Peugeot 208 Puretech 1.2 turbo review –

Here’s a French B-segment car that you should get to know about, the Peugeot 208 Puretech. Powered by an award winning 1.2-liter 3-cylinder turbocharged engine, 6-speed auto, 112hp, 205Nm, 0-100 in 9.8 secs, 190km/h top speed. If you are tired of mainstream hot hatches in the market, it’s time to get to know this little Pug! Watch to find out from GC Mah if this is the car for you!

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Myusoff Amanan says:

Yes.. I’m driving a 208 jet fighter… Lol

Safwan Hamsani says:

How does it compare with 1.6 2017 Proton Iriz? Especially in terms of handling.

Lohitt Paramisvaran says:

GC could you do the 208’s brother, the 2008.

boy638 says:

Review the new 3008 please!

Club 1 Fan says:

Get rid of the stupid music.

David Wang says:

Hi,can u make a video of perodua bezza please >< i would love to see it

Saravana Kumar says:

best review in malaysia and covers nearly all new cars. good job

Ethan Winters says:

Can you review the 2017 Iriz Premium please?

Howard Tan says:

I have a friend who was driving a 308 THP and I can say he doesn’t has a nice experience with it.

Ethan Winters says:

Does the radiator fan sound is louder than the one in Proton?

Meesh Cjx says:

boss please i beg u do a jazz v spec review

Nice Guy says:

For aircond fan, that’s the trademark of continental vehicles right?

Alexander Dean says:

Hi there i got 2017 peugeot 208 1.2 turbo petrol

Recently i realised that my car is shaking while engine runs , two days ago it was shaking while engine run with ac, today its shaking while engine run with and without ac. Tachometer is holding on 900rpm and jumps every couple of seconds to about 1k rpm and then coming back to normal. Its happening on warm or either cold engine. Im about 38,000 km before service. Wondering what that could be?

did anyone face the same issue like me and got an solution for this?

Kelvin Hii says:

Hello GC Mah, nice review as always, which one do you think is more fun, the 208 or the Mazda 2?

Ahmad Husni Mohd Hanif says:

Lawa jugak tapi Kia Picanto nak keluar dah lah. Tunggu Kia Picanto lah.

VacancyJB says:

one tank run 1190km? wow, that’s something.

Moonface00z says:

about time gc review cars that we can afford

lamine bonatio says:

music combination is not susccful

Stephan Dolby says:

If the fan is too loud, try switching to soft auto or auto instead of auto fast on the climate control, or just override it and change the fan speed manually, there are eight settings.

Jnnh Arfn says:

Kia Picanto also not bad, looks cute and sporty!

Kelmond Chow Soon Wai says:

I just drove one of my friend 208 1.2 puretech.. very underpower.. super loud engine rpm sound pitch when reach 90kmh on gear 3.. and noisy air con fan…. i cant tolerate. Other than that…handling is good comfort is good. Sorry la fiesta 1.0 ecoboost is still far better except the transmission a bit jerky on slow speed

Ahmad Fazli says:

Nice but Kia Picanto more sexy

KianHow NG says:

Could you compare it with the Fiesta ecoboost since they are 3cylinder turbocharged hot hatch. And nice review btw.

Tom says:

Come on, normalize the music volume. People have been commenting about this issue since many videos ago…

Ash LeuQi says:

Why Matthew quit autobuzz and went to pualtan

NGX KING says:

6:54 Honda Fanboy triggered

Benz Zahid says:

KIA Picanto looks good as well!

Mohd Aiman Ahmad Hamidi says:

Durability wise is it okay? I fell in love with this car after tested drive it one.

azleen farida says:

GC please review new peugeot 3008 suv 2017 ..thank you

Calvin and Daniel says:

When you do 208 then please don’t miss out 2008 too

gr2k says:

good review, although i’m not sure if this classifies as a “hot hatch”

J Koh says:

The fan ventilation is so loud

Andrew K. NI says:

Great review :-))

Julian Teoh says:

you talked too soft and the music is way too loud

Lee Kong Meng says:

Please do a full review for the all new hyundai elantro turbo

Salehuddin Mohd Syazwan says:

The music is too loud compared to the comentary. please adjust it in the future. great videos all around​

zaryl2k says:

how reliable is Peugeot cars these days? Been hearing bad stories on Pug & VW cars. If not lucky, then might have to spend more time at SC and if after warranty is over, the cost to replace even the wire harness is like RM15k if i am not mistaken. Or Peugeot has iron out ALL of its engine issues with this PureTech model?

Nabil Fiqrie says:

still x boleh lawan Kia Picanto…sbb Picanto has a Great design, sure great spec inside. kereta idaman betul!

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