after that or still good?

Yves-Marie SELLIN says:

ha ha oh mon dieu ! very funny. bien joué

Metal sucks says:

Peugeots Hdi is the best engine you could possibly have in a family car better than TDI.

Elite Ninja says:


FF MEB says:

just placed a deposit on my 208 active today…Sadly leaving behind my fiat punto easy due to a re accruing fault that I think for a three year old car isnt good. test drove the 208 today it is nippy so wish I had the gti model lol

anthony hodgson says:

shame he cars blowers dont work :@

Courts francis says:

Picked up my 208 yesterday! Absolutely love it ! So nice to drive

TheusZeusDeus says:

Stop advertising Germans. Germans make quality only if you pay more than 30-4,000K. It is French and Japs who know how to make a small car really. You may not like this weird configuration with the meters above the steering but saying you can’t see the meters is a lie. You just have to adjust properly the steering wheel. You can hide the meters with the steering on ANY car actually… THAT IS WHY you get adjustable steering wheel and seat…. you do car reviews, you should know.

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